right first things first guys a couple of days ago I asked you guys to leave a comment on who the best player in FIFA is and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the top four people of that result and put it into a poll right here vote here who wins that poll that's how it's going down in the start of this video right now okay so basically I've been a busy lad recently and I've been busy with squad failing I can't talk I've been busy with squad rebuilding challenges yes I have and as you can see 17 out of 20 complete on the SBC suarez I'm going forward today I've got a lot to get through okay now first of all I just want to make this announcement it's not very exciting so don't get too excited so basically I've got my personal account and that's the only account I'm going to be using from now on there's no second account this account my main account is the only account amusing now so that's for super Sundays as well I mean the problem I've got is this now I can't see how I can get that 285 without having to get Griezmann so do I have to get Griezmann in that team do I have to get Griezmann that's my first question right the next question is I don't have another question I just have a point to make of yeah I've got a dubar sir again like do I have to put messy in there to complete this now a minimum 85 that that surely doesn't require messy no I don't think that'll require messy what I want to first of all do here is yeah by the way I've got Torian sending me a lot of people said to do that noted and I did it well what I want to do is remove my two centre-backs okay and I want to show you to dream center-backs that I want to get next so first of all I want si Yi I don't really need to explain why hang on get him a teammate all I need to do concert not transfer you today I might pack someone really good today and I might be able afford these who knows and the next centre-back that I want to go with des ie God Blanc is fucking sick those stats but that's not who I was gonna pick I was gonna pick Rio Ferdinand anyway so Ferdinand si I think would cost me about 8 900 I'm nearly done anyway I've just got to finish off those three teams then it's done so we can get that done pretty soon good do you know you know when you tweet about deli alley you do realize that everyone said that you shit right well when you say it Mac about two people said it yeah well that's enough really isn't it those two people count as everyone now look you gotta listen to them please still gain him yeah I'm gaining because I want him on the bench I'm just explaining that you get your deli mate and I'll I'll just get my 94 Suarez yeah and how is that gonna link with Ebro you ever heard of a hybrid yes yes I have Matt but you're not very good at making them ah sorry that was shit my balance is getting crap at the moment sorry oh by the way guys can we get 4000 likes in half an hour with today now yesterday's video get over 20,000 likes okay I'm just having a look at the comments someone said that I was making my dream a plus and went along a promise year wasn't that a dream was deadly true imagine if a dream last night actually that I went back to LA yeah because I went to LA about three years ago to do like a FIFA tournament thing with the MLS and I went back last night and yeah that was that was the dream really and I saw an old school friend there and I was like oh fuck you know hey how you doing yeah sorry I'm in LA it was weird and yeah I know like a few people have said that you know we all play the game or something you know you're doing a lot of practicing we're only doing a lot of packs because they're genuinely a lot of packs to open right now is the season to open packs I mean we'd be stupid not to open packs right now you know we're opening power of 50k packs our alpha see this is what I'm talking about it's exactly what I'm talking about but anyway we will be playing the game more okay just right now there's just a lot of packs going on and we got to open these packs okay we've got to make the most of these packs because he'll you see what we've been getting recently if we could go ham on the lights because I think schools are off now aren't they let's go absolutely Hammonds celebrate the holidays and it 4,000 lighted 30 minutes okay so all these packs are free they are packs that I've received from doing the SBC Suarez challenge so I need to make money today okay and I need to make money because I need to get oh my god first pack guys ah was he gonna be oh my god this could be fine this me this could get me – ie and third none long fucking long fuck sake I don't think he's gonna sell for much all right yeah so alarming the first patch to be further look I've got company as well do you know what I'm actually probably gonna whack him in the team maybe or a leaf beam on subs we will sell the LARM right now – very nice to get a cheeky good player in one of these three packs you know what we have been really lucky with free packs remember Chris got messy in a free 5k pack now that was phenomenal that was literally phenomenal I'll give him that in fact that video is actually nearly on 50,000 likes which is absolutely nuts right now guys if you've not liked that video it would be awesome if you would go to the video right now and go and hit the like button and get it to 50,000 likes that would be absolutely phenomenal if you would do that here we go jumbo pack we've got was to watch player there it is oh okay it's gonna be a van Aanholt it's very nice a little left back there I think these are going for quite a lot right now as well because the fact that people are buying them to do you know to trade them in and potentially get a better one in the SPC's let's trade him in later for a better one let's let's let's try our luck later on well I'm already got 82 okay I don't know if that'll be bog yes I've got another fucking vodka for kina Wow oh no man I've gone in for more coward oh my in for me it's Aryan major no he's got another informally as well and he's got all shit oh oh for Cadell he's got Rui and the kids have even got a game clip recorded all please be worth a lot okay I'll take that I'll shit mate I think that'll pay for one a mil Rio Ferdinand I think he could be in that range that's painful to sell but it doesn't fit my team doesn't fit my formation six that's that's a fucking good card is that a god is that a fucking good car don't take the piss take the piss you jealous I don't know if the selamat fucking jealous come on he's got his second yeah that's pretty decent it's not jealous ol Chris what with a the 50k backs yeah ah making me spend more money god damn it anyway let's open these first we could get something in these I don't want to know guys how many of you are in the notification squad if you fucking Alex happening unbelievable absent Chris what do it oh fuck it which one lick shrine French Tigers yes you know you're always gave him every day for chrissakes yeah that's gonna blow off one day when you do that but yeah as I was saying guys a lot you guys we've got a walkout I might even get to talk about this here we go I should get a fucking me starting form okay that's fine come on come on come on Oh we said Salian no oh god it's fucking Chiellini alright okay that's fine we at least we've got a walkout in a free pack that'll do me oh and by the way guys I can't rank Oh for fucks sakes I'm trying to talk about this so that kiss ah why have you got oh my god the bloody wants to watch in the walked up pattern now anything else on the page we got another one no okay right okay now like I'm trying to despair you guys a lot you guys are in the notification squad if you're not in the notification squad make sure to join the notification squad so you don't miss our videos on time and when they're on time like that's when I'm reading through the comments and opinion people and I'm loving people and I'm replying to you guys and so is Chris as well so you want to be in the notification squad because you want to be there on the upload time because it's more fun that way really because we get to interact with you guys when we upload so yeah if you want to be able to interact then yeah that notification squad um guys that would be awesome I know how many veins there you go there's a question guys who would you play Baines Rose or us puller quitter now actually I've pulled a quitter I dropped four rows cuz he was a bit slow you know I was getting bond on the wingtip I you know fast wingus as Polly quite a couldn't keep up more cows so exciting I feel like a really sad bastard when I get a walk out I really do Christ but I can't help it it's just the way I am that's actually decent he's selling for a lot right now because of the xvc Suarez so is it gonna be about 40k oh actually about 10k oh okay alright so now I've opened them I've not sold my Kazarian yet okay now let me just check actually how much REO was again how much was Rio Ferdinand Chris we gotta turn else yeah none and I'm done unpack of shit Rio's now we're nearing the price range draft there was 200k that I looked at there was someone a centre-back so what did ya I got in Formica Terry and you thought it was that air which means it's daddy what was that the only player you've got yeah only good player yeah so were they worth opening do you think have you know I opened them no yeah well you owe me 70 quid see can you send me that now so I can buy them I'll send you that next week you fucking won't mate you made a deal last night you never said when I have to pay it well I'm adding that to the deal now he's got to pay it now no you're not having it now have just spent money on my own packs just give it me man don't be tight I'm not being site don't be snide man I want it okay so I don't know why I said Rio fucking hell poor y'all Jesus ratty – signor me now then okay brilliant I'll get it yes we've got an in-form player and it's gonna be a cuadrado ok that's decent that is really nice actually that is a fucking nice pull actually that's a really fuck it that's a really nice pole did I say that that's a really nice Paul how much is he gonna go for man and that's that's this and that's like that mid-range tier of the informs right now holy fucking out up to 600 K fuck it Oh Chris yes come here yep what your thoughts on this decent yeah that's a fucking signal Jason in it it's mine have just packed it that's what you're wondering 24k what you filming to be fair got Chiellini before I could make a serious squad if you don't play him you're a fucking knob SLR using to tear your fucking arse apart no no son no seriously this Sunday I am probably more excited than ever for our game because I should by then have a to let well I hope to legend center-backs I'll at least award I'm Matty matter it's a matter of disgusting names playing I might go in with a really crap shit team actually and put it to the test another might do that very fine when I make a budget team I might do it don't do that because then if I win I feel shit with your team oh shit then if I lose electro shake we can see mo shit and I lost to it so I lose both ways welcome matey well done right anyway first things first let's get this Delhi Ali back okay let's get him all right now I'm hoping this Delhi L he's not gonna be too expensive but yeah let's get on with this so exchanges squad featuring Delhi's first floor so I think I've got a build before MK Dons team is that right om ki Don's plays minimum two for me we've got a flare we've got a flare with not oh oh I know he's gone for like 40k right now these are 40 oh he's like 6k holy shit these prices are going sky hurry to get this Delhi alley look at these prices dammit that well I'm hoping I can afford this Delhi alley cuz this would be rather shit if I can't and it's another coke eh wow so it made 12 K there yes oh my god yoghurt re in that pack is well hide in there I was just always fuck you know it might be something for a lot oh my god Tony selling for 30k making a little bit of money from these Santander players right now I'll tell you so we got the two nd right let's just finish this team now we'll leave one players with the three packs were better than me is we've got we always get you I used in my every pack opening right now I'm getting bored of in you nice fucking perfect because I need him right now for the SVC my coins are already going down to Bob 2k fucking out someone slipped up there mate you could have made a bit more on it of shits you okay again bye bye bye yes I like two K's I like that less up more right so I need a rating of 60 set of short yeah they should already be fine now so let's just get the cheapest players left Marinol in Ligue 1 come on man Chris got walk up Mick Tyrion where's mine yes we've got another informed player oh it's a shit one fucks sakes actually he can go towards my M and s PC later to trade in a ones to watch player God damns quite expensively well it's not important for me is when you've got one retain by 66 4k since he's cheap let's go friend what sorry gonna be oh shit we're well off right now I'd better do it that's got to do it it's gonna do it what yes okay there we go finally right that cost me a bit more than a than I planned for ya okay that's the first one then let's submit that right now we need a squad of players featuring Delic so full disperse team is this okay so for Spurs players let's get that done first of all right okay then so that's that right so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to the SBC's now and I am going to trade in let's see how many ones to watch this we can roll for our mate wait till you see my friend Ellie Ellie player of the month you're gonna be jelly there wait until you see my Suarez made Suarez shit mate yeah good one well shit yes there we go we got the 84 right okay so we gotta trade it in for a ones to watch some a player okay so boom there we go right we've traded in and I hope that it's not gonna have been wasted now this is actually a tradable summer player as well so we could make a lot of money here now another thing I want to just look at just before get into that is the Barcelona team in the SVC how close are we Iniesta where are you okay we're just gonna buy him Fifi kay it seems that that's the price that he's going for okay so oh shit we've done it we've actually done it that's that's it oh shit so I didn't have to buy anything else sweet oh there we go and we got mega pack from that oh I'm excited to open this mega pack not gonna lie okay so we're one down right now I need to I need to figure out this stuff let's go Madrid man like I don't I'm not sure what what the deal is do I have to get that Griezmann or not right okay so basically I need to decide what I'm gonna do with that SBC and then I'll read the comments as well guys and then I'll decide whether I'm gonna finish that off tomorrow or not I've just got the Real Madrid one to do an atlético Madrid okay then I'm done I've got the Suarez and I'm looking to use him in the Super Sunday team all right let's try Luke a Q in st 84 Luke a coup that should at least form a rating of one let's see yeah 81 so I'll still need two reigns I'm gonna have to Selma Kazarian now I need morning just so he sells now let's Portman for $1.99 K because I need him to go they won't be anything decent here we go come on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah there it is okay we got me like another CBI player though you know what guys I'm failing this serie at the moment I think something's trying to tell me something today that Syria might be the way to go let's see him god damn it let's see I need coins I'm running out of coins and this is annoying – oh wait you've not got him yet yeah fuck off have you not gotten yet you've had like fucking 30 minutes yeah well unfortunately Matt I'm not rich you've only got one this is why we never get crystal do squats in the videos because he can't fucking do them for shit don't have the money he's got nothing to do with my ability Matt I need LOM I need him him right back didn't you pack him before yeah and I sold it you fucking idiot almond mixture means just sold yes in 1908 that I'll take nineteen through sir alright now watch me right in know I'm one off you need to get rid of that bloody some German right mid better German rime it honey son in the team you twat face why do you need son in the team because it's the requirements were you no way it's the requirements to have son in the Jets out you're not welcome just get over English bloody left mid I need him in my team he's a Spurs play look Matt plays from Spurs minimum for ya it's a piss off ok fella Robbie and what's her rate in gone yes get theme we've done it right second one is done whoa oh my god this one's a bit of a brain fuck lots of players to Chelsea players two months Sydney players one oh no that's easy that's easy enough but I let's get Amara's in Mara's 15k Zac that's gonna be the cheapest probably let's go 15k Marth this should do it this should do the third one bingo there we go get in right I've got one more to do with Matt Ellie Ellie smiling right so now we need to exchange scholar place is this just a full England team right that should be it that should be it that should be Delhi le bag that's it that's it yeah yes we build it where's my alley oh yes getting I've got it my boys I have got the Player of the Month Delhi alley oh look at that card actually you know what I could be where is it I could just do you know what I could just sell Erikson to form the good center back I mean I've got good center backs bang on I mean let me just where is it I've only missing hang on a minute hang on a minute I'll Marino is it good left back his knees rapid fuck off what are you doing Marino I got a minutes let me finish I think I don't care I'm impatient realize you don't buy deli alley on the transfer market now yeah I can't afford fitting and then that's how you forget that dream that was a dream and nothing more okay let's get deli alien that's why we're here that's that's why I'm here that's yes come on me come on oh is that it beautiful Oh for fucks sakes my god where's me over Ali get rid of him fry baby I can see ya Cooper Eriksson in centre mid corner right right now that's what we've all been if he goes okay guys I'm gonna leave you with a killer question now to end this video okay shall I get inform read okay to go with Chris Smalling I'm gonna drop Bailey or should I get that mattock card okay inform Reed or the Halloween mattock card guys leave a comment I'll be reading on see what people generally vote for there well okay let's try out this deli alley now