– Hey guys, I’m Ian Somerhalder and I play Dr. Luther Swann in Netflix’s “V Wars”. Now today, we’re gonna be showing you how to turn common objects in your kitchen into your own arsenal against the undead. (rock music) First up, garlic salt. You probably don’t have strands of garlic to ward off vampires because you’re probably
not a Russian grandmother. And if you are, kudos,
I love the babushka. If not, garlic salt is
goin’ to be your best bet. (plastic clicking) (air blowing) Boom. Ghouls are already on the run. Time to up the ante. Holy water, go ask your grandma for some. Don’t have a grandma? You’ll have to make do.
(uplifting music) Household cleaner. (liquid hissing) Burns like hell no matter who you are. Now your vampire can’t see. What time is it? Stake time. Your kitchen is full of wood. Just go for it, doesn’t have to be pointy, just gotta stab hard enough. (grunting) (sighing) Boom.
(explosion roaring) There ya go. You are ready to survive the “V Wars”. Or at least,
(thunder rumbling) make some pasta. And clean up a little bit. Just remember this, your
number one weapon is yourself. Good luck out there.