I wear the glasses where me glasses gone I feel naked where are my glasses right got him hi beside there we go that's better yeah I had a birthday meal with the family and yes it was good and by the way thank you so much for all the happy birthday comments yesterday it was really really are warming like to see you know so many people wish you happy birthday so I'm not trying to play the sympathy card believe me but you know when I was a kid in school I didn't have many mates I was very quiet and in a way I feel like this YouTube thing it just feels really special when you've got so many people wishing happy birthday so I'm not used to that I get what I mean so guys those ratings yesterday in the day before that like absolutely phenomenal like you guys are absolutely sick so keep it off absolutely insane if we're good actually it's ten thousand lines within the first hour of this video going live that would be absolutely phenomenal guys know you can do it through bit towards it we can keep this up I think we've now officially hit a month and in a month we've not hit the yield that has a net fifteen thousand plus like it just goes to show our group of things quad it so I got crystal proper present yesterday and you guys appreciated that and that's good to see but now I can get back to pranking him you know my good deed is done now and also guys like we're here in like nearly a thousand subs every day right now so that's phenomenal so welcome to the new people and if you are new again leave a comment down below and say you new and introduce yourself why not I'm going to out Pat Chris today and try and get some redemption on the mess fee that you packed in a 5k free pack the only way I can actually beat that technically is I think Pele in a normal pack would be fit right I think that would be said you know what I need to do I need to pack that Ronaldo now to go with the Messi so that's the goal today I'm not understand its – hi Emma and we get a Wranglers who is not a player that's going to sell promotion fat I shouldn't really put that in the video but I probably will because you got to put the first pack in the video at all times I don't know why it seems to be a bit of a tradition that does to show the first pack whether it's shit or a lot just just show the first pack I've got 18,000 coins makes piece of videos every single fucking day and I've got 18,000 calling I'm pretty sure every single viewer watching this has got more coins than me Thomas you're so no better but your phone no that's Matt I'm a Gypo know that because if you got anything yeah yes yes I have what he got a bag of two elf cameras you know what Matt said to me he said he bought those cream eggs for himself and then you realized oh shit I can get these something well I am telling them to hold them for himself in Italy I'll tell them and then he realized shit I need to give him a present on the video don't forget for me he's got a Malayali junkie greedy bastard because to eat them the new like 12 hours what did you want me to do with the mug put them there for display what a bag of to poop or something used by the way that isn't something you'd cancel the air cooler oh nice I'm sonic box the first thing gets in there and also actually some anything news coming very soon actually which is another thing but I wouldn't really say anything yet okay so here we go come on oh oh I was going to be a walk out we got like it yes I'm using weird isn't it was going to be something oh that is fucking sweet my friend that is a fucking pole right there we've got a Coleman 86 rated inform that is a fucking pole right let's see how much it's going for him it should be really nice efficient because that is a fucking card that is a fucking card yeah okay right so at this moment I'm I'm going to get Chris to come in here I'm going to take the absolute maximum piece that I can possibly take the maximum tips out of involved and then he's going to go off crying and saying that you share it come here I know you've got it in for my age you just tell me how much you sell for no come here tell me no tell me how much he felt for stop your lazy fucking ass and come here oh you'd absolutely fucking sick I knew it's going to cost a lot and yes one bouquet nobody they may not like this all before you said you were going to prank me and I understood well now even though you're telling this yeah you doing it right now keep going right what you mean I'm doing it right now you're not were that easy see you keep going I was like even a thruster ship front us your level prawns that say it's not my level can inform this a little okay yeah there you go look under K boom-boom room with Coleman 86 right over blip retain because you know finish it yet Franck Ribery well fucking players in the world is where chain gains up for debate in my life ya know what I'm going to get my own bouquet now fuck it I'm not going to use it by the way these are the FIFA points that Matt bought me so these are birthday packs so yeah just what I'd let you know that it's not a disaster if I don't packing even big today it's not my money good for some because what it's not it's not my money please eat it so Grayson I did yeah anything mate its lucky it's not starting to promising from your side of things I fucked Ronaldo I just can't be quiet I just thought you know I'm not going to go to Mars I'm just gonna keep it quiet what I have the most weird dream last night really fucking weird dream MIM Matt will which Stuart Pearce's I've got a walkout and Stuart Pearce was trying to get to Scotland and we were helping him with booking dream boys I've got to walk out that 14l come on come on all of your son shit you shitting me that's actually decent fuck off yeah have you actually got sub said for you fucking Ptolemy often yay I've got some chef legit now I'm gone you got Funches recently and actually you didn't sell for much Diddy let me go change my dress no wonder to you I'll say us not bad only can be common and doesn't suck that I showed you what might you know your Pullman myself am or what the people aren't stupid and I'm not stupid everyone's going to leave a comment she was the better player Sanchez one of the best players out there in the fucking world Oh Coleman where that's a little bit unfair question though I think the question is who would you prefer to a pack then I think they're all going to say common because because that's not the question I'm asking money but your question is fast because your question requires Sanchez scoring a lot of goals Coleman doesn't score any goals of course functions is going to win that one goes to wait or you buy us you're biased biased like what the fuck I don't know I said right now you make it on me with hope why us fucking bias to dick what fire by a doorman ass you're a fucking a static or more point should biased we're dreaming and it's even and math right we will wish to appear and we watch in telly and on fellas there was this film on like a horror or Savannah now to kro-bar but a Stuart Pearce we still go in crowbar and I sort of said to Matt hang on a minute he's going to fucking you're gonna see was it with the crowbar so a jump jumps to appears you know headlock hit him and I was telling Matt grab the crowbar fucking out what weird remax oh fuck off