Hi, everybody! David Dilling here for
Markzware. And, today, we’re going to introduce you to a new version of our IDMarkz, the standalone app for InDesign users and viewers, alike. As you’ll see, IDMarkz has a bunch of fixes, but most importantly is the ability to share. The
ability to share from the File menu is one of the great additions that we’re
going to show you of this version 1.4.8. IDMarkz is a new tool, just recently out, that will allow you to, not only preview, but also export and convert your
InDesign file. So, not only IDML, but other DTP formats, as well. So, let’s go
check it out. Alright. So, IDMarkz is really cool. I can take any InDesign file and drop on IDMarkz and I get a preview of the
document. So, very handy, if I don’t have InDesign, or even if I do, to get a
preview of what is inside that file, before I kick it open, before I open it up. Now, there might be parts of this document you want to reuse or, for instance, you just want to take just this page and share it with a colleague. Well, now, with the new
feature, you can do Control-click and do a Share or, of course, you can also
do File>Share. And you can now share that out, not only as an entire IDML or what have you, but you can actually share an image for somebody, like, well, just AirDrop it over to them. So, when I accept it on this machine, here, you see on my iPhone, I then get that. I get that image, right now, on my iPhone, right from
this InDesign document, right into my iPhone, with a click, in mere seconds. Of
course, you could also do, like, well, I want to do an actual file share on
Twitter, which I have as a Share menu item extension, on my Macintosh OS
Catalina, here. And, if I click that, I can now, say, a page from the Markzware blah, blah, blah,
PDF2DTP testimonials. This is an IDMarkz live demo on YouTube.
So, this is not a live Tweet. I can tag it, etc., etc. And, when I click Tweet, it actually goes out to the world. I just greatly automated my social media workflow, by taking an
InDesign file and stripping out one segment, one page of it, with a click, and
sharing it to all of my followers. So, this is a very cool way to, not only
preview InDesign files, but also share segments of them, and do much more. As
many people know, IDMarkz will export the entire document as IDML, PDF, or as
individual image files, per page. So, it’s very easy to preview any InDesign document and do various things, in addition to what you just saw. You can also share out to other DTP applications, like Affinity Publisher or QuarkXPress or even throw it open into Acrobat! Very handy if you want to do some Annotations and use them in InDesign, in this instance. It’s also supported.
So, a very cool way to transform your InDesign documents into
other formats, with a click. Very, very simple. And the new “Share” feature makes it very easy to share, in various ways, methods, and what-have-you. For instance, you can even send off an email. They get the text and everything, ready to
go. So, it’s a new version of IDMarkz. If you need more information, cruise on over to markzware.com today. There, you get the full information on IDMarkz. We look forward to helping you. And for existing users, it’s a free download. Just go to your personalized URL, the download url you got with the order. Visit that. You’ll have the latest version to download. Alright, everybody, thank you.
David Dilling for Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day!