Since this video’s gotten a lot of attention recently, I decided to do a commentary for it through the subtitles (idea totally stolen from eggyolk2002 and his Infinity War video, which you should go watch if you haven’t) All of the dialogue before the first fight scene was actually written before I saw Infinity War That’s why Thor still has an eyepatch and Nakia shows up in the background This little Iron Man hologram thing is all animated in camera. I just used one of those transparent stud pieces w/ a clip on the back to make it look like it’s being projected in front of him I bought a $20 Jurassic World set just for that new Chris Pratt head Tried to make my voice sound gravelly for Dr. Strange but it came out sounding more like someone who’s been smoking for 30 years pizza time I never understood why LEGO made a taxi that sat only one person so this joke kinda makes fun of that I added that little dust effect last minute. I think it’s from or something Looking back, I made Thanos a little too evil in this video. I hadn’t seen the movie yet so I didn’t realize he was a more complex character and not just a generic bad guy who wanted to “kill all humans cuz they’re dumb and need a ruler” *cough* steppenwolf *cough* oof Thanos got hit with those generic insults I originally had Drax laugh hysterically after Star-Lord made fun of Thanos but I couldn’t laugh convincingly enough so I scrapped it You’ll notice you can’t see Thanos’ feet in a lot of shots. That’s because he’s not actually standing on studs, but flat plates I switched out underneath his feet to allow a wider range of movement. Otherwise he would just lift/lower his arm and twist his fists around all the time. My impression of Tom Holland is the only voice I find I can do somewhat convincingly. I don’t doubt RDJ actually feels this way These shots were super annoying. It took me like an hour to get them just right and it only lasts 2 seconds… This impression is disgusting. But that detached arm animation came out pretty great (it’s held up with silly putty and by some miracle you can’t see any of it in the shot) There’s a behind the scenes photo of this shot on my Instagram if you’re curious to see how I did it (it’s pretty obvious how it’s done but just keeping you in the loop) I thought this to myself when I originally saw that scene in the trailer I’ve definitely gotten the most comments about this joke. People either hated it or loved it. You’d think Rian Johnson wrote it Thanos just kinda gets the infinity gauntlet here for no reason. I don’t have a decent explanation for it so just go with it Black Panther’s mask coming on is the only masked shot in the whole video. I edited it entirely in GIMP which isn’t amazing but it does the job. Plus it’s free Final Cut Pro crashed like 5 times while I was editing all these camera moves. The finished sequence came out quite nice though Ah the Fornite reference. Stargmr did a pretty amazing job delivering this really dumb line. I actually recorded all of Star Lord’s lines myself then decided to find a voice actor for him after I realized how many similar sounding characters I played in the video. He did a much better job than I did. This is animated in camera with some maroon 1×1 flat tile pieces attached to Tony’s head for a couple tenths of a second This is the first video I put a midroll ad in and it’s for 2 reasons. 1) This video took like 4 months to write, animate and edit so I felt it qualified for an extra ad 2) It sort of becomes part of a joke after Deadpool delivers this line This part where the characters run at each other is inspired by Gotvideofilms’ Civil War video he made a while back Nobody will believe me when I say this but, in my original script for this video (written before I saw Infinity War) I made a joke where Spider-man called Ebony Maw Squidward. So when I saw the movie in theaters and Iron Man said my joke I was just sitting there shocked while everyone else burst into laughter. As Deadpool says later in the video, almost all the fighting is improvised. I had a general idea for where I wanted it to end up but I kinda just did it on the fly. Aunt May is here for no reason. This is all Okoye and Shuri do in the entire video. But hey, at least they got something. Can’t say the same for Mantis though… Yeah this took forever to edit This shot is a throwback to that Boba Fett video I made 2 years ago in the way I animated the bullets kicking up dirt There’s actually no masking in these shots. Just very careful camera placements Downloaded all those lightning effects off Footagecrate for free Boom roasted. Also it acknowledges the continuity error with Thor losing his eyepatch. Hooray! Like I mentioned earlier, the big figs are standing on flat tile pieces so they can move around more during these long dialogue scenes I have no idea why I did this voice for Cull Obsidian. I think I was just trying to sound as different as possible from cap, Tony, and dr. Strange who all sounded very similar I also made my voice deeper in audacity to sound more like Thanos. Don’t love the result but I don’t hate it either. This joke/reference wasn’t in the script, I actually thought of it on the spot. But it’s great because it meant I didn’t have to animate a complex sword fight between 3 figures. After rewatching this, I just realized this shot of Bucky flipping his knife is entirely useless. He never uses it again and I could’ve just cut to Falcon kicking Corvus Glaive. Ah well, it looks pretty neat I guess Couldn’t get a female voice actor in time so I just let Cap say this line which is actually spoken by Black Widow in the movie The original music for this fight worked a lot better but I didn’t want to risk getting copyrighted again It’s actually a sheer coincidence that the fire hydrant was there to be used in this fight scene. When I made the set I just put it there because I thought it looked good but it ended up coming in handy for booting war machine from this fight and leading into Dr. Strange Here’s the Rick and Morty portal sound effect. Gets used again later on This part is a reference to the battle in New York where Ebony Maw prevents Dr. Strange from using the time stone by twisting pipes around him. Didn’t have any flexible LEGO pipes though so I just used chains I actually just held my noise when I voiced Ebony Maw in this video. Pretty dumb but it goes along w/ the Squidward joke I guess RIP The original music here was the same track that played when Black Widow/Okoye show up in Wakanda and it worked much better but you know, copyright I was happy with the mix of in camera animation with the moving studs and the explosion VFX I got from footage crate. Came together a lot better than I expected I love how Stargmr said “baybeh” in this line. Funny stuff Like how vision shows up for no reason other than to kill Hawkeye I hesitated calling the black order “main bad guys” but the line sounded better that way so I kept it I edited this whole laser bouncing sequence while watching Parks and Rec at like 2 in the morning Thought it was funny that Hawkeye delivers the same(ish) line Quicksilver tells him in AOU after he saves his life. Also the sound effect for the hulkbuster falling over works really well IMO it’s Akashlegoproductions :O I went back and forth a lot on the phrasing of this line. It sounded confusing almost every time I rewrote it This is the only time you can see my custom built hammer for Cull Obsidian. I was quite happy w/ how it turned out but I ended up scrapping the fight scene where he would’ve used it Groot keychain (w/out the keychain) When you’re too lazy to animate a character transformation, just do it off camera and show someone else reacting to it. I did the same thing for hulk in an old video, I think it was Lego Avengers Part 1 Fun fact: Groot dabbing is reversed footage since it was easier to animate him standing back up He’s not wrong Pretty lazy writing having Loki give Thanos 4 Infinity stones out of nowhere but I don’t think anyone came here looking for a sensical plot line in a Lego parody of a mainstream superhero movie AGH, there’s an editing mistake here I can never unsee The space stone effect is a looped fireball I got from footagecrate. I just changed the color to blue and turned up the opacity (turned down the opacity? idk) Pretty complicated contract, I know If you look closely you can see Loki’s facial expression change for like 2 frames before Thanos kills him Kinda stole this joke from the movie but they stole my Ebony Maw squidward joke so now we’re even *character doesn’t respond to obvious signal cliché* Filming a fight between two big figs is very difficult. I rewatched Akashlegoproductions’ Hulk vs Thanos video a lot for inspiration. Also, fun fact: I filmed this entire fight scene on the fourth of July. If you don’t live in the US then this means nothing to you. *more generic footagecrate fx* never heard that joke before Rocket did something! Some of you were pretty dirty minded about this part in the comments. I don’t know why I didn’t expect it honestly… Rick and Morty sound effect *cue Star-Lord screwing everything up* This is my favorite fight in the video This is actually the same effect I used for Thor’s lightning, its just been turned sideways, had its color changed to purple and slowed down a ton in Final Cut Pro Added some gray cheese slopes to simulate rubble here. It happens so fast you might not have noticed them Used some more 1×1 flat marroon tiles to show Tony’s suit getting destroyed. Also switched out his right arm to show his shirt underneath his suit Sergeant Squeaky almost helps kill half the universe I think this joke was a little confusing. Even if you get it it’s still not very funny. Tony doesn’t seem to care he was just beaten half to death 30 seconds ago I had to add the facial hair reference in there I really hate this joke now. It makes me seem like some die hard Patriots fan who still hasn’t gotten over a game everyone else forgot about. Sadly couldn’t find a better way to reference the 14 million possible outcomes thing from the movie However I think this visual gag works pretty well. Don’t ask who stole his head and how they got the mind stone inside that box so fast because the answer is just my lazy writing. More generic bad guy monologuing This joke’s pretty dumb but I added it in last minute so I could give Thanos a reason to punch Sergeant Squeaky off screen. Also leads to a pretty great Wilhelm scream But how does a bug crawl into his ear if he’s wearing a helmet you ask? Well it’s quite simple really, if you read Ant-Man issue #54 you’ll find out there’s actually a special technology Hank Pym creates called plot convenience See what I did there? Akashlegoproductions again! There was actually an entirely different after credits scene where he was going to voice Nick Fury calling Captain Marvel but I cut it cause the dialogue wasn’t very funny and I came up with a better idea. I went out to buy the new Ant-Man and the Wasp set to get the updated Ant-Man figure but my Lego store was out of stock and it’s like an hour drive from my house so I gave in and just used the old one Silly me, thinking I could get this video out by July 6 Some people were mad that I sorta dissed Ant-Man and the Wasp here but I really wasn’t that excited about it, even after I saw the movie. The trailers gave away pretty much every cool scene in the movie Used a snap sound effect instead of the usual punch for obvious reasons All the voice actors in this video did a really great job. It helps a lot when my voicing ability is pretty trash to get some people who are actually good at it Literally the only reason this joke is here is because it timed up with the music really well Had to switch out the newspaper here with the “everyman” comic otherwise it would spoil the joke of Ant-Man being the greatest hero early or it would be inconsistent by showing a different picture (if that makes any sense to you at all) Ant-Man’s helmet actually prevented me from pushing his head all the way down because he was wearing the medal. It’s barely noticeable for its couple seconds of screen time though Thanks for reading this thing. Hope I didn’t waste too much of your time with my stupid rambling