I know you won't cause some people Coons it's automatic automatic auto made it I don't matter automatic matter fuckin Sookie Ferengi go-to place for mom Zeus mom you've already said oh wait this is your boy booboo people if we rush it today okay look at your screen we have team of the year pack see buddy just came in back we doing lightning rounds okay I'm going straight into the lighting okay I'm not wrong with time please give me something good they are gonna be walk out so if you don't get workouts he's not see what the year first fact pick a psychic I don't really care so everybody go home coming down not too quick please if it's a workout I know it could be let's sit over here back ovitch irony Chifa announced you know the team of the year and you know there's a little bit of surprising or PK please that nobody will tell gob in some of the air pocket you know how if I eat will insult you so what comes please pyramid here please do over yet please get smoke is not some idea please at least ball bounce like that okay macros agarose go to i okay okay bro I'll get in Africa for three weeks okay I don't know who is the walkout intro by Batman back pocket wad is lit getting the club to a machine I know so you don't go listen I stack up couple of packs okay so I'm gonna see if a backlog clinical Cairo I want that Suarez so bad like you know how to do you know you don't know how bad I want Suarez okay he is the best tracker in the world for me so I want to arrest please to be honest nobody care about it if it's not blue you don't care okay I'm thinking almost death am I gonna fit in cuz he just kicked off with treasures like food of that they usually start go to plan develop this year you know let's read this people nah you guys are you guys are actually that the devil is the damp my let me know the comments Ocean Walk players bats who you want back and who you want to and if I'm not uploading videos on YouTube there's no way I'm spending all my money on packs I'm not retarded I feel like this this work Oh Dibble yeah I saw this my story I'm saying I feel like this lightning round is just a scam to take all our money because I don't think there's anything in this lightning round let's be honest okay Maggie still I don't think us into disliking Romans I rather go – seven total capacity think it give us because this you know TT see how Billy this is not gonna be awful after say this I'm just saying it's look weekend events Hagen I'm saying it it's still not going on to quit if you don't know this surprising day first hour till the air any reason the lighting down II a maybe they need more yeah I don't know for da down goddamn it's too exciting who cares about infielders if you get strike this is it nah carbon afar yes finally somebody to my book 1917 when cake I'm thinking that every day of the night but it can do to lower back everything new this part is worth you to get this party sweet cake count is 30 pancake guess 20 K I'm happy baby and at least by the end of the packaging I will have enough points to likely die sorry that's Moorpark consider today's today I'm packing 1-0 I'm not ready to pack it needs to be like it is not a walkouts he's none of them because all three of them I walk out okay so no man I've got a workout already it was cool to up I wish she was at some of the yeah that's all I want all I want is its multi-year big play big play to hearts no open your heart for Joe arts bar don't want you today not today bro like I'm not gonna give up okay you know me I'm not a give up B flat B play big flare two big flowers we go han shabby Martinez attendants his name by the way do you guys like the the back you know logos are design like hunting to seek different form from last year and stuff anyway this probably all of my last part because they started going down quick back Amy okay so I really advise EE don't be lines wall please okay I think the 50k packs are gone let me open my everyone parts okay let's start with a radical part please need these move all packs to pay off 500 key parts in then those are the food check-ins packs that are saved on for these moments nice to be nice to me this another key part I don't even know what I open I think I opened a whole new key part montón de ella fabricate 100k pardon we're gonna take this one deal he was actually he was action noggin keep up capacities brand mega pack okay is too dirty different keep on okay premier good players back I don't know I don't want to open anymore bro I need workouts every single day okay I like this guy he's fast nature please I love not only is a gentleman back in the team of the next day it's probably gonna be impossible probably another Ram mega pack he's not a workout like we in the period when you don't get a workout you already know it's a bad time what last 100 keypad is it gonna be workouts row it is hard why mu delta i go to more than 200 ticket back bro this is me fuck sick gee I don't know why I'm so calm today usually I should be angry maybe I know heart function of the MSU Suarez and others I'm calm Drago PT spindles what we pack into our open internal you can go go so our cups it's a workout it's the one capacities what's this what's this furgus yes ladies in german inform fàbregas I wasn't expected in though I don't even know who is in the team of the week all I know is I have two champions rewards to open any car what car is Fabregas who else we got this creepy never give me with them it's great because Sinclair as my show okay you can salute so good ok how much is followed us 100 what's wrong I wanna get did a smashing homework ha since when he starts winds up so high it's it decayed thank you thank you for this field give me I don't need in your not update I mean anything maybe just seemed clear we go to like a squat with your child ball yeah Gary McLeod first a bigger challenge so let me recap chin it's ok we go hi girls – workouts load some of the year so far bar can really complain little open this box without the dark we have a world weak spot these guys some chilly the bank accounts already got my whole bank accounts dark I'm about to use cranny guys I think I'm open enough okay I'm actually open enough I don't even have any money anymore I'm sorry about these are what I packed okay I pack Tommy what about when I go to twice well she's my first workout my second workout Bob ray gun I wasn't expecting bio that was when I got I got something our faculty got something pretty to pill okay Tim of the year is gonna be hard but it is our natural messy astrology talk you don't pack them every day so everybody relax let me go conversation watch you fucked okay on a nope gonna keep opening bags tomorrow is going to develop throughout the ID develop load the the video operate you learn in the school check it out sorry if I'm not hypothesis or those came from Africa yesterday tie it up I'm not really I'm competitive speed so many couple of days to be back in the buh-buh-buh-buh yeah follow me on started judo Instagram to talk or whatever you fucked along you get speaker and seem to move on to do this thank you for watching Bucky for watchin just hit that like button I know you like watch it I know your level you just hit the red button over son likes to father max she shouts I like make sure you eat like oh it's a nut butter it's a lab button I know that you enjoyed the video why don't you just hit the like button hit the lab button hit the left button in the lab button if you don't hit the left button there will be a lot of problems a lot of problems don't want a lot of problem