it's time for faith house when we talk about what you're talking about hey Home Depot co-founder says he'll support President Trump in 2020 and some customers aren't happy in fact they're so mad they are now calling for a boycott but Home Depot says that co-founder is retired and they do not endorse presidential candidates so deviation generally speaking would you boycott a company that supports a candidate you do not like all right saying this is a real one okay let's get to it Bobby from facebook says there we go I try to base my opinion solely on the candidates words and actions I still have to buy things I can't afford to go to expensive stores because of a political boycott it's funny Bobby Jeff and I were talking about this before the show started we have children it's like honestly you kind of have to go to the closest place so I mean really if it's between if you really are dead said I'm not going to Home Depot obviously there's always a low is always a coke to a Pepsi but at the same time think about how many companies you you give your business to and you've done it a political leaning so I don't know I don't know about this one well Catherine from facebook says I will spend more money at Home Depot thanks for the great news okay Catherine you do you but I think that that's a really great example of that's how you determine where you're going to spend your money based on what you believe in when you have a boycott that's the whole point of a boycott people can either you said spend their money or they don't and if they do then people kind of know where the majority lies so for me I try to be mindful about where I'm spending my money and who I'm giving my money to all right Elliot from facebook says I'll boycott if he pledges his fortune to have Trump reelected all right listen not everyone's entitled to their own opinion I'm gonna do what I have to do just so you know I think to put a little context it is this man was no longer on the board right here's one where the co-founders so again this is clickbait I think your people are like Home Depot boycott yeah the guy's not even involved with home anymore so to be perfectly honest there's a home depot across the street from where I live I don't care who's running that place I'm going to get up my light bulb over there because it's right next to my place share I'm glad you're changing now I'm glad it goes a home depot one light bulb what am i contractor you get a pack light pause as much as I don't approve of what's going on with our government right now I find this ridiculous people can support whomever they choose listen it's a free country if somebody really wants to be mindful of their wallet and where their money goes that's awesome more power to them and if somebody wants it out of sheer convenience like Jeff that's awesome more power to them I feel like we've become so judgy that's right all right let's get this last one in John for facebook says I just shot there this morning and certainly won't be stopping it's childish to stop start shopping at a place just because of someone's right to vote well read Al I'll agree with you not just say this we just have so much information in our heads right now there's so many things that process that now even when you go to chick-fil-a you feel remorse when you go to Home Depot you feel remorse I kind of miss the days where I just didn't know so much but if you think you're helping out like I'm not going to Home Depot because of this do you know many other products you're buying that probably support Trump and you have no idea about right you know it's like yeah but you can still look at you love shopping on Etsy because you love the idea that you're helping these small pop shops so you to a degree also fall into that and I think that's admirable and I do it ELISA I just think politics are getting so we're so overwhelmed with politics now people are just looking at the clickbait and we're not really talking and talking listen I don't know I don't wanna get into whole thing all politicians are corrupt they're doing something corrupt that you don't like I don't care who you supporting somebody's doing something wrong bad right yeah as we see that's why Jeff 2024 [Laughter] there you go um Jordan not be found would you not be found it really an amazing first time tell you president Sam huh why couldn't you be playing a hundred percent first lady cuz you just pitched Jeff to be 24 I didn't say present our president in pitch Jordan I didn't say president [Laughter]