Hi, I’m Les Rapchak
CEO of Nex Flow Air Products Corp. We manufacture specialized compressed air technology for blowing, cooling, drying and moving of utilizing compressed air We want to reduce your compressed air consumption and reduce your noise levels in your factory operations and enhance your safety One of our products for doing that is our dual purpose handbag It’s ideal for both as a vacuum gun and as a blowgun a dual purpose unit all in one the accessories that come with the hand Vac include this collection bag with the clamp to put it on to the unit. We have a floor tool. We have a skimmer tool We have a brush ideal for putting it on the end of a wand for cleaning the inside of panels 2 wands come with the system and a three meter or ten foot hose to be able to transfer the material.
This comes in the all-purpose system The transfer system doesn’t have the bag only has the hose and the other accessories The collection system has the handbag but not the hose and again the all-purpose system has everything Let’s show you how the handbag works in vacuum mode What I’m going to do is now collect some debris Simple, so imagine, instead of using a blowgun to, say, clean off someone’s clothes or clean a machine, vacuum up the dust. Much much safer, much much better to use So what I’m going to do now is convert this from a vacuum gun to a blowgun First I take off the collection bag Undo the back Take the inside generator.
Turn it around Put it back together And now we have a blowgun We have three kits The collection system which includes the reasonable collection bag The transfer system which includes the transfer hose And the all-purpose system which includes both the collection bag and the hose and the other accessories that I had pointed out earlier The extreme hand Vac is especially a useful maintenance tool for cleaning the inside of control panels and as a blowgun Much safer than many blow guns in the market and yet very low in cost Nex Flow Air Products manufactures specialized compressed air technology to reduce the compressed air use in your factory environment and to reduce noise and sound levels in your factory to enhance the safety of your operations all of our technologies can be seen on our website at www.nexflowair.com Please contact us directly or any of our representatives worldwide, who are fully trained to assist you in your applications