How to Get Regents Scholarship For Mothers

If you have an intention of pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Science degree from University of California, it is not impossible to acquire Regents Scholarship as well. These two kinds of scholarships are really very helpful to students who want to pursue post-baccalaureate studies at any of the top California Colleges and University. Both types of scholarships are given for totally different reasons. However, in case of Regents Scholarship, financial need is the main requirement while in case of Chancellor’s Scholarship, the educational background of the applicant is very crucial. Let’s take a brief look at both of these scholarships and their unique qualities which make them so appealing to bright and talented students.
Both the terms “regents scholarship program” and “chancellors Scholarship” refers to distinction bestowed on candidates to various universities. Both the terms refer to various programs started by the Regents as the University of California system has set up separate Regents Programs for its different branches. These programs have been set up to award full-pay tuition opportunities to deserving full-time and part-time students who exhibit outstanding academic excellence.
The Regents Scholarship Program is only available for candidates who are US citizens and hold valid IELTS scores. In addition, they are eligible for financial aid only when they achieve the GPA requirements of incoming freshman classes. In case of those candidates who do not meet the academic eligibility criteria, but possess other attributes which make them eligible for the program, they too can apply for the same but they would have to pay more attention towards the requirements of the university. Another unique feature of this scholarship program is that it only admits eligible freshman with undergraduate G.P.A. ‘s of at least aa in each major.
Another unique feature of Regents Scholarship is that it is available for both out-of-state and in-state students. In case of in-state applicants, they only have to fulfill the minimum admission requirements of their universities. On the other hand, out-of-state students are required to apply for this scholarship along with a high school diploma or G.P.A. approved from an accredited university. For both these applications, the prospective student must be eligible for federal student aid.
If you are an out-of-state student eligible for this scholarship but are not aware of the availability of regents, you may approach any of their offices for information. There are several branches of the university which are administering these scholarships. Each department has a representative who will help you gather information regarding the awards and the procedure for application.
The main goal of the regents scholarship is to provide equal opportunity to all. It aims at helping people from diverse backgrounds attain high academic achievement in order to enhance social diversity and socioeconomic development. All students who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply for the program since its free and does not have any application fee. Besides, no student will be discriminated against because of his/her financial need as this program caters to all ethnicities and economic background.
A regents scholarship covers the full tuition fees for undergraduate students and graduate students. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must fulfill all the requirements and prove that your chosen field of study is financially and academically eligible. In addition to this, you must also submit letters of recommendation and academic records to show that your academic record is impressive. These scholarships cover the full tuition and living expenses during your attending school. Since it does not require any repayment, most students find it more practical to apply for these scholarships instead of asking for financial aid from their parents.
Unlike other scholarships, this one does not expect its recipients to return the award once given. They can use the money to further their studies or for any other purpose. The University provides complete assistance to those eligible to get this scholarship. It is also a good idea to apply for this scholarship if you want to pursue a degree in philosophy as it covers all the four years of study. You also get an opportunity to increase your career prospects because most employers prefer to hire scholars who have earned a degree in philosophy.

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