Lindner Scholarship Creates a Lifelong Ambassador

One thing is for sure: Laurie Fogelman Know how to make the most of her time. Since coming to the College of Charleston, the top student-athlete has been drawing everything from classes to hourly meals all week long.

“My experience at College of Charleston was fantastic,” she says, majoring in communications at Honors College, adding that — although she spends about 20 hours a week training and competing with the track and field team — her time in college was more than managing. “I love athletics in college because not only can I have the identity of a ‘runner’ or a ‘CofC athlete,’ but I can also have a life and identity outside of athletics.”

In fact, while in college, Fogelman found her identity as a researcher and communications leader, joining programs such as the Leadership CofC, the Mentor-Protégé Program, the National Millennial/GenZ Community and Charleston 40—and serving as an honors liaison and honorary ambassador, associate Marketing and Outreach Student for CofC Libraries, Student Officer of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Mentoring Trainee and Volunteer for Civic Engagement Center, among others Other things.

“These irreplaceable experiences have allowed me to practice my communication skills every day in so many ways,” says Norwood, N.C., a native. “I have learned from others who are older and younger who come from different countries and backgrounds and have different viewpoints than me. I have learned the true power of connecting with and listening to people as they share their stories. From practicing active listening skills to asking meaningful questions about different professional fields to sharing My knowledge of the College with prospective students has grown as a communications researcher. Every day, I strive to achieve my goals of becoming a successful communications professional and leader.”

Frances and Craig Lindner

Frances and Craig Lindner

She achieved these goals in part thanks to the Lindner Family Communications Grant.

“This scholarship has lifted many burdens off my shoulders over the past year of trying and unprecedented times,” says Fogelman, who worked as a public relations intern at FishBait Solutions over the summer. “It has given me the flexibility to pursue internships and unpaid leadership positions. By allowing me to pursue many great leadership positions and professional opportunities on campus, this scholarship has allowed me to further pursue my goal of defining my ideal future career.”

Created by Craig and Frances Lindner to honor their daughter, the major communicator Kristen Lindner 12The Lindner Scholarship Program awards one scholarship to a student per year of study in the Department of Communications. It is available to a first-year student with a demonstrated interest in networking and a strong promise of a successful career in the field; To the A second year student majoring in Communication. to a third-year Communication major with an eligible GPA and record of success in his academic and professional life; And to a fourth-year communication major that shows significant involvement in communication-related activities in the college or in the community.

“This scholarship makes me proud to be a student at the College of Charleston, specifically a communications student,” says Fogelman, who hopes to pursue a master’s degree in college communication and then a career in public relations, planning, branding, event optimization, and marketing strategies for organizations. “It is proof that my professors have done their jobs in transforming me into a successful scholar who constantly returns to the classroom, eager to absorb more knowledge. In the end, this scholarship has provided me with an invaluable resource: confidence.”

Therefore, it will always be indebted to the Lindner family.

“Thank you for believing in my college experience and giving me this inspiration to work even harder tomorrow,” says Fogelman. “I will bring that kindness forward by continuing to be a lifelong ambassador for the college.”

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