Hi, Emily here from CurrentBody I’m in the middle of a big summer overhaul programme I’ve just finished my workout – cardio and abs today. I’m now moving on to my face. Lots of people work hard on their bodies and ignore their face or perhaps the other way around I think to look your best you need to combine the two. The thing I’ve really been focusing on recently is using my NuFACE Trinity very regularly. This is the device. I’ll explain more about the technology too. It’s a microcurrent device and I use this every single morning doing a 5-minute programme which I’m going to show you. This programme is recommended by NuFACE and it is included in the instruction manual when you purchase the product. I’m first of all going to remove any residual make-up that might be on my face any oil or that kind of thing. I’ve got a micellar water from the Botanics range (it’s really nice actually) So, just a bit of that on a cotton pad then I’m going to sweep it over the areas I need to work to remove any sweat from my workout or any residual make-up or oil The reason you have to take it all off is with the NuFACE you use a primer. This conducts the Microcurrent into the facial muscles that’s what gives you the lift. So it’s very important to use the primer and it’s important to clear your skin so nothing is blocking the Microcurrent from getting through. I always start on one side of my face I do the lower half, then the upper half then I move to the other side mainly because I think it’s interesting to look at one side of the face to compare with the other side. You take a small amount of primer and put it over the area that you’re going to work on. You should be left with a gentle film you really don’t need too much If you have any excess just put it on the area you’re going to work on next. You don’t need too much of it, but just enough to conduct – you can see I’ve got that shiny film over my face. Then it’s a case of turning the device on. One of my top tips is to leave the device next to wherever you do your make-up in the morning. I have this sitting in it’s charging cradle on my vanity where I’ve got my make-up so after I’ve been in the shower and I’ve cleansed my face I see the device and I remember “I’ve got to use it”. It’s become part of my make-up routine in the morning. It’s simply a case of switching it on The NuFACE is fantastic because it has 3 buttons – that’s it. A switch on and a + and – to switch through the levels. Compared with a lot of other beauty devices (in particular Microcurrent devices) it is very, very simple. So you simply press the button and it makes a “do-do-do” sound to welcome you. I’ve got one blue light on there at the moment I’m going to move it up to work on level 5 NuFACE recommend if you can tolerate the highest level, go for it. You’re going to get the best results. I’m waiting for a beep to start then it beeps every 6 seconds as you move it across It beeps to tell you to move on. It’s beeped once, so I’m going to do 3 swipes. One with the bottom ball along the jawline When it beeps again I’m going to move the top ball along my cheekbone. Right up into the hair line. And the last one goes slightly higher than that in the top right close to the eye Then I lift that up to lift up the eye. You repeat that 3 times. Start with the bottom one The balls are on either side of my jaw line up into my ear lobe Next one slightly higher, just under my cheekbone. It goes right up. Because you’ve got the primer on there it glides nicely against the skin. When I’m working on this area, I can’t actually feel anything from the Microcurrent That is correct. You’re not supposed to feel something. If you were to use it without the primer you would feel the current. The only thing I can liken it to is like it’s putting your tongue on the end of a battery! I know that’s silly, but that’s how it feels. So that’s 3 times, you can see how quick that section is. I’m going to quickly move on to above my forehead. I’m going to put some primer on there. On the forehead, you’ve got another 3 movements to perform. Starting with the inside ball on the middle of my forehead. Right up into the hairline. I find when I’m working into my hairline, where I’ve got less ‘fat’ (you know what I mean) I can start to feel some microcurrent Close to the eye, sometimes you get a flashing sensation. Some customers like to move the Microcurrent level down when they get to this area. They find it too intense. I’m going to move that 3 times across. When I start, the central ball is in the middle of my forehead. The last one really is lifting the brow right up to there So that’s the second time, now for the final time. In the middle. I can feel it when it’s in the hair line. Then finally right over to lift up the brow. That’s really re-training those facial muscles into shape. I’ve done half now. Can you see how quick that is? I’m probably not close enough to the camera, but can you see the side I’ve worked on I haven’t got that crease That’s from that tiny amount of time I often find this brow lifts more than that one. That’s just gone slightly up. Of course, it’s not a huge difference The immediate effect doesn’t last days and weeks. When you first start using the device you will get that instant lift. As you develop your routine over time the results become more permanent as the facial muscles are re-trained. Then I move onto the second part of my face with 3 swipes then the 3 swipes. Once you’ve finished, remove the primer with a damp cloth. Very gently, take that off. You can see – look at the difference That”s amazing! It only took me 2 minutes. Then I apply a generous layer of my favourite moisturiser or serum Whatever it is that you’re using at that time. Just to really work into those areas and to continue the results throughout the day. So there you are! If you have any questions – I do use this devotedly everyday at the moment – mainly because those 3 swipes across the face…. I can’t deny myself that short amount of time. As you can see the results are good and quick. So I would recommend if you buy it, leave it out where you can see it. Make sure you use it. If you don’t have time in the morning, use it at night before you go to bed. If you have any questions, post them below and I will answer them for you.