The desperation by the left to stop President
Donald Trump has reached a fevered pitch with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme
Court. His hearings were marred by wild antics, orchestrated
by Democrats. Now, top conservative Senators are facing
intense backlash by liberals, should they vote for the distinguished judge. Is there anything the left won’t do to undermine
the President of the United States? The answer, of course, is no. Democrats have jumped into the deep end in
their quest to “resist” the one man making America great again. Last week, we saw top Democrats completely
torch their credibility. They admitted to hiring protesters to disrupt
the Judiciary hearings for Brett Kavanaugh. Something as important as speaking with a
future Supreme Court Justice was marred by wild interruptions — both by paid protesters
and sitting Senators. The Democrats still cannot accept that Donald
Trump is our president. It burns them that he is appointing good judges
to the Supreme Court and that it’s not Hillary picking radical, unhinged liberal activists. The liberal party has been orchestrating vile
attacks against conservatives since day one of Trump’s administration. Make no mistake: the riots, threats of violence,
and abuse are not random. They have been planned and instigated by Democrats,
who seek to intimidate and silence the vast majority of conservative Americans. Today, we learn that Republican Senator Susan
Collins has been receiving vile threats if she votes for Brett Kavanaugh. This is all part of a larger plan to bully
conservatives back into the closet. Annie Clark, a spokeswoman for Ms. Collins,
provided The New York Times with copies of a letter and multiple voice mail messages
addressed to the senator using vulgar language and outright threats. One caller told a 25-year-old female staff
member at one of Ms. Collins’s Maine offices that he hoped she would be raped and impregnated… Aides to Ms. Collins estimated that her offices
received about 3,000 coat hangers by mail to date, a reference to a time before Roe
v. Wade, when some women used wire coat hangers to try to end unwanted pregnancies. A group of men and women, some garbed in red
robes and white bonnets — an allusion to The Handmaid’s Tale, the Margaret Atwood
book and television series — demonstrated outside the senator’s home in Bangor over
the weekend. And in a more novel stroke, a crowd-funding
campaign started by two local advocacy groups, Maine People’s Alliance and Mainers for
Accountable Leadership, and Ady Barkan, a progressive activist with amyotrophic lateral
sclerosis, has raised more than $1 million that the groups say they will donate to a
Democrat challenging Ms. Collins in 2020, unless she votes no. [Source: The New York Times] Threats, coercion, intimation, and outright
blackmail. These are the mafia-like tactics the left
is resorting to, in order to stop the president. Don’t think these attacks on Collins are
random, isolated incidents. This is being orchestrated by Democrats. If politicians themselves aren’t sending
people to do this, then the wild, irresponsible, and deliberate media coverage is all but siccing
people onto conservatives. This story is just one more example of the
increase in violence and threats people on the political right have faced over the last
couple of years. Unfortunately, as the left and their allies
in the establishment media have amped up their hate-rhetoric against Trump and his supporters
over the last week, the violence has noticeably escalated. On top of this particular rape threat, a Trump
event in DC was threatened with a mass shooting on the same day the far-left Washington Post
published Joe Scarborough’s op-ed declaring Trump worse than the 9/11 terrorists. Last week, just hours after NBC’s Chuck
Todd compared Fox News to segregationists, a man intentionally plowed his car into a
FOX studio in Dallas. Over the weekend, a GOP congressional candidate
was attacked with a switchblade, a conservative columnist was forced into hiding over death
and rape threats, and a GOP campaign office in Laramie, Wyoming, was hit with an arson
attack. [Source: Breitbart] Let me say that again: these aren’t isolated
incidents! These are the end results of a liberal party
that is trying to intimidate and silence Republicans. They don’t want us standing up for our beliefs,
they don’t want us spreading our message online, they don’t want us attending public
rallies, and they don’t want us influencing our neighbors and friends to vote for conservatives. Liberals truly think they can bully a vast
number of Americans. They think with enough pressure, from Antifa
or other sources, we’ll just disappear. With each passing day, the threats get worse. Senators are being bullied because of how
they vote. Is that democracy? Is that the land of the free? I don’t think so. These attacks are only more evidence that
conservatives must stand up for themselves. Patriots cannot let disgusting leftists take
over this country through violence and threats. We must continue to speak, share, gather,
and vote. Otherwise, the bad guys win.