hello everyone so here I am today blocking for reality by for this season's very boring civilian Big Brother and which is coming to an end for God which i think is a good thing because this has probably been one of the worst series ever and let's start with the betting side of things kyun is 16 to 1 to win and I'm actually surprised that he's not more than that bought it just prove that you will get a lot of money back in return if you stick you back this time and I think he is going to be an underdog I think he is gonna come out Rollins last minute I'm probably saying that hope in store because for me he's been the only consistent housemate and I think he's the only one that probably deserves to win for everybody everyone else in there and I think it just cost it through the whole lot mmm so Louis got thrown out for apparently saying outfits instead of outfits not sure how true this is and as much as he was annoying and you know you kind of it did bring something to the hopes and God knows it needed it and I don't really I don't buy the whole he said it by mistake but then again I don't know what context he said it in either if he's talking about outfits you don't really say the word out in steer and it's a bit of a tender topic understandably so if you have said that I don't understand my channel 5 haven't showed it because the showed everything I said and they showed what everyone say is usually so why are they not shown us the whole point in these programs is it's reality TV so we get to see what everyone's really like but we never do any more because we've got too many bloody people ringing up morning and this is why these programs come to an end and this is why so many reality programs are gonna come to an end because of people ring you know mornings worth con because they choose to watch a program and then whine about it too early tough