Office of the Provost Announces Pre-Professional Advising Center

Students talking and walking on campus. Seton Hall University is proud to officially announce the start of a new Pre-Professional Counseling Center (P-PAC)! The center is aligned with the President’s strategic plan and has been developed to provide student-centered counseling, training for academic success, skill building workshops, and application course preparation for researchers interested in exploring and pursuing careers in medicine and other healthcare fields. The center will focus on developing and supporting students to explore, prepare and apply to various professional colleges such as medical school, pharmacy school, veterinary school, and optometry school to name a few. Professional consulting is a great addition to the support services already in place at SHU and will meet a huge demand. Pre-professional counseling is open to all students regardless of major.

222Chantal Vergara, MA, NCC, Director of the Center for Pre-Professional Counseling, has been appointed to lead this new initiative at Seton Hall University. She comes to SHU with extensive experience providing student-centered academic advising and career counseling. Previously, Ms. Vergara worked at the Faculty of Osteopathic Medicine at Rouen University, where she supported medical students with their intensive curriculum and preparation for National Board exams. She worked with medical students to create individualized learning plans that included long-term retention strategies and active learning techniques. In addition, she oversaw the EOF Scholarship-funded Pre-Medical Research and Education Program (PREP) which provided an opportunity for pre-medical students who are often underrepresented in the medical profession, an opportunity to explore medicine and gain experiences to support their application to medical school. . Prior to her medical school career, she was the Associate Director of the Student Success Center at St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida. Chantal received her undergraduate degree from Seton Hall University and her master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from The College of New Jersey. She is a passionate person who has dedicated her career to supporting young people to achieve their academic and professional goals. Its professional mission is to help diversify the face of medicine and continue to provide vocational school opportunities to various student groups.

Ms. Vergara looks forward to working collaboratively with the SHU community to further develop this interactive and innovative pre-professional counseling centre. She believes that preparation for vocational school is a developmental matter that starts from the first day of a student’s university career. Therefore, students are encouraged to network and meet the first P-PAC semester of their first year of college and continue each semester throughout their undergraduate journey to professional school. Consistent orientation dates are recommended to ensure students meet the school’s vocational requirements and develop into competitive applicants. Ms. Vergara welcomes students interested in services to schedule an appointment via Compass.

P-PAC Services:

  • Individual pre-professional counseling
  • Small group before professional consultation
  • media sessions
  • Exposure to different career paths
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals, clinicians and current medical students
  • Student committees: advice from students to students
  • Academic success coaching
  • Navigate through the professional school application processes
  • Specialized workshops and experimental programming

keep in touch:
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P-PAC Peer Advisers – Student Team are now recruited:
The New Pre-Professional Counseling Center (P-PAC) is hiring Peer Counselors! Peer counselors will play a critical role in a pre-professional counseling center by performing a variety of tasks that support the mission of the office. Peer advisors will also benefit from working in the center as it represents a great opportunity for the personal and professional growth of each participating student. Students who are looking to develop their leadership skills and who are motivated to support their peers are encouraged to apply. Study federal work and department-funded jobs available. Interested students, apply now.

P-PAC Landing Site Launched! Resources and information will be added and updated gradually. To learn more about the Introductory Counseling Center for Professionals, click here.

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