alright we are up for another episode of the chaseGodTV webisodes are ready let’s cut to the chase “you’re just a Christian because you were raised that way!” This is a common objection to the Christian faith and I hope to address it pretty quickly. There’s many different avenues we can take to go down this conversation but I’ll keep it short so the objection goes “if you were raised somewhere else that you would be uh whatever but you wouldn’t be Christian”. The idea behind it is that Christians shouldn’t feel superior about their faith because they only have it based on how they were raised. Here are my objections to that objection. One: The very objection made to Christianity then has to also be made about the skepticism. You can’t have the cake and eat it too. If Christians are only Christians because of how they were raised, then you believe what you believe because of how you were raised, even if you raised in a Christian home or community. You’ve been exposed to other worldviews. Based on your objection your worldview can’t be a free willl decision either. The argument could be made that we are in a very secular and skeptical society. So your skepticism was not birthed out of your own thoughts but it was taught to you. Christianity is debunked on the sole basis of how we were raised then so is your skepticism and now we’re back at square one. You’re a fish in the water making fun of other fish for swimming in water You can’t escape it. Number two: The assumption behind this objection is that absolute reality must bow to cultural preferences. We agree that four plus four is eight and that is objectively absolutely true. Well what if there’s a culture that says four plus four is seven? Does that make equal as right because that’s their culture? There are some who say yes but for the rest of us we say no it’s still 8. Absolute reality does not bow to cultural preferences. It is what it is. Let’s say that there is a God (and there is), one created everything and is therefore the standard for reality and absolute truth. So whoever God is he is god, no matter what people do or think. Christians maintain that God is the God of the Bible. Other’s obbject and that’s fine but it can’t be because we were raised different. Culture must bow to truth, not the other way around. We hate that Christianity is exclusive in many ways but the truth is always exclusive. What you believe is exclusive! Maybe your education and reading brought you to your intellect and your skepticism. But what about those who were raised without this privilege? They are excluded from that truth that you have. Number three: There is an assumption in this objection that Christianity is purely cultural, when Christianity has proven to be the broadest reaching religion that adapts best to other cultures. Christianity is not a religion that requires you to dress in particular cultural wardrobe, learn a language to truly understand God’s word, it doesn’t require you to travel to a place in the world to make you closer to god. Jesus meets all of his followers in their own context and he is all they need to continue to grow closer to him. Number 4: The last assumption that I want to address is this assumption that salvation or right standing with God essentially is just being able to find the right beliefs. Salvation is based purely on the grace of God so that no one can boast. So in a certain sense, yeah, Christians should not feel superior about their faith because it wasn’t them that got it. It was a gift. God will not judge people because they didn’t find Jesus. God will judge them based on their sins apart from Jesus. The Bible, and I would argue our own human experience, testifies that we in many ways know what’s right from wrong. and let’s say God judge you based on your own moral standards, based on what you believe is right and wrong, what we ought to do what we ought to do. You would still be found guilty because not only do we violate God’s moral standard, which is perfect, we violate our own imperfect moral standards. Apart from Jesus God will judge you and the problem won’t be with God or that you grew up in the wrong way. Jesus, a man from a far to coaching in mine, raised much different than I was, found a way to create common ground with me at the cross. It was there is a God and man shared in both divine judgment and love at once. Despite whatever differences we have, they were leveled to the ground. Though we were worlds apart, Jesus closed the gap. Grace and peace.