[Applause] I saw on Twitter that there's massive protests going on in downtown LA right in the heart of it like massive thousands of people so I'm gonna go see what's up I'm gonna go try and get some shots typical downtown LA even during an insane protest I can't find anywhere to park I'm going to set my bike up and then I'm gonna go figure out what's going on down here okay some nice strangers informed me which way the protest is there helicopters everywhere in the sky out here yeah I think I'm getting closer because there's a there's a lot of cops over here so I got to be getting closer okay I found it I definitely found it [Applause] it's pretty massive but it seems very peaceful Franklin by Clive is Shawn always always bike life in downtown LA the controversy oh you telling me brother hey hey so you watch the blocks yeah yeah hey nice to finally see you yeah yeah this place is ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous we're trying to get as close to the action as I can as always my bike is limiting my mobility but I'm gonna try and get close [Applause] my god hi undoubtedly one of the most insane things I've seen in my entire life in la crazy never seen anything like this anything alright looks like the crowd starting to move yeah okay two things I've learned quickly at this protest nobody wants to be on camera for I mean whatever reason I pretty much can expect why guys people think this could kill I get me fox news or something I don't know nobody wants to answer questions on camera my mom she's been moving very quickly already moving east Spring Street and guys on alright so I'm gonna follow the mob [Applause] look at this traffic is completely frozen on the 101 people are getting out of their cars I think is backed up for miles apparently homeboy just showing ain't no ain't going nowhere at all well they're throwing bottles at the cops those protestors on the freeway no way [Applause] protesters have gotten onto the 101 freeway there completely blocking it off traffic is backed up in both directions for miles [Applause] the craziest thing you've ever seen [Applause] this shit this is a yeah I can't believe I'm seeing this my eyes [Applause] Wow people are down there in maths [Applause] yargh I gotta get down there I have to I have to count you shining the light on me right now this is crazy alright the cops are smart they blocked off the only access path to the freeway as far as I can tell alright looks like I'm not going to make it onto the freeway but I'm gonna try and get as close as I possibly can chop-chop my folks I like you madness I don't know what's in store for other people already on the freeway there's a whole lot of them so I mean who knows anything goes right now this is insane [Applause] [Applause] they night I'm splitting this is insane words can't even describe this one one for the LA history books this goes back literally for miles I can't actually even see exactly where it goes back to heads up cops are effectively clearing out the streets clearing out the freeway I don't know if actually fire tear gas but apparently there is the threat of doing so and they all split they ran all right it's slowly clearing out looks like the cops are really getting control over stuff yeah there's lots of cops now it's like they kind of got things under control Thanks but they're trying to be exit rail traffic can resume down here well chop kid what's up well hey stay safe stand up raise ask me no here look up no Jo [Applause] seems like things are winding down they got our quite a few of the people off of the freeway thanks to the blocking so a lot of them just relocated back to the street not sure what's going to happen from here if I'm gonna stick around for a little bit longer looks like things are just about clearing up down there crazy man once-in-a-lifetime type thing going on to downtown LA tonight you might never see something like this again in my life police seem to have mostly got the situation under control everybody's off the freeway most of the cops are back up on the street off of the 101 traffic is here moving again but it's it's getting better as you can see people are still stuck the protest is mostly disassembled everyone kind of split up in multiple directions some went back up Spring Street towards downtown there's kind of just people in all directions though honestly they went everywhere crazy glad to say in retrospect it was pretty much completely peaceful except for a few shots fired yeah it was a totally fine protest nobody got attacked only shot one person get arrested could have been a lot worse a whole lot worse to be 100% honest people still flooding the streets though traffic is pretty much at a standstill people everywhere there you go yeah so I think I'm just going to head back a dozen ten people are now headed up Temple Street north back towards City Hall the same spot that we started this video Acts beautiful oh very Emma couldn't here in a situation like this our baggage City Hall which I'm assuming means that this is pretty much the end of this protest seems pretty peaceful but I think since this is pretty much where we started I believe this is also where it's going to end so I'll film here for a bit and then you guys going to do it for tonight I don't see it becoming crazier than what has already happened now it was pretty much the peak of it I don't yeah so I'm gonna head out for tonight man I think it's a beautiful thing that even stuff like that can happen and it can be peaceful without tons of people getting arrested or hurt I believe nobody was injured I mean I guess we'll see official stuff on the news tomorrow but for the most part that was completely peaceful not much else I can say other than wow what an amazing turn of events regardless of how you feel about the political situation of this country I think it's something to appreciate when tons of people can come out in force about something that they believe in and demonstrate peacefully yeah I think that's about it so wrapping it up for this insane night of coverage and it's crazy because the rest of the city is dead right now all the action is just right up there but everything else is like it's a ghost town yeah I hope you enjoyed this coverage I love doing photojournalist stuff when I have the opportunity to and I think that was a pretty pretty once-in-a-lifetime moment so sign it off thank you guys for watching peace Oh