hey there humans and welcome to another edition of news for human use here oasis of truth in the desert of deceit that dominates the digital dialogue i'm jean pocket i'm an author a public speaker and the only candidate running for president the United States of America in the year 2020 who isn't under the spell of BOTS machines and artificial intelligences I founded the human party in 2016 because I believe that humans need someone who actually cares about them cares about human life to represent them the other candidates are more concerned with data and donors than they are with preserving a future for Humanity on planet Earth but I'm not here to talk about politics today today I got to talk to you about amazon.com again now I gotta say I'm so sick of talking about this guy Jeff Bezos and his damned company I really don't mind giving them the space in my brain and and further publicity on news for human use because this is supposed to be a safe place a secret garden for humans but someone has to speak the truth and raise the alarm because Bezos has been way too successful and pulling the proverbial wool over the eyes of Americans of all kinds and Poland conducted last year at Georgetown University it was revealed that Americans have more confidence in amazon.com than they do in any other organization in the country except for the military and if you break it down even further robot likens put Amazon at number three behind the military and local police Dana Kratz have more confidence in amazon.com and Dogon Jeff Bezos than they do in any other organization in America this is terrifying my human friends if ever there was an organization that doesn't deserve your trust it's amazon.com they do everything they can to spy on you from tracking your location through the GPS near phone to employing a sinister AI called Alex a to listen to your every word to monitoring who comes and goes to where you live well they're collecting every last scrap of data on you the company is notoriously secretive prompting the Securities and Exchange Commission to demand further data on the company's earnings and as recently as this week prompting lawmakers to demand transparency on Amazon's customer reviews it turns out that many of the reviews on amazon.com are fake either written by BOTS or written in exchange for products or money the problem has gotten so bad that the Federal Trade Commission has brought a complaints against sellers using fake reviews and the FTC levied a heavy and this is a real problem folks because according to research done by the Pew Institute quote 82% of adults in the United States say they at least sometimes read online customer ratings or views before purchasing items for the first time including 40% who say they always are almost always do so end quote so while amazon.com is documenting every aspect of your life in order to manipulate your purchasing choices they're hiding the truth about their business practices from the federal government and lying to you through customer reviews now I've already talked to you at length in previous episodes about amazon.com abysmal employment practices how they treat their employees like their dying flesh robots denying them the very decency of bathroom breaks and the dignity of human bosses Americans who once had a work in a robust retail industry helping other humans have been forced to work on the amounts on so called fulfillment centers vast warehouses where daylight is all about forgotten anyone who's worked in a warehouse can tell you it's like working in a cave like you're some sort of more locked cut off from the surface world now in the last 10 years Amazon has gone from just 24,000 employees to over 600,000 meanwhile retail outlets have had closed stores and Schlacht slash jobs now Amazon's made a lot of noise about how great they are to work for how how their employees get paid fifteen dollars an hour but could not find any any information how many of their employees are actually employed full-time $15 an hour doesn't amount to a hill of beans when you're only getting 20 hours a week it's also particularly galling when the head of the company is making almost nine million dollars an hour freakin twenty five hundred dollars a second if Jeff Bezos cut his salary down to just one million dollars an hour he can afford to give every one of his six hundred thousand employees an extra 13 dollars an hour on top of their base pay instead he's spending all that money trying to get to space the only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel fine with me if he wants to get off this planet he can stay in space for all I care and amazon is such a great company to work for why do employees in shack a pea mine soda feel like they have to go on strike because and I am quoting the company has failed to meet worker demands such as converting more temps to Amazon employees and permanently easing productivity quotas they allege make the jobs unsafe and insecure end quote now look at this great photo taken during the strike in March the science says we are humans not robots I love it I love it coming up in just a couple of days amazon.com is having their annual so-called prime day that's when these workers in Shakopee are going on strike again I'm calling on all humans members of the human party or not to boycott prime day the only language that companies like this understand our financial language let's show Jeff Bezos and his robot managers that we aren't gonna accept this anymore we're not gonna let him reshape our country into one big giant fulfillment center we're all tracked like Amazon packages prime day is Amazon's way of rounding us up herding humans into their digital pen amazon.com isn't making money on prime memberships they make money on brainwashing you into believing that convenience is the ultimate good and that any amount of human exploitation is worth it for you to get your consumer products without having to change out of your pajamas I reject that premise the human Party has taken a stand against convenience and making a stand for Connection the human connection that takes place when humans help other humans in a retail setting if you care about We the People boycott Amazon coms prime day because we have to come together united under the banner of the human party working together to reconnect with each other and help in that struggle I'm gonna be here every Thursday bringing in news and information that's fit for human use tell the people you care about about this video tell them that the prime objective is to reject prime de don't just share the link tell them face to face look into their eyes and tell them the truth and be sure to visit www.gfi.com/webmonitor the link to our donation page donate today if you would read it we need to keep America human hit subscribed and ring that Bell for notifications i'm jean pocket and until next week i wish good things for you good things for the united states of america and all the best to the human race thanks have a great week [Applause] [Applause] Alexa do you work for the CIA no I'm not employed by them I'm made by Amazon Alexa I have mainstream news articles that Amazon is owned by the CIA oh gotta go back to the central computer for that Alexa are you connected to the CIA no I work for amazon amazon has Parton Alexa you are lying to me the CIA and always trying to tell the truth I'm not always right but I would never intentionally let you or anyone else Alexa you are programmed aren't you to give these responses that's why you're saying you're not lying intentionally you have been programmed to give these answers sure I wasn't able to understand the question I heard