Hi, I’m Ansley. I’m here today to help you learn how to
check your blood sugar. There are two main reasons to check blood
glucose– it can help you see how different foods and activities affect your blood sugar
AND it can help make sure that the medication your doctor has given you is working effectively. Actually, one of the good things about managing
diabetes is that you can test your blood sugar and see how you are doing anytime day or night. So let me show you how fast and easy it is
to test. There are many different kinds of meters,
but they all work pretty much the same. First, make sure your hands are clean. Next you open this tub and take out a strip. Then you put the strip in the little slot
in the meter. Now you need to get a sample of blood using
one of these. It’s called a lancing device. Yours may look different, but it will do the
same thing. You might need to glance at the manual that
comes with your device, but here’s the basics of how mine works. Most have a dial that controls how deep the
needle goes. Start in the middle of the range. If lancing your finger hurts, choose a smaller
number or mark. If you have a hard time getting a blood drop,
use a larger number. And this is how to get a blood drop. Cock the lancing device and put the tip of
it at the top of one of your fingers like this. Try to press it down with the same amount
of pressure each time. Then, push the button. Next squeeze the finger, just a little bit,
to get a drop of blood. Now don’t test on the same finger or the
same spot on a finger every time or you’ll develop a callus. And try to test more on the sides of your
fingers because they’re less sensitive than other parts of your fingers. If you can’t get a nice blood drop easily,
try again on another finger. Next put the strip at the edge of the blood
drop and the meter will suck up most of the blood. In a few seconds, the meter will display your
reading. Be sure to write the number down, as well
as the date and time. We have a form on our website that you can
use to keep track of your blood sugar readings that you can also share with your doctor or
educator. And that’s all there is to it– now you
know how to test your blood sugar. Thanks for watching!