♪♪ I’m back here at the Heart
Attack Grill. I had to come back here for myself to see what
was all this really about? Was it really the food? Do they
really cook it in lard, and what do they do? How do they
come up with these crazy concepts? And don’t
look at the scale! Don’t you look! Bring it
down! Bring it down! Don’t look at the
scale, man, because I gotta- no! You’re gonna meet my friends,
Ricki and Lola. The chicks I was in the pool with, oh my god!
It was great! ♪♪ Do tell me about this
hamburger! Let me know about what is in this hamburger, why
is it so damn& You don’t want to know! Yeah, I wanna know! I ate this
thing, I might as well know what’s gonna kill me. It’s lard. Nothing but lard.
We take lard and we mold it and dye it to look like food, but
it’s really just lard. So how many calories do you
think that is? Close to 5000 if you have
everything on it. And then the onion rings is
how many calories on that? I mean these things are
absolutely- Beer battered and fried in
lard. They’re so heaven. They’re heaven. And then we have these,
look at these things. Chili cheese fries. Chili cheese fries. Chili with just lard. Look at that. There’s no vegetables,
just beef. That’s it. You can see the grease
pooling off of it. [grunting] Now this is the one that
freaked me out. Now this is what, probably
about 2000 calories? Oh yeah, at least.
That’s a half pound hot dog. Half pound? In Mexico
we call this El Chorisaso. Now this is the thing that you
fed Gabriel, right? I couldn’t believe that he
actually finished this thing. I know! I was really shocked.
I thought that he was gonna get a spanking, for sure. I thought so too,
but instead, I got it! You loved it! I know. I usually have
to pay for it. [screaming] Remember how funny it was
though? And then she pops up, “I’m gonna spank you!” Bonus! Looking at all this food, has
anyone ever died here? We have the ashes of our
spokesperson, who passed away, he had a heart attack
leaving here. And did not make it out
of the hospital. You don’t realize, when you
come here, there’s a warning that tells
you not to come here. We will kill you. You need more shots first. Woo! On that note& On that note, the beatings
have begun! [spanking noise] Oh! When you got me over that
thing, you saw what they do right now, how did you
learn to do that? Mathematically, it
shouldn’t work that way. Yeah, you don’t think.
You underestimate. I learned from the best. She
taught me everything I know. She’s a beast! I call her the ringer. What about you? What
do they call you? Cute! So cute! You’re so cute, but
you get violent with the paddle. Heart Attack Grill, we had
such a good time. My friends here, Nicki and Lola, ladies
let’s dance. Oh yeah, oh yeah. We had such a great time, I’m
gonna come back, you guys need to be
here. Love it, man.