nearly 65 Palestinians injured in protests along Gaza Israeli border officials raw video Palestinians protest at the Gaza Israel border on the 71st anniversary of their mass displacement during the 1948 war about 65 Palestinians were injured one seriously on Wednesday as they protested across the West Bank and Gaza to mark 71 years after their mass displacement during the 1948 war officials said around 10,000 Palestinians congregated at the Gaza border with Israel with rioters burning tires throwing rocks setting off explosives and sending balloon borne incendiary devices into southern Israel starting at least nine fires reported Israel responded with right dispersal measures the demonstrations are known as the napkin or catastrophe marking when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians escaped or were forced out of their homes during the war that surrounded the creation of Israel on Wednesday the Israel Defense Forces tweeted a picture of the violence and wrote right now Palestinians in Gaza violently riding along Israel's border fence launched incendiary devices into Israel setting this field ablaze these are terrorists backed violent riots and may endanger the lives of innocent civilians peaceful protesters don't start fires the militant group Hamas canceled classes in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday to send children to riot violently against Israel the IDF said earlier The Times of Israel reported this year's nebka day protests were substantially tamer than the previous year's demonstrations which coincided with the opening of the u.s. embassy in Jerusalem after it had been relocated from Tel Aviv last year 62 Palestinians were reportedly killed 53 of whom were later claimed as members of terror groups including eight who died in a gun battle with IDF troops smoke rises from fires on Israeli farmland caused by arson balloons launched from Gaza City Wednesday May 15th 2019 AP photo had a moose of the rioters are setting tires on fire and hurling rocks a number of explosive devices had been hurled within the Gaza Strip as well and a number of attempts have been made to approach the security fence IDF troops are responding with riot dispersal means the Israeli military said Palestinians attend a protest by the Israeli border with Gaza Strip Wednesday May 15th 2019 AP photo Mohammed Amin the demonstration comes two weeks after a ceasefire was reached two and two fierce days of fighting a Qatari envoy who has been helping mediate the ceasefire has urged Hamas to keep Wednesday's demonstration restrained there are an estimated five million Palestinian refugees across the Middle East their fate is one of the core issues of dispute between Israel and the Palestinians Israel rejects demands for a mass return of refugees to long-lost homes saying it would threaten the country's Jewish character The Associated Press contributed to this report thanks for watching hit that like button and do subscribe to get notified on them