– The south is known
for their greasy food, barbecue, all the good stuff. But I’m vegan, so I’m
just gonna eat this kale. (upbeat music) – When I found out this
season was turf war, and we’d be
representing the south, I was really excited – Woo, dirty south. – Y’all better watch out. A lot of people get mistaken, thinking the south
is just a bunch of ignorant hillbillies
or whatever. Fortunately, I’m here
to prove them wrong. I think everyone got
really scared today when they seen
what I pulled out. – I wouldn’t go that far. – I picked up and
kicked everyone’s ass. – My team brings
a lot to the table that the others don’t. We’re versatile, we
look out for each other, we’ve got southern hospitality. I sounded so country just now. – I’m just tryna
bring some intention to the bottom of the map man, and let everybody know like
we got some damn good artist coming out of the south. I don’t care about them, like let them bicker
amongst each other. This is south
business right here. – Oh it’s awesome,
I became friends with all of my teammates
right off the bat. We are working together to make sure
everything’s on point, and I feel like we’re
gonna go really far in the competition together. – Getting to come
back I’m super excited about the turf war. I’ve always been
the sarcastic prick, so this competition
just makes sense for me. I’m prideful about the
area that I live in, and I’m glad to be
here repping the south. – When I was younger, I would draw my own tattoos
that I was gonna get when I was of age. And my Caribbean parents
said under no circumstance will you get a tattoo. And at that point, I knew that was probably
gonna be my job. (laughing) – I was originally
going to school for aerospace engineering. I wanted to be a
pilot at the time, but my cousin she was
dating a tattoo artist, and he saw my drawings. Like, “Oh, you can make
some money doing tattoos.” While I was going to college, and I kind of fell
in love with it, ended up getting
my degree in art, and I started
working in the shop for the last five years. – When I was 16 years old, I got my first tattoo
and I was like, “Wow, this pretty cool. “I feel like I can do this.” And we messed around
with tattoo machines, and it just led to a career. – It started off as just
me and a couple friends sitting around in my
apartment drinking, and a commercial came
on about tattooing. And they looked at
me and they was like, “Man, you should try that.” And I was like, “You think so?” And from that point on, that’s when it just started… I ordered a kit, and it came in, and from there to now. – When I slay this competition, it’s gonna be a slap in
everyone’s face who doubted me. – I don’t think southern
fans will support me, I know southern fans
will support me. – I like saying it’s
called the six peas, piss poor preparation promotes
piss poor performance. – There’s very few things
that I haven’t accomplished as a tattoo artist. Winning the title of ink master, would kind of be like that
final notch in the belt for me. – People either
love me or hate me, but at the end of the day, they’re gonna know who I am. Yee-haw. Try and trip me up, I’m gonna make it
backfire on you. I’m here to play the game, I’m here to win, I’m going to come guns blazing, hell fire and
brimstone here we go. – [Announcer] Ink
Master Turf War, premieres Tuesday, January 7th
at 10 on Paramount Network.