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The Sheridan County YMCA operates a scholarship program that ensures that everyone can participate in a local YMCA.

This scholarship program is funded in large part by donations made by Sheridan County residents. Through the Give Your Heart to a Child campaign, 75 YMCA employees and volunteers scoured the county looking for residents with big hearts to donate to the program.

Although the program supports scholarships for many children to participate in sports, classes, camps, programs, and membership in the YMCA, the campaign raises funds to support scholarships that can be used by people of all ages who meet the requirements.

While appearing on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse, YMCA Executive Director Liz Cassiday told listeners how the campaign is a testament to the generosity of Sheridan residents.

So far this year, the campaign has raised $120,000 to be used exclusively for scholarships. With an overall campaign goal of $175,000.

The YMCA processes an average of 4 scholarship applications per day. One in five YMCA members receives full or partial financial assistance.

To donate, click here, or visit the Sheridan County YMCA.

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