so basically we got we were able to get in contact with the governor's office and we were able to reach out to him and ask him to do something for our movement here at Pennington basically what he said was that you know thank you so much for everyone gathering it's really important that we do this as students and as the youth of America it's important for us to attend every once in a while and you know as as he said it's it's just important you know Arkel message was that we came together as a unified person really and she heard a message yeah we were glad because it is obviously a walkout to ask for change within the laws and him being a big political figure we were glad to have his support and what we were doing and see that hopefully he's gonna be one of those people that tries to change it's time to say enough I mean we've seen this too many times and it turns into a hashtag it turns into whatever it dies it literally happens people mourn it it goes away and it's enough it's happening too many times that we watch it and we cannot let it go away this time you