we're here today in front of Justin Elliot's office to raise awareness about the problems facing Julian Assange at the moment we wanting labor to to come out strong and support bringing Julian Assange home at the moment he's he's in a maximum-security prison in the UK and he's facing extradition to America on trumped-up charges now these charges you know are basically made up by the American government to try and convict him to either give him the life sentence or the death penalty now Australia has a policy not to extra cut our extradition of Australian people got going to countries that get the death penalty so this is a really bad situation that the American that the Australian Government is that is doing and then Labour Party is a policy as a part of that so you know we want labour if they're elected to do whatever they can to bring Julian Assange home to Australia's Aussie hero now I was in Iraq a couple of times during both invasions in 1991 and 2002 and I saw firsthand families you know mothers and fathers of kids that have been killed in in missile strikes now the the mainstream media didn't didn't show this because they were in bed with with the with the military so what what I'm really impressed with Julian Assange is that here with he had the guts to to say things how they were you know to really you know to to expose the war crimes that that America was was doing and so you know he is a he's a hero really and he's already run one logged journalists Awards he's a journalist he's a whistleblower and a freedom fighter and and and what does he get for that slam in jail and faced with there now as the Australian government should be ashamed of being auditive this process I mean right back to Julian Gillard into the Labour government has been completely not only silent but you know supported the persecution of Julian Assange and this is just this is just tragic it's a sad day for Humanity you know when when we can all see the injustice – this food and fiber and you know a journalist who's that he's exposed war crimes and really you know it should be he should have a a medal you know he's the hockey hero and we shouldn't bring him home straight away you know like the you know the soccer player who recently you know we everyone screened up with me we don't want him extradited you know because he's an Aussie well and they've managed to get the extradition dropped you know they should be they should be you know it should be brought home so that's what I think and and those who are upset with them with the Labour Party then they've got an option they can they can put other candidates first yeah and and and preference labor you know down the list if you like so one candidate that I'd like to introduce is the is running on a climate change policy but also has very strong opinions on Julian Assange and I'd like to and this is one of the independents that people can people can can vote for and and yeah and and let labour know in in the next couple of couple of days but you don't approve of of what they're doing and and so you know and don't fight for them first you know put them down the list you know and here's one of the options are this is Jim Tate from from like in I'm the leader and founder of ICANN indepence for climate action now we're a party of Allied independence and we only have party policy for climate and outside of climate policy we we're independent so I'm here today an independent capacity but there's a few things that bring me here and they're not unrelated to the climate issue for a start I'm a son of North Queensland from Townsville Berdych an area as is julian assange so I've often thought that if I had pursued IT instead of biology and instead of becoming a environmental scientist at pursue journalism given that I'll share the same politics as Julian Assange I could have very easily ended up being here because his pursuit of earthing the truth to expose the lies is something that's very dear to the heart of any Australians concerned about justice and the Atman connection is that the first time that I was really immersing myself in the study of environmental science was back about 2004 and at that time Australia was engaging in the Iraq war and it just confronted me at the time that as we were understanding the the impact of climate change impacts women launching a war to secure let's be honest more oil reserves now at the time we heard the lie that there was weapons of mass destruction obligated by our prime minister among service that was shown to be in utter lie we heard from the US said oh they were going to disrupt al-qaeda that was subsequently shown to be an utter lie because the nationalist government Iraq but what has proven to be true is the oil reserves Senseo iraq war there's been numerous Western companies including us-based ones that have developed and exploited the oil reserves IRA meanwhile there's been something like half a million Iraqis that got killed during that war many of which were non-combat women and children and so how can we live with this blood on our hands for something that was promulgated for a lie and monks at Julian Assange and the information that he unearthed exposed the nature of these war crimes and that the nature of how the Iraq war was been propagated and so he's a hero and that's one of the reasons were in so much trouble with the US government because none of the Western governments ours included like the big lie to be exposed and what I'm referring to is the connection back with the big oil industry and the reason why we're facing a climate crisis today I mean it's it's been unearthed in recent years they're companies like Exxon have known about the impacts of their product on global climate since at least the 80s if not the 60s and the predictions of the internal Exxon climate science is now coming to be shown to be true and accurate in terms of the impacts we're now witnessing and so this once again relates with why we need people such as Julian Assange that get right to the heart of the big lie that we live under in the Western democracy so-called Western democracies so we can address this and move forward with greater honesty and addressing the issues we face Julian Assange is an Australian son if he's got Prime sir face letting face um underneath an Australian judicial system not one where he could face the death penalty which is against our Constitution and Australia to support the death penalty so bring him home any Australian politician or government that refuses to do that is an utter cloud and is being a traitor to their hi Julian hey someone Sam hi so we're just Justin in Elliot's office and we're going to go in and talk to her about what we feel about the policy of ignoring Julian is harsh to working files but anyway if you can just pass the message on the bird we're very disappointed about Labor's science policy on during massage yeah and we think it's labor would be good to pass on their concerns as sixty minutes have said eighty-five percent of the poll was taken but support to bring Julian Assange home whether they're all people who would not vote for labor or not because of this issue I don't know but I'm I'm sure that there are some people and we're certainly encouraging people who would normally vote the flavor to vote for other people first because of Labor's weeks there on Julian Assange and and also on climate action actually you know even though she's spoken that she doesn't want a Donnie you know she's has to represent the constituents and bring it up in Parliament and making changes but you know we're very young you know we're here concerned about both climate and and and freedom of press and persecution so if you can pass that on yeah okay good well I see it's a Charlotte yeah okay well it is just a shame that labor is still sitting on the fence with the darling and they should take a strongest and that's just expressing a point even though today it's mainly focused on Julian Assange you know we're wanting our representatives in this election to represent our wishes not the wishes of corporate corporations and and that includes a war machine which is America and the UK and and now Australia is complicit in that because they've been silent over this persecution of a Nazi hero who faces the death penalty and I hope I don't you know show this video to in in a few years and say look we told you so I'm not even Ozzy hero face of death or life in jail because he spoke up for the truth it's just wrong and it's a sad day for humanity not a whisper from element at all about it at all there's not losses I go from 85% people oh man it's just leaking yeah this is we're all June in the south slope and he was in people want