More than 20 Penn State players sidelined by illness vs Rutgers

Penn State scored a 28-0 win over Rutgers on Saturday afternoon, marking their biggest margin of victory in this Big Ten series since 2017. While the end result provided plenty of support in the end, head coach Nittany Lions James Franklin He then admitted that his band dealt with enormous pressure from an individual’s point of view.

“We’ve been through as many ordeals in this game as I’ve been around,” Franklin said.

He noted that 21 players were unable to participate due to flu symptoms, while 14 other players competed despite dealing with some of the effects of a disease other than COVID.

“On Thursday, it looked like a ward in a hospital [team facilities]Franklin said. “There were IVs everywhere. Friday was the same way – we didn’t have a scholarship quarterback in Friday practice. We weren’t sure what would happen.”

Not all of the aforementioned 14 participants on Saturday made it through. Franklin quarterback included Sean Clifford and offensive tackle Kidan Wallace Among those who did not reach the finish line after the start.

Wallace was ultimately one of three novices up front who missed Saturday’s game, along with the interference of a colleague. Rashid Walker and the center Mike Miranda. After a Wednesday training session in which members of the media noticed the absence of several starters, Franklin confirmed that at least a few players Especially those three men – They were ill.

“I think there’s a virus or flu circulating on campus,” Franklin said on Wednesday. “I think we’ve had about six men unrelated to COVID, but they’ve had a fever in the last couple of days. So that’s what we’re dealing with.”

Within the next 48 hours, this issue expanded to all three scholarship midfielders and star recipients Jahan Dotson, who had the first of three touchdown passes from the quarterback in reserve Christian View.

“I drank a lot of fluids and it kind of took my time,” Dotson said. “It’s been a big mental week for me. Just reviewing my playbook, making sure I’m mentally closed to Zooms, making sure I’m ready to play. The last thing I want to do is get out here and don’t know what to do or mess something with my midfielder. “.

With kick-off approaching, it wasn’t certain who that quarterback would be against Rutgers. While Clifford received IV treatment off the field, he was introduced as a rookie on the stadium’s video screen. Meanwhile, Veilleux handled the first-team reps in the final pre-match warm-ups.

“The lady from the TV asked me, and I said ‘I don’t know,'” Franklin said regarding Clifford’s condition minutes before the game. “…and then he felt he could go, the doctors and the coaches felt he could go. He obviously missed training time, didn’t eat, and the whole deal. We felt he gave us the best chance based on experience and not having much behind him.”

Parker Washington, who scored 72 yards at the highest level in the game and scored a second for Penn State, said he didn’t know whether Clifford was the starting quarterback or not until they took the field on their first offensive streak.

Veilleux also had a challenge getting a pass for the match, according to Franklin, while No. 3 QB Ta’Quan Roberson He was not in uniform on Saturday. walking on Mason Steel It became the primary backup when Franklin removed Clifford after the first four Pennsylvania possessions finished in kicks, including three workshops.

“He came to the sidelines [and] “Shawn,” I said, “I’ll go with Veilleux.” “Yes, I see,” Franklin said.

Clifford finished in 2 of 8 passes for 23 yards. Veilleux was a real freshman who enrolled this past January, turning his group start into 15 of 24 passing performances that included 271 total yards and three touchdowns.

“He’s constantly improving and I’m proud of him,” Franklin said. “He was on standby today, put in some plays with his legs, made some big throws, did some checks. It’s clearly something to build on.”

All three midfielders work behind an attacking line that has undergone significant mixing along the way. The right goalkeeper Scruggs juice Slide to the center, drive Anthony Wigan To start the first time (on the right guard) since the first week and backup Brice Effner And Landon roaming Line up at the right and left intervention, respectively. Like Veilleux, it was Tengwall’s first mass appearance. Scruggs was briefly out of the match due to an injury, but was able to come back.

Across the field, Penn State was without starting quarterback Sam Curtis Jacobs, which led to the initiation of Jonathan Sutherland, which got an objection in the fourth quarter.

“Men are dropping like flies, frankly,” Sutherland said of Pennsylvania’s medical problems.

In terms of non-rookies that Nittany Lions have counted somewhat as contributors this fall, Lions247 follows the following players among those apparently unavailable: Roberson, linebacker Tyler Elsdon, line attack Des Holmesrunning their back Devin Ford And Jon LovettAnd their defensive back John Dixon And A.J. Lytton.

“I tell you guys in between vomiting and vaccinating, it’s been a fun week,” Franklin said. “I’ve literally never experienced anything like that, especially at this point in the season when you’re really in the dark. So just a lot of respect for our guys and how they handled it. They never flinched and never panicked.”

Pennsylvania will try to beat a flu outbreak and head toward the end of the regular season next Saturday in Michigan. Now, who sits at 7-4, Nittany Lions’ recent win seemed much easier on the final scoreboard than reality required.

“We only had about 20 men who lay in the training room, and they got their IVs, and they tried giving them fluids back; a lot of the guys got sick,” Dotson said. “We didn’t know how much we’d have today, but a lot of guys struggled and managed to play here on the field…You can talk about leaving everything on the line. Guys did that today. Some guys couldn’t even finish; they literally left it on the line. And they went out when they could no longer do so. This is just a testament to this team. We are a group of fighters who will fight no matter what for our brothers.”

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