Can you believe its come down to this? A white aussie guy coming out to rap diss? For MSF, call me Chewie or Chris
All I really want is to hashtag fix this And stop the spending cos we Striking in Force
No dropping cash, only free power cores Keep screaming till our voices are hoarse
Show the devs we’re not their kind of whores What we want is for the game to finally be
Not so all dependant on the god damn RNG It’s our intention
To get progression and not to mention That its hard to make a Marvel game that gives
us a de-rection Fix red stars though,
That’s a start bro. Stop sneaking things into the base code
Apologise so much its ironic though
That the head of PR’s name: Sorry-bro Its not his fault that we’re always vexed. It’s the guys out the front who only care
‘bout the cheques The money men tryna see who sucks best
While we’re all asking: what the Fucks Next? So wake up folks
Its time to rise and shine Join the movement
Get your ass on the picket line After all, I think the big guy said it fine
You know what its time for? It’s Strike Time So you might be asking whats left, where do
we go from here? We keep fighting until we see that gold and
orange gear Maybe some changes to character release cadence,
Hopefully they respond before the people lose their patience And as for the con-voys who think we act entitled
“be happy with what you have or go and play another title. You need a better perspective, over here we
have it great!” Sorry boys I’m out, I’ve seen less dicks on
Chaturbate. Ill admit that line was a bit disrespectful
More fun for me than in anyway helpful You see its really hard for me, to not get
inflammatory, Toward a system that’s built to be so predatory But don’t worry, I’m about to lay off of
those Foxes I’m not here to lecture you about loot boxes
For now at least, we’re seeing more communication Lets hope it stays and not a single situation I’ll sign off by saying I hope we work together
Cos both sides just want the game to be better That’s it folks, this will be my final line But this ain’t over: It’s Strike Time.