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way you can get notified because they unclick that Bell a lot too ok let's let's get started can you believe this The Washington Post has an article that North Korea sent us a two million dollar medical bill for auto WOM prayer and I'm reading this actually from the Sarah Carter dot-com and this is unbelievable so the Washington Post is reporting that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's sent a two million dollar medical bill for care of the late otto warmbier the report cited two anonymous sources who said that the request was given to the US special envoys sent to return warmbier the u.s. two went to the US following the series of negotiations between President Trump and Kim according to the report the US envoy signed the agreement however it's unclear if the bill was ever paid there's no record of payment with the US Treasury Department according to the Post warmbier was jailed in North Korea after he had allegedly stole a poster from his hotel during an organised trip after his arrest North Korean authorities forced warmbier to admit to the crime further warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor one beer was returned to the US after serving the 17 months of his sentence he tragically passed away only days after his return with what medical professionals could only speculate was a severe brain condition my goodness this is horrible these other countries think America is a joke well president Trump denies it in this politico.com article Trunk denies he paid North Korea 2 million dollars for auto 1 rear President Donald Trump on Friday he issued a forceful denial that his administration paid any money for the return of otto warmbier following reports that North Korea issued the 2 million dollar medical bill in exchange for his release no money was paid to North Korea for otto warmbier not 2 million dollars not anything else Trump wrote in a tweet in which he falsely contrasted his position with that of his predecessor and criticized the hostage swap that took place in 2014 uh-huh isn't that interesting political code they go Trump wrote in a tweet which he falsely contrasted his position how does Politico know that anyway goes on to say this is not the Obama administration that paid 1.8 billion dollars for four hostages or gave five terrorist hostages Plus who soon went back to battle for traitors sergeant Bergdahl he added the Washington Post first reported the 2 million dollar bills existence on thirsty writing that North Korea refused to release warm beer until a US official signed an agreement to pay it Joseph young the State Department's envoy to North Korea at the time signed that agree at Trump's Direction the Post reported but as of 2017 it remained unpaid warmbier was arrested in North Korea in the first hours of 2016 for taking down a propaganda poster in a hotel so they just that's how it was over in North Korea the punishments were surreal and he ended up dead it was horrible so President Trump is saying he didn't pay it so he has touted his record of hostage releases while in office and has contrasted himself with his predecessors approach frequently bashing former President Barack Obama for his handling of hostage negotiations so there we have it supposedly they dissent this huge bill but President Trump is saying nope I didn't pay it and it's showing it hasn't been paid but the nerve huh just the nerve as you all know the tech giant's are tightening the ropes on all patriot channels the main channel project weeping angel is still in suspension and now these videos are being severely suppressed the best way you can support this channel at this time is to share each individual video link as often as possible even if you share the channel link certain videos will not be seen I'm asking my supporters to please share the specific length of your favorite videos I appreciate each and every one of you and I hope we will be able to continue providing Patriot videos for a long time many blessings to you all treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation three American hostages are back home I am asked all citizens to embrace this renewal of the American spirit seize this moment believe in yourselves believe in your future and believe once more in America I will fight to you with every breath in my body and I will never ever let you down the forgotten man and the forgotten woman you're not forgotten anymore