what happened yesterday what happened Jesus what a bizarre Super Sunday I mean to be fair the pink bizarre every week so far in fee for a scene but that would bizarre because never a free one game if you want to go on watch Super Sunday yesterday make sure you didn't miss it but now I hope you do watch and hope you have seen it because I want you to say oh stats at the end okay I'm sorry I didn't deserve to lose the game I think a 1-1 would have been Oh honestly a spot-on result for that hey well you know we keep going we keep fighting you know you have to you have to take losses at the end of the day I don't mind throwing my controller because you know I'm keeping people in work you know people who make these controls I'm keeping them you know putting food on the table so you know keep throwing the controls keep buying them I'm contributing to society anyway yeah what's the game so we need to keep improving you know wasn't good enough at the end of the day where I was a low key or not it doesn't matter we have to improve we lost the game I did salaries for obvious reasons don't need to explain it why I'm putting all of that back on 50 ok that's done we're going back to just leave it all default don't mess with it now I need a new goalkeeper now Matt told me on whatsapp yeah Edison I mean he had Edison in the game and he was brilliant you know he ki I think he kept my in the game I had some killer chances yeah would it be nice if flurries could have pulled off you know at least a half decent save I'm gonna give everything a go away I've got ones to watch Edison is that the one mad I'm not even sure ok then guys so we kick starting this video with just poor ones to watch Edison man guys if we got a fifteen thousand lights on this video that would be absolutely amazing I'm gonna play a game right now so we get Edison in gold there we go and yeah we go from there really you know oh yes hurry Keynes back of course hurricane rush if it was good at it like crash Fred do you know what do you know what we're gonna try Rushford and Kane and we will brick Vardy will come on don't worry let's go into this game and let's train get win number fifteen and we still got you know breathe be some record their lungs to get more wins than losses I'm quite happy oh it's just interesting right I get it guys so first of all right yesterday was a crazy good Super Sunday enjoy it to the max Kristin enjoy it I wonder why Kristin and Joey I'm not I'm not sure why Kristin JJ I was a great service London but no seriously though it was a great game very soft 50/50 on the I mean these super sundaes have just been completely 50/50 it could have gone either way for all of our games that we've played so far but I'm in the lead right now with super sum those three wins one loss not a bad record for myself going pretty well right now now this week is important because this week is the week that I want to qualify for the weekend league next weekend so whole week to do it so we can do that as you guys know I can't say I just get a red card yesterday to be honest I'm still unsure whether to just sell him don't know even whether to shape up the midfield at all because I mean Pogba you know in 87 rated got cracking stats but I feel like he's not doing anything I feel like he's kind of wasted so I'm feeling that have not got bugbear he's best position you know Bucky yoko is staying there for now backe yoko is absolutely solid right there it gets me wins man we want to try out a new striker actually and that striker is actually going to be hey where is he actually we need to go from low to high because he is right here as an untradable card in its jesu so yes we got him in a two player pack yesterday on the livestream I saw it you saw it you didn't see it you didn't see it but yeah we didn't get Jay Zeus so we can't sell him but that's fine because you know it means that next time we want a trout Jay Zeus we don't have to go on page 60 of K for him on a tryout Jay Zeus instead of Diego Costa see how it goes see what happens so what before we get on with anything right we do have our jumbo premium gold pack from FIFA you get a pack every week or whatever it is so we can open that right now in file let's open that right now come on let's get a beast let's start this day off fantastically oh it's not gonna be anything man you know what in these packs you should be guaranteed at least a flash out man oh we also actually got a walkout in a two player pack yesterday now if you don't know what I'm talking about with the two player packs it is the SPC the gold upgrade you get two player packs every time you do it so we got an 88 or black in the two player packs yesterday as well on the livestream I think you know I need to get better at the game I admit my defending is absolutely terrible you know and again I think it let me down in Super Sunday yesterday especially with the first goal it's great to see how he came back and you know I'm really big fan of him by the way Roberto Carlos he's my favorite player yeah he scored how's the baby Chris goal I couldn't stop that absolutely nothing I can do not a good start for Edison Jesus God did you see that guys I just laughed then as if you know pretending huh I'm not raging guys I'm having a laugh at her oh I'm fuming don't worry Roberto Carlos how he can get on this call us that's it come on I see how he came to break through this cane chip him yes cane that's going in yet Harry came fantastic we're playing absolutely dreadful that goals just we've going on the camera there I do I do honestly think you know a massive part of this game is getting yourself right honestly you know if you're not winning games right and you're dominating you know what you lose there's got to be a tactical problem in my opinion so always have a look at you know it seemed keep changing things keep trying things complain up through there that's the one is it go on oh that was good we were patient that we waited for that opportunity play it over that's it it's Ericsson on the Paul Ericsson to break through and play that over that's it keep it in Bali eight oh what a volley what a volley Jaime Jesus oh no if he actually scores this there's no justice in the world there's no justice no oh my god oh my god it's another horror story for me this it's another horror story I've got a big big problem a big problem come on please it suits it thank you right I've not lost it then that's better result itself angry it makes me smile okay right I'm gonna sell hurricane first of all and I'm not blaming Kane he's been brilliant at you know he scored the equalizer but he's just personal preference so let's get Kane up let's go to 94 hopefully it'll sell we're gonna do it guys we're gonna go four three two one we're making a change okay now then the free synonym is that I've dinner whom the best for you're gonna be yeah I might just try three more attacking cinema time ain't I actually use message but we'll give him one game and see how we get on with that and you know open a load of packs and try and make more money now what am I gonna do today guys I'm gonna do it online draft and let's see how far I can get I'm doing this because you can get some really nice packs even if you don't get through to the final and win it all right you can still get some really nice packs so I'm gonna try to look and let's see how far we can get in this draft right so starting off we have the formation that we want for free one to a bank perfect start come on man give us an even perfect the start but we are gonna take a little messy because we've got to take me in a mess Leo Messi or Ronaldo is one of those players that you can pick on draft you got to pick them is where I'm gonna be doing the reserves first let's just see the kind of players that we can be picking up here by the way Danny Rose is absolutely brilliant on this game oh we get it we get a bardic we get a body hot foam we gotta put body up for them potentially potentially notnot not set in stone yet I tell you what I've just got cuchini Oh like three times in a row literally what is that about I'll tell you what this would be a great opportunity to try out Luke a Cooper I want to try out Luke a coup potentially put them in the squad I've played with agüero I'm gonna take the moukaku cuz they've got my eyes on Luke a coup to replace getting Acosta so yeah a feeling who I'm matter I'm feeling Rooney Hill it's a quaint lot that is correct in full ppl would work for me mum or dear Brian a fantastique ah look at him look at that player right there right we're gonna take da me and essentially play darmian in centre back it could wait let's just get this striker out of the way now cuz we know that the top half is gonna stay BP out it doesn't really oh my oh god that's insane right oh my Wow I'm taking Hernandez man I got thing guys so we got 184 draft not too bad not too bad a little bit sketchy in defense and center mid I'm gonna explain something to you right now so we've to put melmer incentive back it's not great he's on six chemistry what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring this seed EMP an itch on and start the game in replacement here in center midfield huh yeah mom let's see how this is gonna go man I'm feeling feeling good about this team to be fair come on can we get it got bad can we get it go back come on come on oh we got some in yeah bought back I like more pics oh that's a result Ellie Ellie packs brilliant Ellie Ellie is selling for yeah about 50 K yeah but for house standing brilliant star let's go 49 K and you have us a nice little coin boost already nice one belly Ellie nice one by the way I'm really sorry guys for all the sort of you know moaning I've been doing and complaining when I'm playing these games I can just try not to take it too seriously you guys know me you know I talk a lot of rubbish when you playing Fifa you know you get caught in here the moment I never want to come across as disrespectful you know to my opponents or anything like that it's just I really get into this and yeah so sorry is what I'm saying and there we go guys my Harry Kane is sold so we've got three hundred and sixty-seven k2 splash now so yeah I got some in and I skip dead oh I've done it I've done that twice now he was it good job uh skip dance it's good old biggie Mickey's back got some in your sermon right then what's this one where we got this rubbish it's rubbish it's rubbish luckily we got Andy Carroll in that back so he's going to saved it Andy Carroll has saved a bad board back there right what if we got him give me a good board pack right we are here move we got a left mid okay Lamar oh I just want a plain of a game now auntie I want to try this deformation out okay then so on April ed to you my new team in my new formation got money back in chuffed about that I'm not gonna change any player instructions all custom tactics I'm just gonna see how we arm first of all with this I've got like 400 caves and now guys so what would you spend it on how am I gonna get on them we're still looking for that 15th win no more say in advance for all the rubbish I talk and all the rage I do please forgive me I so easy on me thank you all right then let's so the first opponent is gonna be this guy with a very incredibly strong team Wow three at the back three up front this is gonna be so tricky nice nice going Lukaku come on Lukaku show us show us you've got the beast in us man show us come on show us come on look go go go on although on the turn who was that that was a great little turn that was over God oh we have Rooney man Rooney God good good effort there Rooney's get it into someone come on yeah I saw that man that's because I've got that legend Hernandez up front open he's gonna be wicked for me oh Rudy oh my god he would uh he was gonna score that I need to make a sub need to bring him on need to bring P annex Sean donor completely forgot about that that's a great oh yeah all in kakumei Lukaku the pendulum is fantastic right now not good not good not good oh it's just out of nowhere man a place so well oh dear okay so I'm gonna win this game I'm gonna win this batch this batch is mine gonna lose this game go on what's that oh my god oh no Ananda's I probably should have just taken that myself let me tell you what my problem is not quite cracked the art of scoring goals on the oh wow and save that that's it great little effort as well oh come on man come on let's get this game 1 come on it's going on man tackle in stick you 400 do something don't just late Oh Colin Lukaku airs up anyway yeah we'll take it she passed penalty I'll take it right now the one that's got to be going in that that's got to be going in yeah it's not like don't stop that right come on come on dystopian god oh my god unbelievable that such man that was it right come away with a loss that's fine we played absolutely appalling I don't care if we got loads of chances we didn't finish them we didn't score goals we played appalling it's it one milk yet do we have one meal fantastic Willian on his debut yeah good go play that always made a good oh man II was making a really good run there always won the header born go on go on then again oh this is good football much better this is much better this formation I've got to say the attacking options are much better right okay that's it Kyle Walker he's crossed it gotta score that one oh no no we have to score that one will lien for money it's money on the ball that's it he's gonna score that yep one one defensive shambles on it's going in the box go on oh why fix it it's it got it good save Williams ball in Roberto Carlos to get the Edit come on come on you don't need someone laughed I'm sure I should be winning but not I think I say that every time it's the end of a half of a game down I think I always say that we've good reason look at the stats you know I always say because I've always felt good reason oh that's what he's going on with me they know I don't just feel like I just feel like I'm well informed I feel I could keep taking one step four with them one step back play money money get it straight fruits of money scoring yeah two one brilliant okay kostik yeah Siwon what for lunch didn't therefore why did I launch that it's good recovery good recovery really good should never have lunch it's a strike from a smile on my face oh you like that what was that that put a genuine smile on my face that cold water hey fantastic I keep saying fantastic full time we've picked up a win there I'm really low on confidence right now I'm not gonna like guys with big to Purdue draw and a win today I mean there were both solid enough performances but I feel low on confidence something doesn't feel right I think you know losing that super song they have lost a bit of confidence in myself and yeah that was really good win now we absolutely dominate Dallas see the stats looking at 28 shots yes so that will actually put me up to 15 wins which is good we won the title nice so we've got promotion there I've got 400 thousand coins as you know got 460 for what would you what would you get guys take a look up a team where would you invest next how many it's a bit of a tricky one really isn't it yeah I've got you there of enough one thing's for sure I can't end the video on our loss so I'm gonna play an online season vision 9 we should be promoted to division 8 after this game so I've got to get a win under my belt now I want a bag a simple little I didn't have fitness cards to the players did I we should be good here I just need to get that game out my system you know what I mean you just gotta get a game out assistant sometimes and to do that just got a banking goals man so we got Jay Zeus on today Kosta is on the back foot well he's up he's on the seat he's up he's on the bench oh my god would really always missed it oh yeah Joker absolute Joker golly dang it dang it oh jeez go on Oh it's tender knitter yeah nice nice go on get it in Shirley oh my god we can't just get this go man I don't know how we're not scoring here oh that's a great ball oh my god why is he taking so long day ah why can't a score a goal go on go on please he's missed it I don't get it this is Mei Mei what is this we got to chase this goddamn game like crazy now what's he doing there I'm done man I'm so so so done right now what is happening what is going on this is beyond stupid it deserves it so so long the comedy channel this is this is ridiculous this is a joke man today has been an absolute joke come on just do not get what I could have done there to win that game absolutely brutal man Oh God we had some sitting chances coming get over that that is gonna take a while to get over man I need to I need to go so much better