I only see one lipstick in your drawing
women want colors lots and lots of colors mark your man it’s pretty cute oh
you like this well maybe we should cut down to five shades or one I’m not
telling you to listen to anyone but this is a very fresh approach
it’s okay Kenny I don’t think there’s much else to do here but call it a day
gentlemen thank you for your time said all you’re a non-believer why should we
waste time on kabuki I don’t know what that means it means that you’ve already
tried your plan and you’re number four you’ve enlisted my expertise and you’ve
rejected it to go on the way you’ve been going I’m not interested in that you can
understand I don’t think you’re three months or however many thousands of
dollars entitles you to refocus the core of our business listen I’m not here to
tell you about Jesus you already know about Jesus either he lives in your
heart or he doesn’t every woman wants choices but in the end none wants to be
one of a hundred in a box she’s unique she makes the choices and she’s chosen
him she wants to tell the world he’s mine he belongs to me not you she marks
her man with her lips he is her possession you’ve given every girl that
wears your lipstick the gift of total ownership sit down no not until I know I’m not
wasting my time