workers around the world made a show of force today for Mayday the pro-labor demonstration that dates back to the 1880s in Paris the day turned violent before the March even started police blame for blackboards protesters who mask their faces to engage security forces in running the government was expecting this deploying 7400 officers who detained more than 250 people in Paris it's the first Mayday since the yellow vests started protesting 24 weeks ago and today they aligned their cause with what's traditionally a pro-union pro-left event or accessibility MMS and Vanuatu conduct the diligence of esto la fête du travail it was such a cocktail Sunday's religions immediate cover you give you an also to be manifested for say la hora de Castro is shown on television caballo Jerome Rodriguez is a plumber he's had a hard time getting regular work he joined the movement almost as soon as it started through not just a demand for lower taxes but to a broader vision of social equality necessary fiscal that were in un democracy will perfect precision crews the only decision please follow Google more devala for the privileged thousands of yellow vests had been injured since processed began in January Rodriguez lost sight in one eye after being struck by what he believes was a projectile fired by the police his video went viral and so did he a speech macron gave last week to address their demands didn't achieve much the problem cicada food news at all no false religion and President Xi no you chill she could Dima she olive did you see solidarity with Warren Revolution we pass coruña and he maduro's us to it all the way no more like Oh Matt no LaMotta volition and Pikachu's revolution Seleucia Lala a corner I wish you said he feels like I will show it was like the Buddha baptism as phony people Sir John Serena sallahu here they pulled her see the banana rolls on windows open pop music even before the March started there was violence at the head of the processes tear gas rocks being thrown he's not a threat today passing off peacefully we shouldn't ask a case okay Matt you're lost almost like a mad girl knows this time not to point back to the hole dois sample plushie but don't come home already but wait for me I came out well if you want softly genovian blue when you look around today there's representatives of all different kind of movements relations there's environmental activists Kurdish activists communist activist how do you all want the same things like how do you turn this from a one-day protest into like a broader political movement should you fear horse my bike any knock off the urge all your worker will filibuster at you it kind of Akira King shows the fundamental forces a benefit anything with numbers dwindling weeks a week Rodriguez hope today would revive their cause before say freedom which is what we don't own anybody Sauvage kadhi for the desolations of our civilizations acquainted in politics a painter change ideology the final thing terrorists just on the situation archaeological potential Asian food salutely on your Dead face you can found a banana [Applause] you