hey everyone dr. Nick Delgado here I’m
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improve the quality your skin the reason I
mentioned skin is because our number one selling product in the world today
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I wrote this special book simply healthy cookbook with all the best recipes so
not as not only does this recipe book containing the very recipes that will
help to clear up your skin they include the recipes that help to reverse
cardiovascular disease because it is again the number one killer and
cardiovascular disease relates to a few different factors and we’re gonna teach
you these four different factors that relate to your overall cardiovascular
health you’re gonna learn about how that works and I just want to take a moment
to bring you two to that concept of ideal circulation and we’re going to
teach you about what we call immortal peptides peptides are part of the
peptide proteins that is their small proteins and that would include human
growth hormone which is considered a peptide we know that testosterone
obviously is a very potent hormone as is insulin and so what we want to do is
teach you the ways to stabilize your blood chemistry and improve the strength
of your heart Arnold Schwarzenegger himself has recently come out publicly
in the game-changer if you see that movie please go to Netflix and see it
because he’s talking about after his scare regarding cardiovascular
disease now apparently he didn’t have a heart attack but he had signs and the
presence after being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease so his friend
Franco Columbu who died just this last month is tragic but the reality is that
the way of eating the average American consumes food in quantities of eggs meat
cheese and dairy product is very problematic but I’m going to teach you
certain hormones certain things that will help to improve your immune system
to take you on to that next level because the benefits of growth hormone
and peptides is that it does improve those organs and the strength of the
heart and the overall vascular system this is very important because
cardiovascular disease as I mentioned the number one killer and
we do have on special product called grow muscle and burn fat this products
available at the website it’s also known as beat vitality and the original
Delgado protocol website and this product not only helps to improve
function of the heart it helps with the quality of dreams sleep it helps to
improve stamina and energy optimistic attitude increased muscle tone tone
better skin better nails better digestion and enhance sexual function
also I might add it helps to slow and reverse the wrinkles that we all tend to
be at risk for as we age it’s inevitable right but we can slow that process down
and we can reduce our body fat improve our flexibility improve our mental focus
all with the special product and go to our website and you can get a special on
that and if you tuned in to this broadcast and continue with us we’re
gonna share with you step by step how to balance your hormones how to live a
longer better quality life and probably the most important hormone of all them
is what’s called adrenal adrenal dmg adrenal glands control the rate at which
the adrenaline the rate at which insulin in select growth factor a number of very
important critical hormones corticosteroids if you will along with
the release of the overall quality of life sustaining your energy and your
feeling a well-being and also helping to control your appetite what about your
immune system also the adrenals and the release of cortisol preserves the rate
at which your body builds a defense against invaders so if we consider the
incidence of liver cirrhosis it doesn’t just come from alcohol cirrhosis liver
can be caused by toxic drugs by food additives by addictions to food
overeating and certainly the flu the symptom of the flu now with the cold
seasons during the holidays many people get colds and flus but it’s not always
because of cold weather oftentimes the flu comes about because the immune
system becomes depressed and your adrenals are not producing a
enough korzel to be a front line of defense and what about fatigue chronic
fatigue could be the worst but fatigue itself also relates to the production of
these various hormones that I’m mentioning that are produced by the
adrenal glands if you’re concerned about fatty liver that relates to the lipids
and fat build-up and the lipids circulating your blood also known as
triglycerides can be controlled and managed and we have this product as I
mentioned adrenal dmg along with the product insulin stability so let’s go a
little bit further what about the ever-increasing rate of estrogen
dominance why do men develop such a high incidence of estrogen dominance in a
culture that is dominated by meat and dairy product and you can see exactly
why because the meat and dairy product is loaded with estrogen men have 20:20
that is 50% as much estrogen or more than women by the age of 50 that is then
a woman who’s menstruating at age 22 and so of course men starts to develop man
boobs they get the belly they get fat visceral fat and they’re in their gut
it’s an ongoing problem and I remember when mike tyson’s doctor called me and I
could hear Mike Tyson in the background and they had heard about the fact that I
had created a product that helps to clear out harmful estrogens we call
obviously ester block and hormonal cleanse Pro which is the newest version
is available at our website and you can really learn how dim itself is equal to
2 pounds of cruciferous vegetables a day so Mike Tyson himself has converted over
to a plant-based whole food diet the heavyweight champion of the world
getting his protein from vegetables and fruit and rice and beans you don’t have
to eat animal product to get a quality protein that’s an amazing comment right
that some of the top athletes in history are elsewhere shaker Mike Tyson many of
the UFC fighters are converting over to plant-based whole food eating so I want
you to be aware that whether it be acne obesity or coronary heart disease your
goal is to balance out your hormones and certain herbs within the supple
approaches are the top-of-the-line that really target these
imbalances with insulin with estrogen levels and testosterone levels so that’s
part of the the battle or the control to get these really good results I I’d like
to say also the importance of sleep that controls your overall hormonal
production and are you getting enough quality sleep do you have difficulty
sleeping and would it be helpful if we just simply not only use melatonin but
it’s probably best to look at what you’re nitric oxide level are and the
nitric oxide levels are determined by the amount of beats and green vegetables
that you eat and that’s why we created a product that has what we call beef
vitality in the muscle and burn fat the grow muscle burn fat product it makes a
huge difference in this category so when we’re looking at the quality of sleep
the quality of your hormonal levels as I mentioned a number of world-class
athletes that I’ve worked with like Frank Mir I’ve met Randy Couture but
Frank himself came to me and wanting to go on a plant-based whole food diet and
I taught him some of the specifics I only had one meeting with him and his
wife and she paid careful attention and took notes and he started following it
for a while and then I don’t think he quite stuck with it Randy Couture I
talked to him about an alkaline diet that he tends to follow but you know
it’s tough because when you see people when they travel and they’re athletes
but it’s their way of life you’ve got to really make a commitment if you’re going
to make a difference and Danny I don’t see the live stream on this if you can
just refresh this just take a look please because that was part of one of
the things we wanted to do can you show me where it’s at I okay
so that being said we we certainly you know have to look at how how do we get
the right whole natural foods and with that interest in mind I wrote the book
simply healthy cookbook along with stay young and here are over 150 different
whole food recipes made are free of cholesterol free of the
clogging artery factors and also keeping your blood circulation at its all-time
best and keep in mind that all vegetables are really good for you but
some vegetables are even lower in calories and help you to lose weight
more effectively in fact this category of vegetables cabbage tomatoes asparagus
water chestnuts have only twenty to forty calories per cup in other words
you could eat ten cups in a serving in a meal and you’d barely be getting 200 to
400 calories so you’ll easily be under 1200 calories in a day if you focus on
these particular vegetables but I have to say look at the fat content every
kind of vegetable has fat protein and carbohydrates it’s a myth when they say
don’t eat your carbs eat your fat eat your protein the vegetables are
perfectly balanced rich with water chestnuts artichokes look at asparagus
extremely rich not only in complex carbohydrate but in protein that’s the
middle category they’re showing it has nearly 38% protein in asparagus it has
less than 10% fat you look at squash with about 28% protein and less than 7%
fat and over 65% complex carbohydrates tomatoes mushrooms cabbage are all
excellent they all contain no cholesterol keep in mind if a food is
grown had roots could wiggle or could move and eat type during his life it has
cholesterol if it has roots and it grew there’s no cholesterol it may have fat
but there’s definitely no cholesterol so vegetables make up for an a very
important array and what about fruit everyone thinks that fruit is bad
because it’s sweet well fruit is so good for you
look at the cherries and pears have a certain amount of protein in them let’s
say it’s averaging about 3 to 5 percent protein and you can see that the that is
the fat content is extremely low on cherries and pears and strawberries
which is really good news and the cantaloupe has very low fat content
under 5% fat and notice that they all have a rich amount of what’s called
complex carbohydrates although fruit some people call them simple
carbohydrates they’re not I mean they still have 5
it takes a few minutes for it to absorb it two calories per minute and more
importantly fruit has polyphenols so if polyphenols are going to stabilize
the blood sugar and insulin cherries peaches pears pineapple strawberry
watermelon cantaloupe you choose it all the fruit is good for to you it contains
no cholesterol whatsoever and I would like to encourage you to learn about the
low density foods learn about the foods that per 100 grams that’s say about 3
ounces there’s 20 to 40 calories in various vegetables as they’re listed the
fruit has 20 to 60 calories the mango bananas persimmon potatoes
leeks corn have about 60 to 120 calories and I want to mention that brown rice
and beans have about 120 to 140 5 calories along with yams and the foods
that have the most calories somewhere between 160 and 600 calories those
individual foods dates olives avocados nuts seeds coconut almond those are the
richest caloric density of all the various foods hey Danny can you come
over and grab this a second so just keep in mind then even bananas apples and
oranges grapes avocados and olives they’re all very good for you they
contain no cholesterol but remember avocados and olives are a potent source
of fat but it is the omegas the essential fatty acids are so good for
you what about high fat protein foods be careful this is where you got to draw
the line if you’re gonna have a healthy heart and circulation minimize the
amount of animal product it’s mostly it’s mostly going to create problems and
don’t forget olives olive oil sugar nuts and seeds they’re all very high in
calories so you’re gonna get all the protein you need from fruits vegetables
beans and peas and remember that meat and poultry
don’t forget chicken is this high in cholesterol red meat see the white line
there that shows the cholesterol content it’s about sixty eight milligrams
cholesterol flank steak sirloin steak and duck and goose all of these things
have quite a concentration look at cheese eggs she
eggs look at the cholesterol content you see that white line 120 milligrams in
the egg yolk 1500 milligrams per that particular quantity how could it have so
much cholesterol because eggs along with liver and brains are the highest source
of cholesterol known on the planet and you don’t want to take in that much
cholesterol some people eat that much cholesterol on egg every day for seven
days that’s like almost 1500 milligrams of cholesterol day so wonder why so many
people have coronary heart disease now I know for myself I wasn’t always fit I
used to weigh over 205 pounds I was clinically obese and yet I’ve reduced
down to 169 pounds and I’ve kept my weight down for 40 years I stay at about
five to 11 percent body fat my blood pressure is excellent certainly at one
point I had high blood pressure and I had suffered at EIA or stroke hormone
imbalance high protein diets not for me I keep my levels balanced here’s a
picture what it looked like when I was 22 age 23 and here’s when I was 63 all
being well understood that the way you live is critical and I’m gonna teach you
the four steps I’m gonna teach you how I broke the world strength endurance
record curl and pressing more weight than any man in history I did more curls
at one hour except for one man in the world and here’s some of the UFC
fighters Rampage Jackson that I work with some other gentleman that I met
with showing one of my early books I wrote strong joints forever and it’s
really fun because the power of the mind makes a big deal on all of this and what
I mean by the power of the mind is 97% of all decisions are made at the
unconscious level and we know that if you can start making more conscious
decisions and just keep your mind on track you’re gonna get far better
results and you’re going to be able to resist eating that cake you’re gonna
resist eating the greasy fatty sugary foods and you’re gonna be able to eat on
a more consistent basis whole natural fresh food it is a struggle but we honor
you on that struggle we know others may fail but you’re going to win and I have
a special machine at my office it’s P EMF it’s a Beamer it’s a pulse
electromagnetic frequency it enhances the immune system I’m going to cut away
to that here a second let me see if if I can show you the the Beamer here in the
corner there hold on let me there it is there’s the Beamer it’s an at my office
in Costa Mesa I have a special massage table and all you have to do is lay on
the Beamer we push the button and it sends a pulse electromagnetic frequency
this will dramatically improve your circulation it’ll improve your blood
flow it improves Fitness reduces stress it’s good for children with autism I
actually helped a family with the son who was suffering from a self-inflicting
behavior where he was hitting himself and very problematic with his overall
well-being this will help you with better sleep I can tell you for a fact I
use it each day and it’s making a big difference in my health and overall
well-being so better sleep stronger immune system stronger heart better
hormonal levels and we want to optimize what’s called nitric oxide we know that
the product called stay young stay young chewable has a straggle as’ it helps to
extend the length of the telomeres this will help along with the nitric
oxide which helps to fight problems such as invading protein microbes that is and
also help to improve the circulation to slow and reverse coronary heart disease
the book prevent and reverse heart disease by Caldwell Esselstyn is a
landmark written book that documents proof that you can reverse
cardiovascular disease and one of the keys that he talks about is getting
enough greens and beets to restore nitric oxide level your blood pressure
will improve the small circulation circulating capillaries improve but it
all gets back to using product supplements and the Whole Foods combined
because when we test people’s nitric oxide levels we can see if they’re
depleted low or optimum and you want to be an optimum level so register for this
course coming up at nick delgado calm wee
have a special Black Friday offer there’s some incredible opportunities
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register for a payment but if you go to Nick Delgado comm Nick and I CK Delgado
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of this coming webinar course you know I’m excited to share with you because
you’re going to learn how to use Fats correctly you’re gonna learn how to cook
without having to use oil you’re gonna learn that benefit e’en whole coconut
not coconut oils on hold olives instead of olive oil you’re gonna find out how
there’s a product called insulin heart stability that helps to lower the bad
cholesterol and increase the good HDL without having to depend on what’s
called drug statins you’re gonna find out how PCOS Hart bourbon bergamont a
lycopene are amazing herbs with about 20 other ingredients to balance and
stabilize along with the slim blend protein this is gonna pull cholesterol
right out of the gut which has made it principal you bile and that’s gonna help
to lower your cholesterol remember insulin heart stability is a
breakthrough new product that can help to balance out your hormones reduce the
incidence of nucleic acid conversion that is that could associate with gout
or kidney disorders reduce night sweats and irritability it’s also helpful to
reduce swelling and blood pressure issues so as you understand more about
the gut you’re gonna learn about the gut and how organic non-gmo foods are the
best choice you want to get more fiber than your diet so when you’re eating say
meat is there fiber and meat know is there fiber and dairy know is there
fiber and chicken no why are all these people promoting foods that have no
fiber in them fiber even though it’s non-digestible plays a big role in the
health of the gut resistant starch plant-based complex
carbohydrates that’s what you have to remember and you’ll get enough fiber by
consuming more of these foods because fiber acts like a magnet
in the in the digestive tract and it helps to reduce excess harmful estrogens
cholesterol and it draws toxins and poisons right out of the body studies
have shown the survival rates and those people with
high fiber right fiber diets even if they’ve been exposed to toxic level of
poisons they live longer so what do we need to do to live longer and to be
better and have a better quality life we need to Lind and listen to doctor Kim
Williams he has 14 doctors at rush Chicago Hospital and they all teach a
plat base oil free exercise base program Valter Longo at USC now supports a
healthy fasting program but he doesn’t go on a water fast he encourages
especially as you’re older 800 calories per day five days out of the month and
those five days are vegetable based centered foods your you’ll lose the
weight that you need to lose without losing water weight or lean body mass go
on the lower protein high plant basin I say low protein you get enough protein
but it means adequate protein for humans and I I have to really encourage you to
realize that even things like yams sweet potatoes potatoes and carrots are going
to give you 3 to 6 percent protein 3 to 6 percent fat 90 to 97 percent complex
carbohydrates and when you get in at least 500 grams of complex carbs a day
it’ll spare body muscle and protein so long as you increase your exercise
activity and/or you restrict or avoid oils and fatty meats and animal products
if you still want to lose weight and you’re not quite getting it it’s not by
restricting carbs it’s by eating more of the complex carbohydrates that have the
least calories so that would include fruits and vegetables and salads and
soups now if you’re skipping meals that’s not smart well look at what the
sumo diet is most Americans do this they skip most or meals that eat only one or
two meals a day well guess what that causes hormones to be released that when
you do eat food you gain more weight than you would have normally we look at
the benefit of kind of a variety of whole food cooking you see I have like
three pots of food cooking with Spanish rice I’ve got some lentil beans cooking
some vegetables and squash in the background
it makes for a marvelous dish and then I use the slim blend protein every day so
you’re getting the ability to reduce free radical damage increase the amount
of phytochemicals and enzymes it’s so important so remember if you’re wanting
to lose weight raise your hand if you are I’m at a good weight now but if you
want to lose weight focus on the foods at the top of the list we’re gonna share
all these and more and the coming webinar you’re gonna learn exactly which
foods which fruits which vessels are best eat the most of and which you
should minimize it goes without saying it’s gonna be simple and easy to follow
and you’re gonna learn if you are gonna eat animal products eat some of this say
oh you know scallops a little bit of certain you know say fish and that kind
of thing a little bit of shrimp but don’t overdo it as you get further down
the list of foods the calories go up and the basic processing of the foods
increases as well which is not good so remember once again we want good levels
of nitric oxide there’s various festivals to produce rich levels of
nitric oxide and we also want you to encourage by getting this nitric oxide
you’re gonna have a better quality life it makes a huge difference
start blending your food you can use extracted juices as the base – it makes
it even more concentrated very effective and the power of the mind
my friend Newark a– wrote about me in in supreme influence and she does a
series of programs where people learn how to manage their stress how to
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myth there is no myth you’re gonna learn about the science and the research
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