Latest news from Libya
After Friday prayers took place in Libya’s capital Tripoli, demonstrations were held,
directed against the presence of militias. Libya has been ruled for about 2 years by
the reign of terror militias that overthrew the socialist government. The puppet government
established by the NATO has – as you have seen yesterday – not even control of the capital
Tripoli. Since the destruction of the socialist government there is de facto no longer any
rule in Libya. Local rebel groups, plunder, murder, rape and kidnap.
The worst and most notorious of these fascist militias is called the “Misrata Brigade”.
The Misrata Brigade appeared first in the beginning of the “revolt for western democracy.”
It was among the initial group that started and led the uprising against Gaddafi. The
Libyan army, the army of Gaddafi initially fought the Misurata Brigade, but it was driven
back by the NATO attack and had to give up its positions. The result was that the Misrata
Brigade could for example take the city Tuwargha. A city which was inhabited mostly by black
Libyans. The population of about 30,000 people was wiped out by the Misrata Brigade. The
city is now a ghost town. You can still find graffiti on the walls, which bear witness
to the massacre, Misurata “the brigade for purging slaves [and] black skin” Some of the
people who could flee now live to terrible conditions in camps. Other survivors of the
massacres in Libya have fled across the Mediterranean to Europe. The so-called “Lampedusa refugees”
in Hamburg (Germany) are among the people who had to flee from the fascist rebel groups
and the NATO bombs. In Libya, it is known that whoever is once
brought to Misrata – into the torture chambers of the Misrata Brigade – never returns. Images
testify to the horrors. Every day people are kidnapped and disappear in the torture chambers
of the fascists. After massive torturing of the Gaddafi’s supporters and ordinary civilians
in these torture chambers, they are often disemboweled like animals and their organs
are sold. People went to the streets on Friday to put
an end to the killings of these fascists. They marched together against the headquarters
of Misrata rebels in the Gharghour district of Tripoli. The protesters were unarmed and
carried white flags to represent their peacefulness. However, the Misrata fascists began to immediately
open fire on them. Here you can see one of the killers, shooting at the demonstrators.
Hard to miss – his new BMW 5 Series, which he bought with stolen money. Now, the situation
escalated. The protesters began to run away from the fascists. However, the fascists continued
by using their anti-aircraft guns against the peaceful protesters. Dozens of deaths
and countless injuries were the result. People were blown away the entire skull like here.
This is the woman who was murdered here with her two children. Now they have no mother
anymore. Hundreds were injured in the streets. Here you can see how one of the fascists who
is about to shoot an injured person on the ground. A piece of scalp shot of the head
of one of the protesters. Injured everywhere. Large calibrate air defense artillery shell
casings, which was used against the demonstrators. Remains of a man who was completely shot into
pieces. But the people – even though they were killed
– marched on the headquarters of Misrata brigades and it was stormed out of anger and lit on
fire. The protesters found fake number plates in the building, which were used by the fascists
for their criminal activities in order to remain undetected. Similarly, large amounts
of illegal alcohol and drugs were found. Airplanes flew over the city, while the Misrata
— fascists were still shooting at protesters. According to media reports, the death toll
was about 27 to 32. According to Libya’s largest tribe, the Warfalla tribe, estimates are more
than 40 dead and about 400 injured. Seidan Ali — the completely stupid President
of the Libya, which was installed by undemocratic fake elections by NATO as a puppet – later
commented to the event. A few weeks ago he was already in the international newspaper
headlines when he – the supreme statesman Libya — was kidnapped by the rebel groups,
but later released. They did it in retaliation because one of the Al-Qaeda men of the fascist
rebel groups was sold by Seidan to the United States, and he allowed the U.S. to kidnap
the man from Libyan soil. This is evidence alone of the situation in
Libya. In yesterday’s statement Seidans explained publicly that the security forces had not
intervened in order not to complicate the situation. An obvious lie, because there are
no serious security forces since the fall of Gaddafi. At the same time he claimed that
the protesters were armed and the Misrata – fascists had fired only into the air and
later on into the crowd. Also an obvious lie, as one can see on the videos. The Misrata
rebels gave a similar statement. It is clear, however, that the buildings were stormed after
the shooting of the unarmed demonstrators. In addition Seidan explained that ” should
leave all armed militias should leave Tripolis without exception.” Nobody will care anyways
because Seidan has obviously no power. Later apparent security forces moved in, they simply
drove by the armed Misrata rebels and placed themselves randomly at different points in
Gharghur and Tripoli. Clashes between the Misrata – fascists and
probably the in the meantime returned and armed population continued in the night. Exact
knowledge about between whom the shootings took place are currently not available. It
is clear, however, that security forces did not intervene at any time. Dozens of vehicles
of various groups blocked the airport road at night.
Today the security forces blocked the roads leading to Tripoli with tanks and armored
vehicles. In the city center on the Green Square, a big demonstration against the armed
gangs and the NATO looting of Libya took place. The only positive thing to report is from
the independent city of Bani Walid of the Warfalla tribe. Bani Walid is the city in
which after the fall of Gaddafi a democratic council democracy system, after Gaddafis ideas,
was established and a council of elders are ruling the city. There, hundreds of residents
donated blood for the injured in the capital Tripoli.