Hello everyone, this is Mumbo and welcome back to another episode on the hermitcraft server its episode 109, And today we’re going to be working on a project in the shopping district there isn’t Sahara I know it seems ridiculous, Doesn’t it? Because you know, Sahara was such a massive project It was such a huge technical challenge that it kind of took over any other shopping district duties That I wanted to do and I had this idea a couple of months ago that I thought would be absolutely hilarious But I thought I’d wait until Sahara was finished before I started it. Now this idea is a little bit different than any of the other shops that we have in the shopping district I’ll explain a little bit more as time goes on, but I’m just trying to work out a good place to build this thing because obviously You know, all of the shopping districts pretty much has been taken up these days, you know. We’re quite far into the hermit crab season now. So a lot of the real estate has been used up But this space out the back here does seem to be empty, and I think that this kind of area Could be pretty perfect for it. So the first thing that we have to do is prep it all up and make sure that it’s ready for this build I think most of it is Actually going to be dipped into the ground. There’s not going to be too much above ground So that definitely helps us out. Right, this is the strip that we’ve got so far and these little red blocks are kind of like planning blocks This is just allowing me to get myself set up with where each one of these things is going to be. now I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to do this. So it’s all going to be on this side This is where the shop is technically going to be and then off on this side I think this is where I might actually build up a sign I I Think having a sign on this side would be smart because when the players fly in they’ll easily be able to spot it. I’ll tell you what having this pair of farms available to me Is probably one of the biggest time sitting where have those pistons come from, is this from when it exploded? That’s hilarious. There’s components of the system just in the hoppers here from the multiple times that this thing blew up. Anyway, the reason that we need all of that cobblestone is because I’m going to use it for decoration originally I was just going to slope off this landscape here But I’ve thought about it and I think aunt creating a structure here will look really cool And I like the design of these walls So I thought I would kind of mimic it in a way just a little bit less Medieval and a tiny bit more industrial now that we have for all of the decoration in place Or at least we have the outer shell. Don’t worry. I’m going to be doing plenty more to this I’m not going to be living at how it is. It’s probably time for me to explain what we’re actually building here. We are creating Storage wars in Minecraft now for anyone who hasn’t seen storage wars before congratulations you are That’s a good thing. Okay, I can promise you it’s a good thing that you have no clue What storage wars is because it’s a terrible TV program. Ok The idea behind it is that you have a bunch of people that stand outside a storage container So, you know one of those like self store areas or even an old garage They stand outside one of these storage containers and a guy opens up the container They all have a look around at it from outside kind of like this They’re not allowed to look at any other boxes on the inside and they’re not allowed to go inside the container They have to just look from afar and then it gets closed up and then the guy Sells it for however much the people who are there want to pay so it’s kind of like a blind auction if it’s an auction For something that you’ve sort of seen But sort of haven’t seen and you’re hoping for some good surprises and not nasty surprises people lose money people make money Yeah, it’s a it’s an interesting concept. I think we’ll work one in Minecraft So it’s just trying to work out what’s off block so I should use for my storage wall sign that it’s going to be going Above this thing and I thought I would use something bright and colorful which obviously will come straight to mine And I’ve popped over to exhume boys a little store here and it’s really cool in that it doesn’t actually charge any diamonds So all of the wool here is completely free. You can take as much or as little as you like and All you have to do is write it in the book what you used it for which is a really sweet idea I’m I’m trying to think Maybe I should do that with cobblestone people always run out with cobblestone and I can get thousands upon thousands of the stuff I like this concept but sadly I won’t be using it today because I’ve kind of want to build my sign out of Creet as opposed to wool I just think it looks a tiny bit more solid Now this sign I have built Maybe I think three times now in total because I want to get absolutely perfect first time It was a little bit far over and this was off-center then I moved it across and then managed to almost Center it but it was out by one block then I wanted to get it wrong again Somehow I don’t know how I do these things and now I’ve got to shift everything across my one block to the right But hopefully it should end up looking good once all of this is over and it does Storage walls sign up on this wall here. I was not expecting to be able to perfectly Center this But that looks great. That is nicely proportioned. I’m glad that we went for the yellow blocks Obviously if you stand here no chance that you’re going to be able to read it But as you fly in its perfectly legible And that’s the most important thing. Another really important thing is that we get the opening of these garage doors, correct? Because I really want to make it so that it’s fair for everyone who uses the system the idea that I’ve had Is that this garage door is gonna open for a uniform 15 seconds for every single one of the homies So the hermit presses the button they get 15 seconds, or maybe 10 seconds Maybe even five seconds to just look inside the garage then all out in they’re not allowed to touch anything But they have 15 seconds or 10 seconds or five seconds. So actually you look inside there Before they place their bits. So I’ve actually ended up doing something quite cool here in that I’ve created a really really smart little sand door design right here it’s really small very very simple to construct and it’s relatively fast but doesn’t actually work for what we need it for because we need a pulse extender to run into this top piston and I mean, I’m looking at it. There’s no real easy way For us to reactivate this thing without just pressing this button up at the top here the input really can only be at the top which is It’s really frustrating because I like this design a lot. I’m spending a silly amount of time Try my best to keep this thing compact and I have no clue why and to be fair It’s ended up paying off because look at the size of this thing So this is a three-block high Expandable little sand door here and it fits within this tiny space So I guess my development time Yeah It kind of has paid off Because this is a nice little design and our input is now here which means that we can use pulse extenders now I’m not going to tell you how long it took me to design that because I yeah I’m a tiny bit embarrassed as mentioned earlier though The next stage of the process is the post extenders which as you can probably tell from the sand blocks floating around I’m kind of struggling with I mean that’s that’s not the best opening in the world and then it only goes worse for the closing Yeah, we gradually shortened our door every single time. We use it. We might actually just have to get old-school here Sometimes sometimes the older solutions are the best way to do it turns open This is how long the player gets to look in the area? and then everything closes up I would actually say that’s quite nicely timed as well because it’s enough time for them to be like Okay, what’s in here what’s in here can’t really tell and then everything closes out. I reckon that’s the winner, right? Let’s pull back onto the hermit craft server and start building So now that I finally closed up the slime block store, I’ve actually just popped in to pick some up and Someone has clearly been shopping here despite this being boarded up and it’s gone You’ll be happy to know that I didn’t take the Diamonds this time. They’re they’re both yours and mine my friend These things are actually alarmingly easy to construct in survival I mean realistically it’s it’s kind of two lines of repeats as a few observers a Sticky boost and a redstone block and redstone torch and that’s about it. Just placing the pistons and then you’re done. I Just can’t believe how long it took me to actually design this Depressing thing about it Sometimes the simplest things Obviously take the longest design because a lot of effort has gone into making them as simple as they are So I’ve now cleared out to all of the space to fit in these redstone contraptions one thing that was very important Is that all of them had to fit within the area that they had? Allotted so kinda it’s a full wide door and it has to fit within a four wide space which is a bit of a challenge But we’ve got five of these things to build first one is done before to go and with this final block This should be everything for our piston doors Think that should be yeah, I don’t think I’m missing any details or anything like that The only things that we have to do now are all the timing circuits which require a billion literally a billion repeaters Okay, so I’m probably gonna have to head over to the witch farm. I guess we actually have everything that we need there I mean we have Automatic cobblestone we can smelt up the stone we get sticks and redstone from the witch farm This is like that’s like a it’s basically a repeater farming area what we’ve created there. That’s amazing And yeah, it worked out exactly as expected. I’ve just picked it up Nearly four stacks of repeaters without even breaking a sweat which will probably last me maybe three days. Yeah, that’s it that’s like a three day usage right there, maybe less actually because as mentioned earlier on yeah these timing circuits require a billion repeaters each Okay, fine. It’s what 16? So that’s 32 two stacks two-and-a-half stacks All right, that is that all ticked off the list so now remove all of this Placing the blocks for the doors and then we can actually start making up these little storage containers. I guess we’d You know won’t think that I haven’t actually thought of yet About this considering this is the entire concept I’ve been focusing so much on the execution of this thing and how it’s actually going to work that I have Not even I haven’t even the thoughts I haven’t even begin to think about what I’m actually going to put on the inside of these storage containers. I have no idea I don’t know What sort of thing do I even put in there? And what sort designs to write? That is so typical me right there. That is that is me in a nutshell The next thing that I need to work out is what I’m actually going to do with this flooring area I feel like I need to get all the decoration done. So I mean obviously this stone can’t stay Do I do like palace blocks a little bit of grass kind of make it look like an overgrown? Yeah, an overgrown kind of trashy area. Maybe some iron bars, maybe some fires Potentially just make it look really rough quite sometime later. This is what we’ve got. So let’s just add in I’d say a few flames in this corner right here and Maybe a few fires around this one. Yeah, I think that looks good This actually looks quite cool are the entrance needs a bit of work. I guess we need some stairs and things but I Like the way this is coming together That’s pretty nice I’ll be the first person to admit that I did a lot of that decorating to give me some time for my brain to think of things to put in the storage containers and I have some good ideas I’ve come up with some cool bits and I’ve come up with a way in which I want to do it because I want to make sure that it’s not silly, for example You know the Hermit they can’t access any of the barrels or anything like that that are going to be inside these storage containers So it’ll be very unfair of me to make these storage containers. Super super barelly. Okay, I don’t want to do that. I Want to put things on display. I want to have a lot of items visible. I also want to have some things hidden away There’s definitely a way to do this to make it as fun as possible Which is kind of the main goal here. Now, the actual storage containers themselves aren’t going to look particularly glamorous They’re just going to be stone brick shells like this and obviously what’s inside is The thing that really really matters and there’s going to be a variety of different things in every single one So now that these things are constructed and all fully ready to receive their items It’s time for me to put some serious work into actually making these enjoyable things for the ham is to bid on now Obviously for obvious reasons, okay I can’t show you guys what I put into these storage containers because I mean I know what you like Okay, I’ll be quite frankly honest I know what you guys are like down to Compensation as soon as I show anything as soon as I show anything in the video You are straight off to every single other Hermits videos letting them know what’s going on So even you guys aren’t going to know what’s inside these storage containers You’re going to have to watch the other Hermits videos to find out what sort of things are on the inside of these things So give me a while. We are about an hour into this things are going well We’ve got three out of the five done. A lot of the time has just been trying to think and plan Really need some cobwebs really really need some cobwebs and we don’t have any Touch shears, that’s what you need, isn’t it? Well, is it just regular shears these days? I can’t remember a big Thank you to come fan for being an absolute champion and helping me out You know, I might occasionally shop at Khan Corp. Don’t tell miss camel grin, but I just said that Nice, we are now all done. So let’s patch this up quickly And what I’m going to do is I’m going to test Opening one of them. So you’ll be able to see inside one of them obviously I’m not going to I’m not going to give any sneak peeks or anything like that This is just I guess the opening of one of them just as if it works Which it does? So that opens up and that is all the hermit is going to see so they have that amount of time To kind of look around and see as much as possible before the doors close up As the how much money you’re willing to put down now one thing that I’m definitely going to need for this thing is of course a rule book because There is no hope for the harm. It’s Actually trying to use this thing without having some form of detailed instructions On how to do it because you’re always gonna happen someone will press the button The garage door will open they’ll then walk into the storage container there go trapped in there They’ll look in all the chests and everything like that and the entire process will be ruined so I have to be very very clear With these and yes in that example, I was totally referencing great-grand. Would 100% do that In fact, I think there’s still a chance degree of doing that disappoint. Very clear instructions not to progress isn’t exactly coming along Well, yeah, we’ve got two lines. I’m counting that as two lines This is taking me longer than you would think quite quite some time. Later We’ve got an actual an actual book all written up. So these are my rules Hopefully everything’s explained obviously hermits If you’re confused, please do let me know and I will make amendments to the rulebook Okay, so it says welcome to storage wars biddings opens at 8 p.m BST on the the 7:29 team the concept is simple grab some of the bidding papers and rename them to your IGN each paper represents one diamond So there’s going to be stacks and stacks of papers available At the entrance to this place the home it can grab those papers and then rename them to their name Those are going to be their bidding paper So they don’t have to put tons of diamonds into the system which obviously means if they don’t win then yeah They don’t have loads of diamonds just stored up over here. I hope that makes sense number two There are five different storage containers all with different Items on the inside when you hit the button the door will open do not go inside Do not open any Storage container strip. Hmm. See this is the problem containers and containers. I guess I should specify Do not open any chests shoka’s barrels Okay, do not break anything Three the door will open for about five seconds. You can only open each door Once you must then place your bid based on what you have briefly seen Bidding closes at 12:00 p.m BST on Sunday the 14th of 7 2019 winning bidder must then swap papers for diamonds what the Steinman’s have been paid to the container is yours head inside and see if you have spent your diamonds wisely or if you Have made a regrettable decision. Enjoy Mambo. I think I Think that’s as good as I’m gonna do I think that’s everything explained. I can’t think of a better way to explain it than that But I’m not going to sign the book just in case I need to add to anything that people are really really confused about We can’t use bidding papers because Green has used up all of my food came to make all of his Rockets so What’s a good alternative I Don’t know that’s that seems a bit silly doesn’t it? That doesn’t seem smart Cool I think that’s it so Instruction book boom that’s all in there. We’ve got bidding tokens I’ve been very ambitious with how much I’ve provided for the dough. I don’t expect this many bids to made I Don’t know I just wanted to make sure that there was never a case where the actual bidding chips have run out We’ve got anvil you’ve got plenty of anvils. You’ve got plenty of phantoms as well that scared the little pants off of me Give me a second I’ve got a sign specifically for Ian, there’s telling him that you must read instructions book before using So that’s all good. I’ve got some Junction here that I’m going to read. Okay using shocker boxes and things that’s no issue I’ve got my bidding barrels So enter bids for number one here and two bids for number two here blardy blardy blar This place actually looks way cooler with the barrels in the walls. By the way. I actually I’m quite proud of this build It’s it’s pretty sweet. So that’s all done. Is there anything else that I need to do? I seriously feel like I’m forgetting something and that’s depressing Buttons still work. I have tested all the buttons I’ve technically just cheated here because I’ve looked in that container twice when I I shouldn’t have done Good I think we might be ready to go Storage wars is open for business People can come along and bid for containers that they don’t know what’s on the inside of it seems daft But trust me this TV show is really popular and apparently loads of people do it. And yeah, this has been fun This has been a really really fun little project and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together I can’t wait to see people getting involved with it I can’t wait to see what the highest bids are on some of these storage containers because I’m just curious. I’m curious to see what happens here I’ve never really seen anything like this on the hermit craft server before, so it’s going to be very very interesting indeed. So I’m gonna spread the message to all the Hermits make sure that you head over to the Hermits I’m not gonna tell you to spam their Twitter’s or anything like that But just make sure they are aware that this is here and that they should get involved with it But anyway, I really do hope that you enjoyed this episode on the hermit craft server If you did, please does that like button and if you really loved it, make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys This is Mumbo, and I’m out. I’ll see ya later. Oh, I’m filming channel stuff. 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