This is one of the funniest clips I maybe
have ever seen on news media. Fox news has really been grasping straws over the Trump
impeachment hearings, but this is maybe a straw too far, no pun intended, because it
does relate to water. So George Kat was one of the first two Trump
impeachment hearing witnesses. We had last Wednesday, George Kent and William
Taylor. On Friday we had Marie Evanovich, George Kent
being a member of homo sapiens has a physical body which must consume and process water
throughout the day. And the impeachment hearings were six hours
long. And George Kent, uh, drank and processed water
during the impeachment hearings. Now that’s it. If you’re waiting for some punchline, there
is none. Fox criticized Kent for drinking. What? Some clown on the Laura Ingram show called
this. This is my favorite new phrase, a medical
amount of water, which is maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever heard as a term for just drinking
water, consuming a medical amount of water. Take a look at this. He drank a lot of water. Lauder, Laura. I mean fish are not this hydrated looky. He’s always taking slow look throughout the
hearing. Took slugs on the treadmill. I don’t know what the water bottle do you
guys see that? It’s amazing. It was like a medical size motor hit it and
the oxygen chamber water silo, a medical amount of water. What does that mean? He also breathed the medical amount of air
during the hearing. He synthesized a vocal cord contractions into
speech. How dare he. Now I have to admit I didn’t notice this and
I watched the entire hearings because I was focused on what Kent was saying and clearly
that was not an advantageous focus to reinforce the Fox news narrative. So Laura Ingram instead talked about his water
drinking six hours of talking. Make sense. You would need water, right? No, he was taking slugs of medical amounts
of water. These people are truly pathetic. Can you imagine being so lacking in cognitive
function that you think Fox news counts as a news channel of some kind? The president is under impeachment inquiry
hearings. He’s panicking on Twitter, dozens of tweets. As these things are going on, attempts to
assassinate the character of the witnesses failing miserably and they’re talking about
a guy being well-hydrated during a six hour hearing. I was reviewing different commentaries from
the hearings and the Trump defenders used such terms as embarrassing theatrical to describe
the hearings. Somehow I think that embarrassing theatrical
is maybe a phrase better suited to a segment criticizing a witness for drinking water. This is all they have. And now I’m going to play a clip for you in
a second of Laura Ingram saying, losers are criticizing us for saying this. If they had more, they’d have focused on it. They could. Uh, this is a, this is another version of
Watergate, right? The Laura Ingram show. Then whining about this being discussed, the reaction to Raymond Arroyo and myself
joking about state department official George cans, huge water bottle at yesterday’s hearing. All right, we joking about it last night. Look at these headlines. They devoted the headlines to our joke. Okay. Fox news stun that impeaching witness drank
water. Fish are not this hydrated. That was a funny line. So they dipped all talk to this on Twitter,
including Conway. George Conway, by the way, he gave a glancing
blow to it, but we found it very interesting because not long ago, a lot of these same
characters thought the Republican’s Watergate was actually pretty darn hilarious. Hilariously enough. The Republican water incidents have actually
been very strange. Uh, George Kent just drank water. That’s not weird. Republican Senator Marco Rubio, for example,
seemingly desperate to quench a parched throat during a very brief speech, no six hour marathon
like this was or Donald Trump. Another example, visibly struggling with his
small hands to drink water. Having to put both hands, excuse me, sorry,
I punched my mic. Both hands around the glass to hold it correctly. Anyway, a medical amount of water. This is my new favorite phrase and clearly
very, very high level ideas and indictments of the witnesses happening over on Fox news,
particularly on the lower Ingram show, which you know, we’ve been wondering what is going
to happen on Fox news? Is there going to be this split? We have seen judge Andrew Nepal Caetano continue
to make the rounds on Fox and friends and other shows saying this doesn’t look good
for Trump. The facts don’t support from scenario [inaudible]. This is, this is potentially criminal, so
on and so forth. But on the opinion shows. Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity for sure. I have not seen Janine Pyrrho’s commentary
over the weekend, but my guess is it’s probably relatively Brown nosing. They are very clear they’re with Trump. They’re with Trump for sure. The witnesses aren’t credible. It’s all a witch hunt. It’s all terrible. Uh, and resorting to phrases like a medical
amount of water to try to ridicule the witnesses.