we’re here at the airport and flights
have been canceled they’re not checking in anybody they have
annoucements going right now telling all passengers must leave the terminal it’s
not all the protesters I mean everyone in
here right now is part of the protest and it’s just it’s getting quite scary
and we just don’t know exactly what to do so want to keep second in and bring
me some of the footage here the processor was
check-check in by yourself said this is been going on for two hours
and there’s been not a single announcement now for
an accumulator here seem like they’re just stranded there’s
help there’s no police here there’s there is nothing there is no help here
there’s just the protesters and that’s it than us and a lot of stranded pissed
off people they just keep disconnecting us from
chats and we option so we’re going to see the engines so who set the Royal Seal passengers hanging out in all of the
check-in kiosks because they were banned there’s no information here for anyone
who’s stranded the airlines had just literally taken their staff out the
announcements are in Chinese to say the announcement Engel says leave the
terminal contact airline you can’t contact at least Emirates Airlines
because they keep disconnecting a chat support
but trying to reach them on Facebook check for
it’s at least and successfully they don’t pick up their phone so so far
Emirates just completely sucks when it comes to
service here I see there is someone here from cafe the match going to see reason’s arctic
maybe salmon fun protests either speaks English so this is the have the whole terminal
knocked off so there to talk to some people related
what they have to say about so I’m here with the protesters and what’s your name I agreed to talk
about what the protest is about he’s our Father
where does the water try not to stay – we all know enjoy projects resolve beautiful Rochdale release the ball and exits if I thought
so they did you guess in a bit and cows ages assertive horse to a beef some is 1 2 vs
s and also seem to enjoy using a impact the bear was so I of
we say that we just saw the riot police gathering
they got their shields helmets clubs guns and they are mobilizing here
are obviously concerns they’re people and there’s as many people running the
other way as coming this is press right here she’s wearing a helmet she’s got a
press pass so the press is starting to come down here
also and we’ll see what happens one of the reasons we came here now was
to show sympathy and empathy for the people of Hong Kong they’re
facing a very bad situation you know they’re supposed to have more years of
basically autonomy and you know ruling for themselves what
it seems to me that the CCP is moving in and you know starting to take control of
people use civil rights and it’s really a problem so you know people here are
protesting there was a million people out not too long ago
and since then there’s been a lot of people we’re not a political channel we
don’t really talk about this but we just wanted to show that you know it’s worth
it to come to Hong Kong and show support for the people here who are fighting
against a regime that is trying to crush them basically you know it’s it’s no
it’s no what sword for its secret that the Chinese government is responsible
for a lot of suffering in their own country and the people here are
definitely afraid of it you can see in people’s faces you can read it written
on the walls literally in spray paint so you know just showing some support
that’s all so here we are day later
the airport has an injunction against the protesters now so you can see
there’s nobody here as opposed to the like million people actually heard
yesterday I mean it was just informative protesters and things turned really
really violent after we left and the airport was left in bad condition but it
seems like they cleaned it up quite quickly that’s our plane we are so ready
to go home yeah we on a flight we are going to be home soon