Now, over in Hong Kong, thousands of protesters
took to the streets last night… after the Chinese Communist Party ruled out open nominations
for elections in 2017… that will decide Hong Kong′s next chief executive.
Are the pro-democracy activists,… strongly opposed to the move, showing signs of calming?
Well, it does seem to be the case at the moment,… but scuffles continued on Monday during a
tense stand-off between police and members of a movement called “Occupy Central,” who
have vowed to fight for full democracy. Our Park Ji-won reports.
Some five-thousand citizens have taken to the streets of Hong Kong′s financial hub
calling for full democracy in the election for its next leader in 2017. “Some officials who we don′t even know how
they got chosen in the first place are telling us Hong Kong people that this is Beijing′s
turf. This is definitely not true. Hong Kong belongs to Hong Kong citizens.”
The latest “Occupy Central” protests, as they are called, were sparked… by a ruling out
of China′s parliament that will allow just two to three candidates to run for chief executive
of Hong Kong in 2017. All of the candidates will first need to gain
majority backing from a nominating committee, meaning it will be almost impossible for opposition
politicians to even register as candidates. “We have to voice out that we don′t agree
with the Chinese government′s decision. We want democracy and we want a fair system
to protect the environment of Hong Kong.” Despite the protests, current Hong Kong chief
executive is defending Beijing′s decision, saying it is a milestone of democratic reform. “Universal suffrage for the CE election through
one person one vote by Hong Kong people, is not only a big step forward for Hong Kong,
but also a historic milestone.” The “Occupy Central” protesters see it another
way, and have promised mass protests against the decision out of Beijing in the weeks and
months to come. PARK Ji-won, Arirang News.