so this is kind of a tough duck update
to offer you guys today I came out this morning to do my usual duck chores and
feed and water the Ducks and let him out and collect the eggs and as I walked out
to the duck house I notice that it was silent and and that’s kind of rare for
the Ducks usually by like 6:30 or so they’re squawking away and
quacking and you can hear sort of a little building Rumble as they get all
excited to go outside but it was quiet so as I walked up I had this like
nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach and as I looked in through the window of
the duck house I could see Samuel and Jemima and they were covered in red and
as I got inside and opened up the door there had been an attack I don’t know
what exactly happened but you know the whole duck house was turned over there
was eggs and blood and feathers everywhere and the dishes were turned
over some of the hay bales that I used to insulate the duck house were flipped
over it was like chaos inside and as far as the Ducks themselves go let me show
you here it wasn’t good of our 17 ducks I noticed one missing we’re only down to
16 ducks now many of the Ducks seem to be injured like they have some sort of
bite or attack mark around their neck you can see this girl right here she’s
got it kinda some of them seem okay like she seems
okay even though she’s looping a little bit some of them just really don’t look
good at all like you can see yellow neck and mundungus they’re just yelling neck
he’s doesn’t look good neither does mundungus this girl right here doesn’t
look good just don’t know Samuel and Jemima actually look okay they
have blood on them but I’m not sure if it’s their blood so much they seem to be
actually the two that are in the best shape there’s also that girl right there
she seems okay I mean I’m not exactly sure what happened right now I’m just
really focused on taking care of the Ducks I just got them some fresh water I
just have no idea how this happened and I don’t know what happened just I’m
trying to try and figure out what happened no I mean look inside here guys that got knocked over somehow eggs are
scattered everywhere blood smeared in places it seems like they’ve sorted themselves
in two different camps you have the seriously injured over here then you
have the sorta injured over here I’m really worried about those guys I guess
when you have a crime scene you should treat it like a crime scene and
investigate no idea where that 17th duck went I mean I’m looking around here I can’t
see any sort of signs of like forced entry I don’t see any spots where the
Ducks could have potentially got dragged out of when I built this place I double and
triple sealed it with chicken wire both on the inside and outside so no thought
I had this thing as tight as a drum I guess there’s a crack there that’s not
double sealed it’s only single seal didn’t even fit a duck through there and and I mean it’s like one of the Ducks is
just completely gone I mean I think I’d find a carcass or something here nothing it’s definitely a lot of blood on the
ground I mean in terms of outside the duck house I don’t really see anything
either I mean nothing forced through the door girl looks like it’s in good shape
even though I think that greenhouse plastic was already a little bit ripped
so that wasn’t from this there’s a little bit of there’s a little bit of a
specks of blood there doesn’t seem like anybody dug through or got under I’m not
seeing like a bird dragged out like I feel that I feel like that bird getting
dragged out would be my telltale mark I don’t see anything is this a spot me guess that could be a
spot that something could get in through there all through here is sealed up and
again like dragging a duck out of oh wait not a plant it’s just a plant
I saw specks of red sorry I mean I guess one of the things that’s actually
fundamentally different is that you know everything’s melting right now whereas
for the last I don’t know five six months the duck house has been
surrounded in a sheet of ice and snow and now that’s melting and so somebody’s
probably out there hungry looking for something I can’t for the life of me
figure it out I mean it just doesn’t make sense to me what it could be if
this was like the Bobcat that we had floating around here a couple months ago
I feel like all the Ducks would be dead and I would have had way more carnage on
my hands same goes for a coyote I mean if it was a bear the doors would have
been ripped off the hinges so that leads me to believe it’s something smaller it
still almost still feels too small to be a fox that got in there and I feel like
a fox would have probably done more damage too and I’ve even had to deal
with a couple of raccoons in the barn over this winter but then I guess I’m
gonna get go with the the most likely candidate being some sort of weasel
whether it’s a Marten or a Fisher or mink or some other type of weasel I feel
like that’s the most likely candidate because number one like there’s no large
gaping hole and number two a lot of like the bite marks on the neck which I think
weasels are prone to like trying to drink the blood if you guys have
thoughts on what it could be let me know you really use some advice right now I’m just looking at the Ducks right now
and they just look so sad I mean look at this so it looks like I’ve got 13 eggs I’m
gonna actually get these inside so I guess I have these eggs and I have some
eggs that I have saved from the last two days I have an incubator that’s supposed
to be coming this week I’m gonna try to keep these preserved and hopefully these
will be the ones I get to hatch I really had lots of bigger plans for
hatching this year so I guess right here in my hand stands the next generation
you know just so much sadness here so much sadness I’m gonna head into town
and try to get some supplies try to take care of these guys get them cleaned up
at least the best I can I know I’m gonna probably have to make some tough
decisions this afternoon about who I keep and who I put down I don’t know
we’ll see