This is a promotion video of an “Open Network” – EtherCat supported servo Driver & Motor which is globally attracting attention nowadays. This is Laptop (Master) and 2 axes of Servo Driver & Motor (Slave) configured system in which one communication cable connects Laptop and 1st axis of servo and another one connects 1st axis and 2nd axis servo drivers. It features possibility of high-precision synchronous operation at high-speed communication of 100Mbps. This operation shows two axes (X, Y) drawing a circle (circular interpolation operation). This operation shows two axes (X, Y) drawing a straight line (linear interpolation operation). To increase the number of axes, simply add the LAN cables. Furthermore, it is not a servo dedicated network, and if there are such products like “area sensors” and “valves” supporting the same network, it is possible to control them all by mixing in the same line. To control the EtherCat network using PC (Personal Computer), you need master stack software for LAN Ports and real-time OS (Operation System) for ensuring reliability. Moreover for realizing easy, high-speed and high-precision motion control, it is common to use the motion control software. Particularly at PC based systems that uses various boards and image processing, making EtherCat will allow using various slaves that doesn’t require any boards. Furthermore, significant benefits will come out in a high-speed processing due to distributed control of multikernel operating system.