First we start by flipping the switch. That
starts the motor, releases the Barbie doll on the zip line, she hits the string, knocks
over the block, pulls down the badminton racket, knocks the matchbox car down the track into
the tub, starts the dominos, the dominos fall over, starts the golf ball at the top, the
golf ball rolls down the track, hits the mouse trap in the middle, the mouse trap flips the
fishing bale, the fishing bale releases the counterweight, pulls down on the white pipe
on the top, puts ball bearings down through the pipe into the Plinko board, they catch
in that cup, pull down on the pin, the pin releases the pine wood derby car, which releases
the baseball bat, the bat hits the ball down the track into the glove, the glove hits the
pool cue, the pool cue hits the pool ball down into that cup, when the cup pulls down
it pulls the trigger on the Nerf gun, shoots a dart across to the spinning target, spinning
target knocks that ball bearing down that track into this cup down here, which completes
the circuit, that starts a motor inside the printer, pulls out on the pin, which releases
the hammer, the hammer hits a punch and puts a hole in the back of a CO2 cartridge, shoots
the car across the track, which is attached to the string, makes the shoe kick the bottle
over, the bottle waters the plant. Here we go! ( instrumental music – “In a Heartbeat” by
Kevin MacLeod )