the Xtoque platinum range is made in
Germany and it features a full range of lengths and sizes that will meet all of
your drilling needs the tip is a one-piece carbide tip which means it
drills 30% faster than the average quad cutter tip the bits also have the larger
flutes on the side which help to remove dust and waste faster as well as reduce
vibration while you’re using the best small cordless drill. Drilling now if you are anything like me you hit rebar
with greater accuracy than a metal detector so here’s the proper technique
for drilling through rebar whenever you’re drilling through concrete you want high
pressure high rotation speed as soon as you hear or feel that you’ve hit the
rebar you want to reduce the rotation speed and reduce the pressure these
Xtorque platinum bits will then chew their way through the rest of the rio as
soon as you clear increase pressure increase rotation speed and you’re done
I drilled through seven pieces of 12 mil rebar with this bit and its still got a Ridgid Cordless Drill  with sharp edge with the right technique and an Xtorque platinum range bit you’re gonna
be drilling for days saving some serious coin you’ve got any questions at all
about the Xtorque platinum range hit me up in that comment section below until
next time I’m Tim and you’re watching Sydney Tools TV