Hey there. This is a little guide to how to make some cheap super cheap super easy [weather] [proof] signs and Here’s an example of the finished product right here and it’s completely laminated and This will be very much more cost effective than if you were to buy signs To go over the material list I’ll be using this 1.5 mil [Link in Description] hot sealing laminate [Link in Description] I bought a roll of two of these and this is made over two hundred signs right here and The other roll I have not used at all so Let’s get started first you’ll want to This is just using two sheets of paper right here like this. I put a border [on] this, so it’d be more connected when it laid in front like that, so first line them all up This is only you only have to do this if you put a border on it But I feel like the border makes it look more complete and professional use bigger scissors And just quickly cuts across pulling this corner And I am cutting ten sheets at a time because cutting Will be your largest time expense, and then just clean it up And I’m doing just this you know just as fast as possible I could be neater but if they’re going to be signs that are placed on a Telephone pole or anything that people are driving by I the little mistakes will not show up and People people respond to the ones that are made Beautifully to the responds ones that are made a little bit more Sloppily, okay, [alright]. You’ll take these two right there I Like to do it this way. I lay it over line up the border edges like that Put a small piece of tape between them to hold them together when you’re working with it just a little bit of tape will work You could probably use more than this, but this just [to] see is all you really need All [right], then you’ll put [that] to the side and Your first couple times of these it might be more difficult but once you get like 20 or so under your belt it will be You know you could do this you could crack out three [done] You know two to three times as many as when you first start it so don’t be discouraged if it takes a bit of time, so what I did was I sort of I Rolled it out and flipped it back over so it’s covering both sides I make sure there’s a good About a quarter to a half inch from the edges Just help with sealing then I take my razor that I have and I run. It along this edge pull it taut Run it along this edge Very simple very easy, you’re almost ready to go now You’ll take your iron Which is been heating up this time and I have it set [at] five you want it a little bit higher Then you’d think with the plastic, and you just hit it really quick you move from the center out Just like that really fast And then you hold down the edges just a bit because when the the heat will make it shrivel up And if you cool it off a little bit It will shrivel just a little bit less all right you have the basics of it right there. [I] like [to] [go] around the outsides And just seal it in and take a little bit of that curl out of there flip that back over do that again All right, you’ve got almost a finished product right there then I like to you don’t have to but I think it looks a lot more professional and the more professional you look the less people think they can just Do whatever service you’re doing by themselves So I Cut that up not the best cut right there but It works just fine because I’ll be reselling it one last time All righty You seal the edges one last time and it’s a few times you can go over the center of it The better because it’ll start to bubble, and it’ll start to tear and melt If you go over this area too many times, and that’s all done It’ll look right like that these are completely weatherproof [I’ve] had them Taped up on telephone poles and the ones that weren’t taken down lasted for over a year now with no leaking no blotching of the ink on the inside and They’ve just held up really well, and they’re a super cheap alternative I’ll have some Other films where I go over the color paper ones and show the results on that that is just a way to make some super cheap [signs] that you can really put a lot of them out there and If they get taken down you it really doesn’t matter to you because you have [ten] more to put back up All right, hope this helped. Bye Hey there I decided after this video to see how many I could make in a half an hour and I could [just] Write at make 11 per 30 minutes. So I used to be if you get a better slightly better system You could probably make them a little bit faster but just use that as a time frame if you Need a certain amount of time a certain amount of signs and have a certain amount of time till That deadline 11 per half-hour is is a pretty good rate? It’s not the greatest, but it’s a pretty average rate, so if you were Debating on whether to do this on a large scale or not. I hope that little extra tidbit helps [alright]. Bye