Whitehouse social media summit today what the hell is gonna be done about big tech silencing people that's what I want to find out today because they're actually not just silencing people they are inciting the mob to go after our lives you saw what they did to Paul Joseph Watson and the other people who they deemed dangerous Facebook they're saying it is okay to threaten the lives of the dangerous people which is of course people they don't like which is of course conservatives so we need to solve this before all-out war breaks out screw war in Iran I want war with Silicon Valley legal war of course but you know we're not trying to we're not trying to kill anybody we're not trying to kill anybody but they are they're out there trying to kill us with their and Tifa merchants but we don't like to fight back we don't like to fight back even legislatively that's got to change and so we'll talk about that we'll talk about we'll talk about the little black mermaid who the left is trying to manufacture a racist right-wing outrage storm over even though no one's actually upset about it you know that's how they drum up strife that is how they drum up racial tensions and that is how they keep their party remotely relevant so I'm extremely honored and excited to have been invited to the White House for this social media summit I'm leaving for the summit right after we taped this so it will probably have already happened by the time you watch this video but don't worry we're gonna talk about issues that have longevity we're gonna talk about issues that aren't stale after the summit is over because that would be bad content that would be awful content and we don't do bad content here we do world-class content but the social media fight is just getting started first though I want to tell you how to keep your humble abode safe from the filthy internet thieves by telling you a better sponsor home title lock so you know those annoying robo calls that you get you know there's a ones that are saying you're pre-approved for credit cards or or loans be careful cuz these could actually be scammers trying to steal your home's title you know I don't even answer I don't even answer unknown numbers anymore I see an 800 number and I'm number that look like your own number you ever get those it's like your phone number except one number off but what is oh this must be me calling myself I bet it's important no don't fall for any scams but go one step further protect yourself online your homes title and mortgage records there online and when a data breach occurs that it's that Sall exposed to thieves and the risk of home title fraud skyrockets and so these thieves they come they Forge your documents stating oh yes well yesterday mr. and mrs. 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look some sensor doors been like we welcome to the club we're all being censored that's the problem that's why we're here but we need to come up with actual solutions you know what I've been censored of course you have be glad you haven't been banned I mean there are a lot of people who have been banned who are not gonna be at the summit Ben garrison cartoonist who was disinvited because of a cartoon with an anti George Soros an anti George Soros cartoon I mean if you call if you can't call out George Soros if you can't say anything bad about those people without being kicked out I think it proves his point a little bit but I'm very honored to be going I think we can have I think we can have a productive conversation you know they have a lot of people who aren't coming the thing is this thing is already out raging the media and the left and the political class and you know that's already without the more controversial names attending so you know I get I get that there's only so far you can push it progressives they understand that we don't understand that progressives understand you can't go full-blown crazy out the gate you know they start they start with liberalism and then they go to democratic socialism and then they go to socialism full-on socialism then they go to communism and then they're beating people up in the streets and throwing them into gulags so that no one's there to stop them from raping your kids that's the left you know we're just trying to return some sanity to the country but this event already has the left in a tizzy it's already causing outrage it's being called a bigotry circus the White House social media summit is already a bigotry circus want to know why because people like you know extremists like James O'Keefe extremists like Matt Gaetz extremists like Marsha Blackburn ha there gonna be there you know the extremists oh no not not charlie Kirk oh no not the Heritage Foundation you know the usual white nationalists you know they're almost as upset about that as they are about the fact that social media companies who are trying to ban us aren't attending oh I wonder why quote meanwhile the White House did not invite representatives from Facebook Twitter YouTube or Google yeah no crap why would why would they invite them we're trying to fight them you don't invite your opponent to your to your operational and tactical planning meetings you know the Union didn't invite the Confederacy to here well here's what we're going to be doing we're going to fully block it all all southern coasts and then we're gonna take control of the Mississippi River and then we're gonna blah blah blah blah blah no you surprised them DJ that was a smashing success because the Nazi scum didn't know what was coming Facebook is not gonna know what's coming when we come after them and we are coming after you because no one gets in the way of Americans and their Bill of Rights and yes I'm using war references because Facebook they already started the war you know they issued this new policy that says it's acceptable to post death threats to incite violence against people they don't like people like Paul Joseph Watson they said in their community standards that you cannot post calls for high severity violence unless unless the target is an organization or individual we don't like they say covered in the dangerous individuals and organizations policy well who is that who is that who is Facebook deemed dangerous you know who that is that's Paul Joseph Watson that's Laura Loomer that's Gavin McGinnis that's a mile innopolis so they basically said it is okay to threaten these people with death because to them espousing conservative ideas is not okay and then they have the audacity to pretend that oh we're not political know your political and we are taking you down you know they've removed that call but that means someone at Facebook they had to go in there and intentionally add that caveat that caveat that endangers the safety of people they disagree with which means they are literally trying to wage war on us so how do we fight back what do we do well that's what this summits gonna try to figure out I hope you know we've got Josh Holly he's got a decent bill on fighting big tech his bill it would it would end the legal liability safe harbor that Congress they gave big tech companies in 1996 this safe harbor gives them complete exemption from traditional publisher liabilities you know if you're a publisher you are liable for the content you put out there but big tech doesn't have that but if they don't have that it should be that in exchange they have to provide a form free of political censorship which is obviously not happening right now you know you should either be liable for the content that you selectively publish and they are selectively publishing stuff right now they are censoring people they don't like or you have to keep your immunity by providing an actual public forum free of censorship and so to keep that immunity they would have to demonstrate that they are not engaging in politically motivated censorship which they are and they would have to disclose they don't have to prove that by disclosing their algorithms of course we all know they are we all know they are and that's that's why they haven't shown their algorithms my problem with the with this approach is that we know these companies lie we know they're liars that's been evident that s– evidenced by the fact that they say they say we're not engaging in political censorship they lie to our face and they say that when it is clear to everyone else that they are so what's this what's to stop them from showing you know please disclose your algorithms what's to stop them from disclosing an algorithm that they don't actually use the other problem is you know I'm not actually convinced it's an algorithm that is banning these people you know I think it's some I think it's some millennial loser in one of these Silicon Valley offices saying this person you know some hippie chick in Silicon Valley some hipster some liberal loser you know an algorithm was an algorithm an algorithm didn't you know happen to catch something in Gavin McInnes his tweets or Laura's tweets or milos or PJ doves or Tommy's feed and flag it is objectionable now that was that was an individual or a group of individuals who don't like them that's what I believe you know that that's why they can never explain to these people why they were banned or what the objectionable content was it wasn't actual content they don't like those people because the ideas they espouse you know they face J they just say oh we banned you because you're dangerous you know if it was an algorithm that banned these people it would be very easy to show well here's what our algorithm flag does ban worthy so making them making these companies disclose their algorithm I don't know if that's gonna solve it if you've got human beings pointing to these people and saying you know this this is who has to go algorithm is not going to catch that so the other alternative is what they've been floating over at human events will Chamberlain has which is demanding access to these platforms as a civil right and therefore granting users a legal option to demand they be re platformed if they get booted from these platforms you know the problem here is accomplishing this would probably be much more difficult because it involves the whole process how do you actually just demand a sub I mean the left does it all the time demanding civil rights you'd have to demand it as a civil right but then you've got to deal with the courts and we all know the courts are left and they take forever but I think this is what needs to happen because you know I don't want an algorithm I want to see all of these people back I want them to be able to say what they feel I want them to say what they believe you know hell I even want Farrakhan back you know I don't want I don't want the victory to be oh we got a we got a disclose algorithm no I want the victory to be we see justice restored to the people that were smeared and then deprived of their constitutional right to speak their minds all right is there anyone actually outraged over the little black mermaid or is it just the left making stuff up again of course of course it's them making stuff up you know Disney they cast this girl Halle Bailey to play Ariel in their remake of the Little Mermaid and I simply do not know a single person who saw this girl and said what what we know we're we can't have this young girl as a mermaid so you know I want to know who's actually outraged let me know if you're outraged let me know in the comment section if you're legitimately furious about this casting decision and you know and not just like okay okay Disney trying to be woke again trying to capitalize on woke but I mean like blood-boiling feel like you could spit outrage because that's what liberal outlets are trying to say that's what they're trying to say the Conservatives reaction to this has been and I just don't I just don't see it you know it's one thing James Bond remember that it's one thing you make James Bond a black guy because James Bond is not black but Arielle is a cartoon you know James Bond is written as he's written in the novel's as a British white guy and so you know that's how we've known him in all of the movies so you know you can't just be like hey guys he isn't now black you know when they make Hermione from Harry Potter you know they turned her into an old black woman all of a sudden you know it's just like why you know we've had an image of what this character is supposed to look like for many many years and they've done many many movies and they just change it but you know the Little Mermaid was a cartoon with flaming red hair you know it's not a real film but you know this is not like there's no outrage over this partially because this is not exactly a film that you know I'm running to theaters to see but it doesn't it doesn't doesn't really bothered me or anyone I've encountered and I scourged the internet I tried to find all the outrage I couldn't find it and yet the media is making it seem like there are all these right-wing racists out there who are so angry about black Little Mermaid The Washington compost wrote some garbage about the white nostalgia fueling little black mermaid backlash you know be et they're saying racists are big mad that big mad writes these articles racists are big mad a black girl is playing Ariel in the Little Mermaid who is that mad no one's mad about this no one cares about this you know what I'm big mad about when lefty organizations drum up racial tension for no reason by citing a few tweets from what look like fake accounts to manufacture outrage among their own people who are you know dumb enough to fall for it it's bad for the country it's not good for us because you know what happens you've got you've got knuckleheads out there who will actually go and read the headline and they're actually gonna think wow my country is full of racists who hate black people you know of course these people aren't very smart but we still have to put up with them they still live here we still have to deal with them when they spend two years crying over an election because liberal media told them it means that most of their country is secretly really really racist it's unnecessary we've got enough problems without making up stuff and if you actually if you actually go you actually research the people this B et article uses to back up their claim that the right is furious about this you find out that they're citing fake accounts literally a few Twitter BOTS like this guy oh this guy this guy represents all conservatives this guy was a meme as his avatar that's a meme and two tweets in his account this is not a real person this is a bot and even so they just have five examples they are actually more examples of people responding to the fake backlash than they do of actual outrage even the actual Nazis even the actual Nazis the people at the Daily stormer even they are an outrage believe me I scrolled through their hate-filled website and all they had were some nasty memes and a man attitude about black Little Mermaid you know Nazis are saying met over this no-one's outraged no one cares you know of course the thing that the thing that does bother me is that the whole reason Disney cast a black little mermaid is because you know that's the thing right now that's what's in vogue and Disney they love their money and it's easy to cash in on the wool crowd you know let's cast a black girl because that's what's popular right now that's what bothers me I mean fine ie they're a business they're a private company you know you're a business you're whatever you're a business make your money but don't do it at the expense of the country you know it's it's pathetic and anytime you see all this outrage over a new movie you know it's just an advertising gimmick another example of Hollywood using outrage to drive ticket sales is this is this new Terminator movie you know it has a female robot in it huh the rights gonna be outraged over that the misogynist are gonna be outraged apparently the director Tim Miller thinks that quote this will scare the blank out of misogynist really what does he what is he actually even talking about everyone who was even semi pop-culture illiterate knows Terminator has always had a female main character Sarah Connor is the main character there's no outrage over that I mean there's not even outrage from the bots on this one that Tim Miller just made that up he's referring to literally no one I mean what it really sounds like to me is that he's just scared that the movie will tank so he has to find something other than himself to blame it on it is complete bull you know what people don't want they don't want endless reboots of recycled material that's what they don't want this is gonna be the sixth Terminator movie you know three four and five were flops I didn't actually even know there was a four and five and so rather than getting creative and coming up with new ideas to entertain their audiences Hollywood's gonna spoon feed you garbage and then blame others when you don't like it these entertainment overlords they've lost complete sight of their mission which is to entertain I mean aren't movies supposed to be fun hey Hollywood how about you stop doing your best to pit us against each other and instead put that energy into some new ideas you