this is true Google employs more than 200 participated in the New York office earlier today hundreds of Google employees expected to be involved throughout the day sit-ins at offices at 11 a.m. local time there you go so and basically this was a sit-in saying don't retaliate against people when they bring up legitimate complaints is that okay right and demerits Walker who organized the first sit-in said there were tears and talks of unions oh that should send a shiver down the collective spines of the Google executive offices and their investors and their investors okay Google says we're ATIP repro hibbett retaliation in the workplace and publicly share a very clear policy to make sure that no complaint raised goes unheard at Google we give employees multiple channels for poke concerns including anonymously and investigate all allegations of retaliation so there you have it yeah I'm sure they have a written policy and maybe people just don't abide by that it's hard it's big company managers have you know little fiefdom and there's all sorts of ways to retaliate that aren't immediately obvious and I mean it is people do get defensive when someone says hey the way you're doing things sucks right even even if you say it in the nicest possible way and honestly when you say things nicely nobody pays attention so there's a real fine line and you're gonna press my rule wife Stacy be nice what no no you say things nicely people to pay attention I'm just oh I was like yeah okay somebody came out with summary of the show came after me for being liberal complaining today so I'm just deciding to plate it true to form well Jeff we cannot say that you're not liberal I think you own that right you don't think that's a bad thing I'm like and Steve yes what was bar called what a bar call I think he called he called Weller's letters snitty I think Oh Lord Nitti bits Nitti so I'm quite a bit snitty that makes me snitty gonna snap my friend I've never heard the the adjective Smitty Williams sorry Bryan Williams said it was related to snootier study no related to snitch here we go it's a Germanic noun coming from from the option city it's a noun okay Jeff you'd know this it comes from an apple slice that word for Apple slice in German is a cut to Schmidt should it uh but it didn't help ed apologists much according to merriam-webster in fact it just gets them into a snit or state of agitation no matter how they slice and dice the word snitty they kick it to its core all we know is it's knit was being used as early as 1939 and snitty appeared some 40 years later both words are mainly used in the United States it was yeah it's an it you got a little Schmidt disagreeably ill-tempered ein riesen Schmidty