enough is enough we cannot take it anymore people bow buckyball out seat booster bachina I see if you have killed someone today not only ICF but the railway boat to wake up ICF wake up today at 6:42 p.m. the newly inaugurated second ICF made our ache numbered as mr 4:02 entered Park Street metro station as usual the doors open and the passengers boarded and he boarded then comes a man he was boarding the train when the doors suddenly closed in these types of cases when the doors are obstructed by something unwanted sensors attached to the doors make them reopen and remove the object but in this case the sensors did not work because of this the tours did not reopen and the train departed as the train accelerated it dragged the man into the tunnel with his hand stuck inside and with his body hanging out he collided with railings in between the tunnel and the platform and fell on the tracks now some sources say that he was electrocuted as he came with the contact with the third rail nobody not even the driver of the guard or even the passengers were notified he was then taken to hospital where he was declared dead now who is responsible of course its ICF you cannot blame the Metro Railway for this accident this incident happened because of the malfunctioning of tor sensors and Metro Railway has nothing to do with it as Kolkata Metro is governed by the Ministry of Railways it doesn't have any independence to take its decisions the railway board without any global tenders directly orders the ICF to make the rig for Kolkata the ICF manufactures world-class rakes for Indian Railways but it cannot make metros then also ICF is given the orders the Metro Rail Authority has repeatedly complained to the Railway Board about ICF made rx they have repeatedly asked the marae Railway Board not to send I save me that x2 Kolkata Metro but Railway Board doesn't care at all now that the ICF has killed the man with their snags something big is going to let us tell you that the fourth and fifth media rakes are so bad that the Metro has sent them back to ICF Jenny why because it is impossible for them to fix the glitches in Kolkata complaints regarding malfunctioning of doors water leakages from EC and even the electronic and electrical paths are not new they have been reported by Metro railways since 2017 when they came although the driver and the guard has been suspended after this accident this has nothing to do with Metro Railway are personal sources and even the Metro Railway claim that the entire incident happened due to failure of door sensors so please do not blame Kolkata Metro the train accelerated so quickly that even the on-duty RPF could not save the man from falling on the tracks yeah really vodka way somehow ICF cannot make metros it's a humble request to Railway Board please Indian Railways if you have any Humanity in you if you have any feelings please ask ICF to stop making metros for Kolkata instead make a global tender because it's a question of passenger safety not cost as Kisuke jauntily hey I save give as I say subscribe to this channel if you want actually it does not matter whether you subscribe or not but please share this video at least so that it reaches to Railway Board enough is enough have a day but this day will not be nice to any one of us