welcome back in today’s video we will be
talking about the Hong Kong protests Japan’s being hit with some crazy
weather it’s just it’s never heard anything it’s it’s a series of just what
feels like bad luck also Hey yup the mukbang youtuber has
finally uploaded again since the controversy where may or may not have
been kidnapped all that and more as the RIP reports whoops I’m sure you’ve heard
about the protests in Hong Kong and the hearthstone player that was treated
unfairly when he stood up for what he believed in by the company the gaming
company known as Blizzard but what are the protests about let’s look into that
I’m new to this topic it might get some things wrong as far as political
correctness feel free to educate me in the comments below if this is the case
I’m hoping I’d do it justice I did feel it important to raise some awareness
about this topic I really feel for the things that are going on over there and
hope that everything gets sorted out there’s a divide going on in Hong Kong
right now where a lot of people mostly younger people feel like they cannot
trust their government this stems from a policy called one country two systems
and basically it means Hong Kong is its own thing aside from mainland China
Haitians have become so stressed in Hong Kong that people call themselves Hong
Kongers and they sort of set themself apart from people from mainland China
and generally the two groups just do not get along it’s become so divisive that
Hong Kongers look at mainland China people as different and this is
constitute become aggressive in the streets now Hongkongers are very
passionate in wanting liberty in just generally western-style liberal
democracy but the current policy puts limitations upon this happening and this
very fact has caused major distrust between Hong Kongers and their
government in April and extradition bill was introduced and it meant that if you
caught criminal charges in Hong Kong you could be extradited to mainland China
and of course this is something that the Hong Kong Rouge didn’t want to happen
because they felt like just because the aggression between the two groups it
would cause for unfair trials and generally just violent treatment in the
jails and I could completely understand why they would feel this way they also
feared it would give China a greater influence over Hong Kong as China is
currently governed under the political system of communism which basically
means they want to create equality by getting rid of private landownership
which doesn’t sound very good either because I wouldn’t want anybody telling
me what to do either hundreds of thousands of people took to
the streets to protest and these protests escalated and become
increasingly more violent and aggressive but even though the bill was withdrawn
in September the protests are still ongoing now my belief behind this is
because the bill was just a underlying issue the protesters won a few things
and they’ve been changing over the weeks withdrawal of riot description used
about the protests amnesty for all arrested protesters and independent
inquiry into alleged police brutality universal suffrage of Elections to the
chief executive and legislative council Hong Kong’s Parliament currently China
has condemned the protests as behavior close to terrorism now this is obviously
signs that things are gonna get worse before they get better but it’s gonna
give you a better understanding of why video game company Blizzard the actions
of them why they seem so shady if you’re unfamiliar Blizzard
Entertainment Inc is an American video game developer and publisher based in
Irvine California and it’s a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard now one thing to
note is they have strong ties to China and that’s a big influence probably on
the decision as you’ll see you can see some of the major games they’ve created
his World of Warcraft overwatch in hearthstone we’re gonna focus here on
hearthstone as one of their professional players was at the center of all this
controversy you see one of the heart stones of professional players known as
blitz Chun was banned from the grandmasters tournament because
they express support for the Hong Kong protesters the severity of the
punishment showed that bliss Chung was suspended for not following the rules
but more because of Blizzard’s relationships with the Chinese markets
corporations and political agendas it’s not ethically right in Blizzard went
full damage control releasing a statement so basically in blizzards
American statement they said that bliss Chung broke some rules the rule was that
if it offends a portion or group of public they said that bliss Chiang is
removed from the Grand Master’s and will receive no prizing for Grand Master’s
season two additionally blitz Chung is ineligible to participate in harsh porn
eSports for twelve months this was changed to six months
most recently but I do want to show you how the American version statement
differs from the one released in China on China social media they said we are
very angered and disappointed at what happened at the event and do not condone
it in any way we also highly object the spreading of personal political beliefs
in this manner effective immediately we’ve banned the contestant from events
and terminated work with the broadcaster’s we will always respect and
defend the pride of our country clearly this is absolutely one hundred-percent
contradicting from the American social media post and this really comes off as
making Blizzard look dishonest they’ve been boycotted the ten different
ways from Sunday and this is what we call lying to save face but I wonder
what you guys think about this let me know also in the news currently right
now Japan is having some very very crazy
issues all forces of nature there’s a humongous typhoon I can’t pronounce it’s
hot what that word is but I do want to show you what they’re facing now this typhoon is absolutely huge some
saying one of the biggest of the century to make things worse there was
reportedly a 5.7 earthquake that just rocked Japan while the typhoon was
hitting them I made a tweet saying let’s send them
some rape squad bobs of positivity and I want to say that in the video too
let’s send everybody in Japan nothing but positive vibes one of my rip
squad members said thanks trip it’s been a crazy day tornadoes in Chiba magnitude
4 earthquake and even a volcano eruption and that all happened today
she said luckily she’s in a safe spot they’ve had a typhoon an earthquake in a
volcanic eruption that’s crazy the last thing I want to report on is a yup the
mukbang youtuber that was there was speculation that she was kidnapped and
she was held against her will I did a whole video on that it’s very insightful
I’m gonna put it the description below so you guys can check that out
she finally uploaded again in this video she’s got like a whole octopus which is
insane she eats massive amounts of food and in the description she says I love
you all even you haters no worries don’t forget
you I want to bring your attention to some of the comments here many people
still calling for a face reveal and one of the things that uncovered on this
topic in the last video on this is it was revealed that there was a cup with a
logo I down the logo in the logo went to an escape room escape room was this like
a thing where groups of people go and they have fun they try to there’s
different scenarios that where you try to figure out puzzles to get out faster
than faster time than another person and you do it in groups I did check this out
and one of the scenarios is being kidnapped that’s not a joke
so it just makes me wonder two and two together here and it paired with some
other information that I found out about this topic you might want to check that
video out other than that that’s really all I have there’s not a lot to update
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