O’Cyrus Torrence’s car accident opened door for David Hudson’s gem off the bench | UL Ragin’ Cajuns

LYnchburg, Virginia – No one wanted to hear the news from Thursday morning when UL O’Cyrus Torrence’s second-row attack guard sustained a concussion during a traffic accident on his way to practice.

But everyone involved was delighted to see young red-shirted David Hudson get a chance to start in Torrence’s place at the right keeper during Raggen Cajones’ 42-14 win over Liberty on Saturday at Williams Stadium.

“He didn’t just play, he played really well,” UL coach Billy Napier said. “This used to be. It’s not the biggest, but it’s as strong as nails.

“A versatile player, he can play any of the three indoors. We leave our scholarship players home every week and bring him in.”

The former Lafayette High star said he’s ready for the call.

“It was unbelievable,” Hudson said of the experience. “As we entered, we knew they were a good team. With my being hurt, I knew it was time to shine. I trained all week as if I was the starter and it paid off.

“I wasn’t really worried. God has a plan. If he wants it to happen, it will happen. I am just grateful and blessed for this opportunity.”

Napier said it is unclear when Torres will return.

“Man cut in front of him, too bad,” said Napier. “He’s in luck. He’s in a concussion, so we’ll see. I don’t make those decisions. He wasn’t ready to play, so here we go. David Hudson is the guy.”

“No one blinked. He went in there and did a good job. The players were excited about the guy and his chance. The guy is going to be a coach one day.

went up. He was ready to do his job for his team tonight. I couldn’t be more proud of the man who would step up in such a big moment.”

special teams roller coaster

There was a lot of good and some bad in the Cajuns special teams division on Saturday.

Liberty opened the game with a rebounding side pass for 42 yards.

“A great introductory comeback for the game,” Napier said. “They take the ball and throw it back across the court. I mean, I’m going to add that to my book. I love this.”

For the game, Flames scored 157 yards on the return kickoff.

Also, UL missed a 29-yard field goal and also had an ill-advised 13-yard kick-back to open the second half to put the offense in a hole.

Meanwhile, punter Rhys Byrns was effective at 44 yards on the pitch, while one gambler Liberty had 28 yards to hit his first UL and the other gave the Cajuns his third touch when he fumbled at gambling with Dalen Cambre there for a 26-yard touchdown after recovering. .

Napier said the kicks weren’t great, so we covered them well. We weren’t getting the kicks we wanted. They land on 12.

But the guy drops a kick, we’re on set and we score. We actually repeated that on the position round the day before.”

Good comeback for Billy

Until the last round of the Cajuns, the new running quarterback Emani Bailey wasn’t in a true three-man rotation for most of the game with only two campaigns in the first half.

That’s not to say his comeback wasn’t decisive, though, thanks to a 32-yard reception in the last play of the first quarter that prepared the Cajuns’ second touchdown of the night.

“A fantastic three-level extended play,” Napier said. “He (Lewis) worked all the way through it and found the back in the apartment.

“His acceleration is different from the other two. He’s almost like (Raymond) Kalisch – I wouldn’t quite say that, but he brings different gear to our team.”

Once the lead got out of hand, Bailey was largely responsible for the 12 games, 66 yards drive that ended The Flames.

That left Bailey at 13 carrying 60 yards and a touchdown for the game on his comeback after missing three games with a knee injury.

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