– When it comes to message security, there’s no one way of doing things. You need to protect sensitive data, you need to make data protection
easy for your employees, but you can’t force customers,
partners and clients to accept one method
of secure communication because every business case is different. You might have a marketing department needing a branded portal. You might work with a
partner who requires PGP. Your wealth management brokers might need push methods
direct to an inbox. This is where OneWorld more than anyone else in
the market can help you. We offer six flexible delivery methods all in one product to
accommodate every business case. Here’s how it works. The delivery methods can be
selected by the administrator and applied on a message by message basis through predetermined encryption policies. I’m talking about secure
web portal, secure PDF, encrypted attachments, TLS
with fallback, PGP and S/MIME. Let’s begin with a walkthrough
of our secure web portal. The OneWorld encrypted
web portal is a secure web-based message pickup center. Hosted on the Echoworx security cloud, we commonly see the web portal used as a secondary delivery option. But some organizations choose web portal as a primary delivery method on account of its light, configurable and mobile friendly user experience. The first thing a recipient
receives is a notification email letting them know they’ve
received an encrypted message. This message includes the
date, sender information and an expiration date. You can see this notification
contains branding elements such as a logo, brand colors,
a service or department name and it can even support vanity domains for a fully branded user experience. They follow the link provided which takes them to a
secure registration page. The branding flows through to the portal. This is a one time registration. They can enter their information
and create a password or authenticate using these
optional social connectors. They can even select from the optional configurable list of languages
to read the instructions. Once they’ve activated their
account for the first time, they can log in and read the message. Replying to a message is intuitive, resulting in a reply that’s sent securely and directly back to the
original sender’s mailbox. There’s no special steps for the user. They send and receive
messages as they do normally. The recipient can easily save, print or even compose new messages. And self-management is built in. They can change or reset
their password at any time. Secure PDF is another
secure delivery option offered by OneWorld. This push method delivers
an encrypted message direct to an external recipient’s mailbox in the form of an encrypted PDF. The PDF format is an
industry standard file format that supports AES encryption
which can be viewed on all major mobile and desktop platforms. The recipient doesn’t need to install specialized software or applications. They don’t need to log in to
a web portal and any recipient can receive and open
these types of messages. They just set their own secure
PDF passwords for access. Everything is contained in the secure PDF. The message body is encrypted as are any Office, PDF or zip files. Additional files can be
wrapped in the secure PDF or zip files for added authenticity. Let me show you. The first thing the recipient sees is a one time notification
to register a password used to encrypt every message. This notification is fully
branded with a company logo, a service name and brand colors. The text can also be customized to match brand tone and feel. Following this link, they’re directed to a one
time registration page. The registration page is fully branded. Password complexity can be enforced and it’s highly customizable. Once a password is set, the encrypted message
is immediately delivered and any message from this point forward arrive directly to their
inbox as a secure PDF message and the supported attachments like those from the Microsoft
Office suite, PDF or zip files will be individually encrypted with the recipient’s password. Each message is branded, customizable and includes the encrypted attachments complete with a customizable
self help information and a link to a self
serve management page. This message can also
include a secure reply link which directs them to
OneWorld’s secure portal. From there they can securely
reply to the original sender or to everyone on the thread. The reply arrives via secure connection directly to the original sender’s mailbox with no change in behavior and
fewer calls to the help desk. For instances where a
confidential document requires delivery, organizations might offer encapsulating all sensitive
material in attachments. OneWorld offers the
option to send a message where only attachments are encrypted while retaining their native format. In this example a PDF attachment has been automatically
delivered as an encrypted PDF. Like secure PDF, the recipient
receives a notification fully branded, self
serve and customizable. Once they register their password, their document is
immediately sent to them. Since the message body
doesn’t require encryption, only the attachment is protected. There is also an option for the message to be
delivered with branding. It’s clear the message
originated from the sender. Recipients can reply securely or simply save the attachments, knowing it was protected
with their security in mind. Since endpoint mail servers
are typically located in a secure network, TLS
encrypted message delivery is popular for B2B communication. Businesses like this encryption method on account of its light user experience. In this instance the
connection is encrypted, not the message. Messages are delivered
direct to recipient mailboxes in clear text without
any additional accounts, passwords or software. This encryption method
also allows IT departments to keep mail in their mail servers, enabling internal tasks like
archiving or legal discovery. But a TLS connection
isn’t always available and messages can’t always be
encrypted using this method. Alternative delivery methods are needed to avoid non-delivery or delivery without protection. Through OneWorld you can
set TLS fallback options. This ensures if a TLS
connection is not available or if there is an issue
with a TLS certificate, the message will still be
delivered via an alternative secure method like
secure PDF or web portal. This provides peace of mind that messages can always be delivered without any help desk calls
and delivered securely to meet any compliance
or security requirements. Many organizations are bound
by existing agreements, technology or regulations
that require the use of PGP or S/MIME encryption. While these methods are very secure, they can be difficult
to maintain and support. What if you could offload
the burden of these endpoint technologies to the cloud and integrate them seamlessly? OneWorld offloads key management by enabling certificate
encryption at the email gateway. Email endpoints work as they do normally, even taking advantage of the other available encryption methods. At the same time, OneWorld
can store existing keys or create new keys on the fly to encrypt or decrypt messages as they enter or leave
your email boundary. Expired keys are not a problem as they can be rolled over on the fly. OneWorld can retrieve public certificates from existing LDAP directories. Users can be invited to
upload their own certificates or transfer them in bulk, fully self service and compliant. With six ways to deliver
encrypted messages, OneWorld offers secure communication to fit every business need. And with the right encryption solution, your communications remain protected no matter the circumstances. (classical music)