good to everybody this is Kevin Houghton coming to you live from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas I’m really honored to be with Scott today today we are recording his one thousand two hundred and fiftieth YouTube video don’t have that right you have it right one thousand two hundred and fifty guys gosh I’m having a hard time getting those videos up keV it’s really tough the guy with the t-shirt the Hawaiian shirt can do this right okay so 1250 congratulations what are we going to talk about today what do we want our people to know about sure I want to think about it the most common clothes that salespeople face out there okay and a lot of times people don’t know where to start this is where the challenge begins when I write what salespeople is they’ll say like I just don’t know what to say next okay a lot of traditional sales training like what do you need to think about and the buyers prepared for that okay okay so can I can i play with this can i roleplay and I’ve got a little script here guys yeah I think I can use so if I say so we were to your sales get it talking to with me talk talk talk and usually that’s part of the problem is he sauce um and I finally go because I’m in overload and I’m like I don’t wanna listen to this guy anymore so I’ll just say I’ll think about it I would promise all right so my first question would be Kevin can come out with something if that was a plight way of telling me no you would let me know right of course is it um no I mean I see if it’s right for me I mean I would I would I would buy it I don’t know if it’s fine okay can you help me out with something else if that was a plight way of asking for a discount you’d let me know right yeah I would do that sure okay yeah okay is it yeah I kind of like a discount if we could work that out if that’s okay okay if I could give you a discount today then what oh um I guess I would make it more interesting and probably more likely that we could do business yeah of course okay well at this point what would take it from probably – definitely I think it would come down to you know are we able to fit the monthly payment and make it work okay great let’s talk about that okay um right now a lot of expenses of challenges financially but you know I mean I don’t know if there’s always something you can do but I don’t know so at this point I’m a your answer okay all right there’s a couple elements to this first you can unpackage these three different questions and use them by themselves it could just be hey Kevin you know that was a plight wave tell them you know you let me know right yeah that’s script that’s a beautiful direction and and the thing is is there’s some nonverbal communication with us because I’m shaking my head right it’s not just pay you let me know right you got to get the head action going in there I mean I’m waiting for you to say yes right okay and I’m going to yeah yeah you’re gonna let me know what’s going on yeah okay and then the next question is if that was a play wave asking for a discount you would let me know and I’m shaking my head and then most people are going to say yes and I already know that this path is going to go out test of the thousands of times I know where the person’s going to go and what they’re going to say and what happens is buyers in a lot of business to consumer sales or are scared they don’t know how to ask for a discount they don’t I’m going to I really like your product or service I’m not going to say this I really like your product or service on earth right is there a way I can get a discount to move forward today we need to take them through a progression of thoughts okay and we’ve got four questions that really get them to the point and get to the answer that we need because there comes to a point right when your no matter what the proof here’s the product the product is it’s a million dollars worth of life insurance and we’re selling and if we offer this price and they say well no I really can’t do that but I could probably do this once we know the dollar figure we can work out some kind of an arrangement with the person right right it’s not right that’s true okay so so what are the three questions again let’s just go through them okay I got so if you say I want to think about it right I’m gonna say great Kevin if that was a flight wave tell him you know you’d let me know right yes okay well is it um no I’m willing to I mean no no I’m I’m okay okay well if that was a plate way of asking for a discount you’d let me know right yeah I probably would is it yes yeah I suppose yeah okay let’s just say I could give you a discount then what then it may be depending on how much the discount was we I suppose we could probably some okay well at this point what would take you from probably to definitely I think if we can make the monthly payments it’s okay and if we can’t we won’t well let’s sit down and go through those numbers and now we have a basis of a correct age now we can talk yeah cool I love it Scott 1215 videos that’s a lot of videos thanks for letting me be here i apprec– have a good one thank will see you guys next time you [Music]