and speaking of the community election it's been real as you guys must have heard and I publish a nom de canoas announced that atsuku the PDP candidate is a Cameroonian and so he has ordered his followers to boycott the coming election farlow fought as we know he's been telling them to boys for a long time anyway anyway but you know I'm really surprised that his followers are know circulating this the way they were circulating that a body is do blue from Sudan when he told them so is it possible that they've collected money from may be selectively in the information I disciplined from the mazi also also if they should boycott this election they may just help worry to win the election dinners wherever you are listening to my voice with the indigenous people of the average are saying assistant of February we are not going to vote in Biafra lon City to February 2018 we are not interested in what they are doing they may just help worry to India lecture I mean so I say that if you are a follower of Nam they can and you don't want worry to win in this communal action you can vote them out you know there are options you can either vote for the hurricane or you can vote for the force or the Cameroonian with a bomb bomb tattoo but seriously if you're tired of boy like so many of us i i don't you should boycott the election because you may just help to win the election meanwhile Blair in all things he came into power in 2005 in questions of the promises we made when we are coming in in 2005 okay this is become a scary and not a slip of tongue yes the man is no well why can't you just tell us you know what I mean all stuffed up anyway you guys I don't know what you guess what I'm just kidding