Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I’m your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co-prophet of these End Times. Well, I’ve been following Mr. Donald Trump quite a bit lately and I have been disturbed by the fact that he does use this 666 sign quite often in his speeches. However, I got a very interesting email, I believe it was yesterday or the day before, from RosaryWMD and here’s what he wrote to me: “just something I observed, I watched president-elect Trump in tonight’s speech in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although Mr. Trump does frequently gesture the 666 hand symbol, he often follows it with his hands spread completely out, or the number 5.” Very good observation! Well, I watched that speech after I received your email, RosaryWMD and you are correct, he almost always follows that sequence and, of course, that is the same sequence we find in the Bible and that tells us that 666, the number of the Antichrist, will be defeated by 555, the number of Mary’s rosary, and he mentions this in this email. “Anyway, just thought that came up in my mind, thank you for your videos, God bless”. Well, let’s take a look at Donald Trump’s hand signs in his two speeches, or some of them, because there are many more than I made clips of. Let’s take a look at these and I think you’ll see what RosaryWMD is talking about. So here’s Donald Trump at his Carrier speech when he announced that they will be keeping 1,100 jobs here in the United States (terrific announcement) and he gives the 666 hand sign followed by the open palm or 5 sign. Here again he is doing the same thing at his triumphant rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, his thank you tour, and as you can see, he gives the 666 sign followed by the 555 sign, very interesting. Now this is also from his Carrier speech and he does the exact same thing. This is not the same clip as I showed you before. This is a little different clip and I think you’re going to see he does the exact same thing. And this next clip also, the 666 hand sign (this is in slow motion) and we see this once again, the 666 hand sign followed by the open palm which indicates Mary’s rosary, the 555 hand sign. Very good observation, RosaryWMD, and this is indeed extremely significant. So now, the question is: is Donald Trump actually giving Bible prophecy? Do his hand signs coincide with the prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, Zachariah and even our Lord in the Olivet Discourse? Well, how can this be because in Isaiah 45, the Prophet says that Cyrus, in other words, standing in for Donald Trump, does not know God? And why doesn’t Donald Trump know God? Well, I explained this before in my last video and I got a lot of complaints from Protestants because I said it’s because he is a Protestant; he is not a Catholic. So, let’s listen to what Donald Trump himself says about his knowledge of Almighty God: I’m a Protestant. I’m very proud of it; Presbyterian, to be exact but I’m very proud of it, very ,very proud of it. So, it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump is a professing Protestant. He said so! He says he’s a Presbyterian, but what does Almighty God say in Isaiah, chapter 45, about King Cyrus, consequently also Donald Trump? He says in verse number 4, of chapter number 45, of Isaiah: “and you have not known me”. So Donald Trump, even though he is a practicing Protestant, does not know Almighty God. So, how is it that he is giving hand signs that coincide with bible prophecy which talks about how Mary’s rosary will defeat the Antichrist? Well, let’s look at verse number one of Isaiah, chapter 45: “thus says the Lord to my anointed Cyrus (Donald Trump) whose right hand I have taken hold of”. Well isn’t that interesting? Donald Trump almost always, ninety-five percent of time, gives his hand signal the 666 followed by 555 with his right hand! Almighty God is telling us, don’t listen to what Donald Trump says because he does not know God, but he is giving God’s prophecy through his right hand. So now, the question is, will Donald Trump always not know God? Will he always be a Protestant or will he convert to Catholicism? Well, Isaiah tells us when that is going to happen in his chapter 45. Let’s look at verse number 3: “And I will give you hidden treasures and the concealed riches of secret places that you may know I am the Lord who call you by your name, the God of Israel.” Well, this is fascinating. God is going to reveal that he is the God of the remnant Catholic Church, because that’s what He means by the “God of Israel”. Donald Trump will convert to Catholicism, but not Roman Catholicism. I have explained this before: Pope Francis is the False Prophet. Donald Trump is going to join the remnant Catholic Church and this “hidden treasure” and the “concealed riches” refer to the one world government and the one world religion. Remember, in verse number 2: “I will go before you”. God is leading Donald Trump, not just with his right hand hand signs, “and will humble the great ones of the earth; I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and will burst the bars of iron.” The brass symbolizes the one world religion, the iron symbolizes the one world government; they are the exact same as the bands that are tied around the stump of the tree in Daniel 2. Remember, that tree is cut down by order of a watcher and a holy one. That is judgment on Western civilization, it is banded by the one world government and the one world religion which restricts Western democracy. Donald Trump, through Almighty God, is going to break that band of iron and that band of brass. He is going to defeat the one world government and the one world religion and when that that happens, he will recognize then that Almighty God is the God of the remnant Catholic Church, the “elect of Israel”. So, for all you Protestants in my audience, I hope this doesn’t disturb you too much. I know, around this time of year, you are far more generous to my mission than Catholics but nonetheless, we have to recognize what Isaiah is prophesying about our president-elect, Donald Trump, and when he gives that hand sign, 666 followed by 555, he is giving true Bible prophecy and as Isaiah says, God is taking hold of his right hand and that is the true prophecy. Isaiah does not say that Donald Trump does not know economics or he does not know business or he does not know how to lead the nation. He is telling us, he does not know God; but he will know Almighty God, the God of the remnant Catholic Church. And as always, if you would like more information about my ministry, visit my thirdeaglemedia.com web site.